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Heroine Netori 123

Heroine Netori 123

Chapter 123 – Hosted a Slave Party (16)

Umm… I was going to enjoy the 3P properly…
After a few beats, Lee Soo-bin passed out.
It seemed that he had reached his limits both mentally and physically.

“Huh, I can’t help it.”

“It’s okay, master. I am!”

I swallowed my regrets and took out my cock and fucked it into Elise.
Alice’s cunt was already soaking wet.

“Haaang! Master’s cock, ha ha, joa yeo!”

…… Are your reactions better than usual?

I thought he was only interested in exposure, but he seems to like 3P too.
Knowledge has increased Later, when the teaching assistant is finished, I will try the exposure 3P.

“Ha, ah! Ugh, Pole! So cool, aaaaa!

After a while, Ellis was gone as he sincerely pricked her cock to satisfy her lack of appetite. And she wrapped me in the same way with him. As she walked away, she bit and squeezed his cock her, which was hard to hold on to.

At first, I just gasped and couldn’t afford it, but now I’m completely a witch.

“Hehe… I’ll clean… Halkjak, ha… Chew up…”

As I pulled out my cock, Ellis came over and quickly grabbed her cock. The cleaning fella is now at a high level.

Elise moved her tongue back and forth, sucking up all the juices and semen from her prick her, then she looked up at me and gave me her eye smile.

Oh shit It’s against the law to laugh like that.

Thanks to that, I got my erection back and she served my cock again with a satisfied look on her face. It was the sight that she wanted to ejaculate one more time.

Enjoying her tongue her, I lifted her hand and stroked her hair her.

“Flaw… What is it?! Ah… It wasn’t a dream… Whoa…”

But at that time, Soo-bin Lee, who had fainted, came to her senses her.

After she saw us, she was horrified, then she muttered something and she burst into tears. I’m going to swell up my eyes How many times have you cried today?

I used her skills to wipe away her tears and relieve her swelling of her, then I ordered her.

“If you come to your senses, don’t cry and come closer. Come see and learn how to fella.”

“Oooooh… Disgusting bastards…”

However, the rebels were still not exhausted. Maybe it was because the flow was all broken in the middle, she made obscene noises, but she went back to the cool-headed Lee Soo-bin and criticized us.

“Gulp, ha… Foot! What is he saying now. You are the same He laughed while shouting that he liked the master’s cock, really, heh.”

“…… Shut up.”

However, Elise’s retort her shut her mouth again.

Are you completely celestial? She must have kept the fact that she was cursed at by Soo-bin Lee in her heart. From earlier, Alice couldn’t catch and eat Soo-bin Lee, so she harassed her as if she was impatient.

Yes, Alice was originally like that too.

They are two proud slaves.


“Chuup, chun, ha… Haljjak, Chew, hehe… Master, are you feeling well?”

“The best.”

“Happy… Gulp, ha… Churup, chung… It’s so delicious, Master… “

At my command to demonstrate, Ellis licked my cock with great care.

Instead of sucking dirty and horny as usual, he served me carefully, caressing my weaknesses.

And whenever I reacted, he looked up at me and said something special about how delicious or happy he was.

That lovely look made me feel like I was going to give up at any moment.

“Ha… Master, Master! Wrap me up! Please fill up the master’s semen!”

And, perhaps noticing that, Elise pressed my case.

I, who was barely holding on, couldn’t stand it at her obscene request and gave up.

“Huh… I’m Zooin…”

Then Alice saved my semen in her mouth her,

“Huh?! Ugh, ugh! Woo-wook! Whoops!”

I attacked Soo-bin Lee, who was sitting next to me and staring blankly at my cock her.

As I kissed her again and again, it seemed that she was transferring my semen.

“Ooh! Whoops!”

Alice Scary Child…
I took a step back without realizing it.

“Ha… It’s the master’s semen, so chew it thoroughly and swallow it… Whoop!”


That’s how Subin Lee’s first teaching assistant ended. I was going to enjoy it a little more, but the sun was shining and I had to stop there.

However, there were enough achievements nonetheless.

It’s Lee Soo-bin, who once gave in to the pleasure of her cock, so it’s only a matter of time before she comes over.

With Alice, whose form has risen, she will succumb on her own if she is stimulated a little more.

