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Heroine Netori 124

Heroine Netori 124

Chapter 124 – Hosted a Slave Party (17)

The monster wave ended blandly as expected.

Read the tutorial

It was rewarding to gain experience by sweeping monsters enough to say.

Every time I use a blue flash, dozens of them are swept away… It felt like playing a hack and slash game.

This is action pleasure?!

I was looking forward to the monster wave in the future.

“Master… It’s so cool!”

“That… Thank you for your effort…”

Well, because of that, Siu and Ellis couldn’t play at all, but I try not to pay attention to her. You don’t even get experience anyway, do you? Siwoo is feeling sad that she can’t show her cool side her to her ex her because of this, but it’s none of my business.

“Yes, good job.”

I pulled out a sound I didn’t even want to hear and opened the status window. And I confirmed that the blue flash was already level 3.

Honey, really. It was a really nice decision to enter this world.

Besides Netori, how much do you get?

If you go back to reality and add the existing abilities, then it will be almost the level of a B-class hunter. Nice… Am I a B-class hunter? If you are promoted to a B-class hunter, the unit of money you earn will change.

It’s life reversed.

In addition, if you enter the world of martial arts and gain inner strength and then return… ? At that time, you can go beyond the A grade and aim for the S grade.

If that’s the case… !

Oh, did I turn the happy circuit too much? I was so excited that my lower body was also excited.

So I called Alice and took off her pants her.

“Uh… That, I’ll be in charge of this guy. That… Enjoy, yes…”

Then, Siwoo noticed and withdrew from his seat her.

It doesn’t matter if you watch it… Are you still frustrated? Siu tried to turn the whale and looked at the distant mountain.

Oh, what are you going to do later?

In a few days, she will have to see her ex-girlfriend Lee Soo-bin getting fucked and soon-to-be flirting with Han Seol-ah getting raped. Then, at my command, she won’t be able to turn her head or close her eyes to her.

However, Siwoo, unaware of my worries, tried to distract her by talking to herself.

Yeah, it would be fun to see raw reactions too.

Thinking so, I gave up my worries and stuck my cock into Elise’s cunt.

“Haaa~! The master’s cock is in!”

Alice, like her good cunt slave her, was soaking her cunt her ready to fuck her. Hey, it’s also Alice.

I spent time with Elise having sex with her until the appointed time, then I killed the goblins I had captured and returned to her quarters of her.


There was a brief meeting. It was time to exchange information about the labyrinth and the monster wave.

All the guys who explored the labyrinth seemed to be in a good mood, and they said they were satisfied because they felt adventurous and the monsters in the labyrinth gave them a lot of experience points.

But only Lee Soo-bin was making a sad face.

I don’t know if it’s because he shared his experience points with me or because he’s still angry about yesterday. Well, either way it doesn’t matter.

“I, Subin… What happened?”

Ah, it had something to do with Shiu. Seeing as if she was worried, Siu approached her and talked to her.

“Uh… Uh? Oh no! Nothing happened. Ahaha…”

However, Lee Soo-bin was very embarrassed and she awkwardly turned her words around. I’m sure you’ll be concerned Because she’s gone a few times with other men’s cocks. She continued avoiding Siwoo’s gaze and answered with a single answer.

“Okay…? Glad then…”

Because of that, Siu returned with a downcast face.

Are you okay? If you create a gap in her heart like this, your life will be much easier. Yesterday, making Lee Soo-bin her slave her was the correct answer.


After the meeting, she flirted with Elise, and then took advantage of the moment when everyone was asleep and went up to the same wall as yesterday with her.

I made a promise, no, an order to meet today.

When I went up, as I ordered, Soo-bin Lee took off her panties and was waiting.

“…… You madman! You made me wait like this to do what if someone else comes!”

This situation refers to the disappearance of the bottom. It’s not a bottomless fashion, it’s literally missing a bottom. She was exposing her cunt her.

“That’s how I made you scare me. I still don’t know what.”

Lee Soo-bin, unable to cover her pussy because of her orders her and putting her hand on her waist and tearing up in anger, really… She was pissed off

Make a slave to this taste.

I took off her clothes, satisfied with her appearance her.

“This… Dog trash… Guys like you must die…”



“You. Be cocky. Watch your mouth, Master.”

But four months passed.

Alice, whose loyalty was too strong, could not bear Lee Soo-bin’s curse and punished her. It’s disgusting to sell with only one mouth like that. Eh tsk. Excessive loyalty is poison.

“You should be friends with people in the same situation. Then you can’t.”

“But this bitch to the master!”

“Ugh, stop. I’m glad she thought of me, but if she thought of me, she shouldn’t have. It’s something I didn’t even do.”

“…… I’m sorry, master. Please forgive me… “

After all, it was clear that Alice was still holding in her heart the fact that she was cursed at by Lee Soo-bin that day. But that doesn’t work. Now a colleague

As an owner, I will use my strength for a harmonious slave family.

“Next time, don’t move without permission.”

“Yes, Master… “

“I will not punish you. Instead. The relationship between the two should be better than now. Go kiss me.”

“What, what?! Wait, what are you making him do, ugh! Ha, don’t do it! Hmmm?!”

“Puheup, it’s the master’s order, so stay still. Ha-am, woo-uh, ha-ah… Churup…”

I saw yesterday that the kissing of the two of them was really cool. I took out my smartphone and recorded the kiss of the two beauties as a record.

“Ha… Gulp, puha… Don’t do it, whoops! Umm… Hehe…”

Even if you say you don’t like it with your mouth, isn’t it just like that to be honest with your body?

Contrary to what she said, when she saw Lee Soo-bin, who closed her eyes and focused on kissing Alice, she immediately thought of it.

“Ellis. Now, prepare to get stabbed after it hits you.”

“Haaaaa… Whoa… Yes, master! Hehe… Chureup!”


“Ah! Poetry, Siraut! Are you going to do that again?!”

Again, it’s Alice’s turn this time.

Yesterday, I had sex with Lee Soo-bin, who was lying on the floor, but today I plan to have sex with Alice, who is covering me from above.

“Phew, what are you expecting? I’m sorry, but the master’s cock is mine today?”

By the way, this is also Alice’s opinion of her. She told Subin Lee that she wanted to show me how to throw away my cock. After listening to it, I came up with a good idea, so I adopted it right away.

Now Soo-Bin Lee says she won’t be able to have sex with me not only today, but also tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. Because she won’t let me fuck her.

Instead, she would watch Elise every day as she went off to have sex with me.

Can’t you taste my cock that you tasted so much yesterday? And only the woman in front of you fully enjoys it? She’s probably going crazy because her pussy her itches.

Then you will eventually surrender. Please fuck me

It’s called Operation North Wind and Sun.

Instead of forceful rape, it is captured by gentle child-raising. In this way, good things can surely subdue even the heart. And when that happens…

Huh, imagining Lee Soo-bin harassing my cock in front of Siwoo made my slightly erect penis soar.

“Gulp… Haha… Master, I’m ready. Come on, fuck me!”

Then, Alice seduced me by shaking her hips on top of Lee Soo-bin. After all, it’s Alice, so it’s good timing. I did her favor her by fucking her cock her.

“Haaang! Master’s cock… Aang!”

“…… Transformation. You guys are truly incorrigible perverts.”

“Puhh! Don’t you think it’s you?”

“I’m so bright like you, ha, wait! What are you doing!”

“What’s wrong with putting your nipples up like this? Ahahaha!”

“Hands off! Ew, woo, woo! Ha ha… Ha, don’t do it! Ha… Churup, Huh… “

Great, that’s it

As Alice played with Lee Soo-bin as she fell for me, I felt like I was violating two people at once.

3P is so delicious, how thrilling would it be to make Han Seol-ah a slave later and play 4P?

“Aang! Haang! It got bigger inside… Chew, gulp, puha… You sleep too much!”

Well, that’s a later thing and I should focus on sex now.

I mingled with Alice, enjoying the sound of the two slaves mingling their tongues.

Heroine Netori

Heroine Netori

히로인 네토리
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
[You have awakened the 'Heroine Netori' ability.] [Try to eat the heroines.]


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