Umm… Even if the form rises, it rises too much, so it’s a little scary, but… There won’t be any big problems I was looking forward to the chemistry the two will show in the future.

“It’s called ‘slave hunting’… “

And there were other achievements as well. By making Lee Subin her slave her, she filled all her slave slots her, so she got a new skill along with her extra slave slot.

[Slave Hunting – If you subdue an opponent with a difference in level, you can enslave them without their consent. (However, there must be free slave slots.)]

“You’re lucky.”

This ‘slave hunting’ skill can be seen as a combination of the necklace of subordination and the necklace of obedience. I was still thinking about how to enslave Han Seol-ah, but she was lucky.

Oh. There are also skills he brought while enslaving Lee Soo-bin. She was able to use one of the slave’s skills with ‘slave’s obedience’, and she used it on Lee Soo-bin.

It was a passive skill that allowed him to gain the trust of his subordinates his, named ‘Trust’.

With this, Siwoo won’t even doubt my lies for the time being.

Siwoo… Your ex-girlfriend is very skillful.


The day was bright and I woke up Alice and went out to the gate with Siu. A promise is a promise, so we have to deal with the monster wave.

It doesn’t even give experience points, so you might think it’s a pointless hardship, but if you look closely, it’s not like that again. You can raise your skill proficiency.

I plan to use this opportunity to train one of Louise’s skills her, ‘Blue Flash’.

And… In fact, you don’t get any experience at all. Because Lee Subin is enslaved, she can get half of the experience she earns in her labyrinth.

Therefore, dealing with the monster wave was beneficial to me in many ways.


“Hey, Siwoo.”


“Is there a kid I’ve been eyeing? He seemed talented, but other people didn’t seem to know.”


“Looking at the wand holding it, it looks like a wizard type. Try twisting it.”

You can also subtly induce netori like this.

Since Siwoo doesn’t seem to have any relationship with Han Seol-ah yet, we have to connect the two so that Netori can be established. Since she is the main heroine and the main character, even a little push will make her fall in love.

“Yes? That’s me… I still love Subin…”

“What is he saying now. Flirt with a colleague. Our party is all avant-garde. If you have just one strong rearguard, you will be much stronger.”

“Ah…Haha. I’m sorry. I was mistaken.”

“I have an Alice too? So, don’t think anything strange and visit me privately tonight and get to know me better.”

By the way, the naive Siu knows that Alice is dating me. This is the power of ‘trust’.

The exposure rape show at that time was a simple play, and when Alice told me that calling me master was a concept, I immediately believed it.

Well… But for some reason, I think I would have believed it even if I didn’t have the ‘trust’ skill, but I’m trying to think of it as just a ‘trust’ skill effect. Even for Siwoo’s dignity…

“But won’t you be wary if I visit you at night?”

“I told you to tell Subin, so there should be no problem.”

“Ah, then it will be fine.”

Oh, and he said that he reconciled with Lee Soo-bin.

Siwoo was very happy when he told them that they had an open-hearted conversation and resolved the misunderstanding. Actually, I’ve been able to release my sexual desire through body talk, but it’s not the time to reveal it yet.

In any case, it is said that thanks to him, Siwoo has put the burden on his heart.

He said he was in trouble because he fought with people he knew… I got chills thinking about what he would look like if he had sex with that acquaintance.

“Ah, let’s start now. Quite a lot?”

“That’s what it should be. Alice, are you ready?”

“Yes, Master! As you said, I will subdue one!”

Hundreds of monsters appeared in the distance. It’s worth being overwhelmed by the number, but is it because it’s still the first day? They were a bunch of goblins and kobolds, so I wasn’t particularly impressed.

I raised my sword and prepared to face the monsters. At first, I told Siwoobo to stay still because I was going to go out.

Alice plans to capture one for the people who went to the Labyrinth. It’s because you can only explore the labyrinth while clearing the monster wave.

It’s a really terrible tutorial.



“If we block everything without problems for those 10 days… I will confess to Subin again.”

“… Is that so?”


You are that flag! It’s a death flag!

Oh, should I say the netorare flag this time?

Anyway, are you the one who raised the flag… Do not resent

Heroine Netori

Heroine Netori

히로인 네토리
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
[You have awakened the 'Heroine Netori' ability.] [Try to eat the heroines.]


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