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Heroine Netori 122

Heroine Netori 122

Chapter 122 – Hosted a Slave Party (15)

‘Siwoo… Siwoo is watching?! Shit, I don’t like… No!’

Lee Soo-bin was astonished.

She still loved Siu and wanted to be loved by him. That’s why she tried to keep today’s work a secret from Siu.

Being a man’s slave
Raped by him
That’s how I found out about the joy of sex.

It was a big incident for her, but it was something she didn’t want Siwoo to find out about.

‘Please… Tell me lies… Please!’

But everything got out of hand.

Excited to have sex with another man
Comparing him to him and putting Siwoo down
The way he likes his cock more than Siwoo’s

I showed them all to Siwoo.

Tears flowed from Lee Soo-bin’s eyes to her.

She wanted to run away. I wanted to get out of this place right away. I wanted to disappear to a place where Siwoo was not.

“What, why are you not talking? Are you shocked? Are you my ex-girlfriend? It’s not cool.”

But she was not allowed by her master her.

He didn’t stop shaking his waist in front of Siwoo’s eyes. He pushed his cock harder and harder as if to see.

That made her impatient and let her moan out.

“Sir, sir! Ha… Haang…!”

I don’t want to show you… I don’t want to hear…
In front of Siwoo, she became a female.
It was her lewd appearance that Siu could not see.

‘Huh, what will Siwoo think when he sees me now… Would you say it’s dirty? I’d say it’s disgusting… ?’

She, who blatantly avoided sex and hated promiscuous women, is herself gasping while having sex like this… She thought that even if she revealed everything, she would not receive sympathy from Siwoo.


When Soobin Lee is suffering like that,
Behind her, she heard footsteps getting closer and closer.

Siu was approaching her.
Lee Soo-bin felt that her heart was about to burst.

She didn’t know what to say to him… No thoughts came to mind.

“Subin. Tell Siwoo exactly what you said earlier. I didn’t notice.”

“Sir, sir… Please, don’t let me do that, please!”

“It’s an order.”


The man might have noticed that too, so he gave her advice to her. No, it was an order. Her terrible command that plunges her further into her abyss.

Lee Soo-bin didn’t want to answer, but she couldn’t refuse.

“… I feel better having sex with this guy than with you. You don’t sleep and can’t have sex, right? So I prefer this cock to satisfy me. ……… Whoa, whoa! Oh no! It is a lie……Hehe, don’t be fooled, Siwoo!”

When she finished her answer, she burst into tears and shouted at Siu. They were words forced out by a man, she cried and blew, she begged.


It didn’t seem like Siwoo would believe her words as she continued to shake her waist while making such excuses.


“How are you feeling now? How about being seen by Siwoo!”

“Of course I don’t like it, haang! Hey…Hehe, haaang!”

“So, actually?”

“Excited. …… Nope! Haaang! Siwoo, don’t listen! I’m not serious!”

“I’m not serious, but I’m tightening up like this!”

“Haaaaang! Hey, stop it!”

Is it because Siwoo is watching? The tightness in her cunt her grew stronger. She seemed agitated by her immoral sense of showing Siwoo the shame she felt while being raped.

I kept questioning her to make sure she was aware of it.

“Are you feeling better than before? Is it not?”

“Sir, I hate it! Because I feel bad… Whoa!”

“So, actually?”

“Much better. …… Whoa, bastard… Don’t force it! Whoops.”

Subin Lee continued to lie, but she had to reveal the truth by my order. She did this, she did that, and seeing her do it made her laugh.

She thought that she would fall soon, but seeing that Siwoo appeared and rebelled like that again, it seemed that she loved Siwoo quite a bit.

Are you jealous of this?

So I’m thinking of making Lee Soo-bin love my cock more than her Siu her.

“Siwoo, did you hear? This year is a fucking pervert. Good job breaking up, man. I will use her as my sex slave, so find another woman.”

“Oh no! Don’t be fooled Siwoo! Whoops, ha… No! Siwoo I…”

“No, what is it? Just tell me honestly Stop what you’re doing now and give Siwoo a hug? Or would you like to continue having sex with me?”

“I want to have sex with you. …… Aaaaa… Why did you ask me this… Whoa! Whip, hew, heueeng!”

Haha. It’s a real change This time, I didn’t even give an order, but look at the immediate response. Do you like my cock that much?”

“… Oh lie! No! No i… Whoops, haang! For a moment! Haaang!”

Actually, it is true that she gave the order, but she did not bother to reveal the truth. She’s already insane anyway, so even if she cheats like this, she won’t even know she’s been tricked.

And anyway, I didn’t make you lie… Deceived, instead of doubting me, she will doubt herself.

Even if Siwoo heard it, she asked if my cock was better enough that she would answer right away.

“Well then, this is an order. If you feel good, go away and scream that you like my cock. Like you said, if you feel bad, curse at me. Got it?”

“Stop it… Haha, please…”

“What’s the matter? Did you actually feel good?”

“No, no, ha ha… Sirut…”

“Then it doesn’t matter. Ruler!”

Now it’s time to turn that doubt into certainty.

After Siu appeared, I gave strength to her waist, which had been moving slowly, and pushed her cock so that she could feel it. And she violently bounced on her back, enjoying the sound of her growing moans her.

“Hey, ah, ah, ah, ah! Come on! “

Then, Lee Soo-bin solemnly left.


She collapsed from her seat as her whole body she gave out.

“Ha… Whoops, whoops… Sorry… Sorry…”

She fell to the floor and sobbed.

“Siwoo… Black, uh… Sorry… “

Then she went on to apologize to Siu.

“…… “

Seeing that, Siu broke the silence and opened her mouth.

“Ahahahaha! He pretended to be arrogant! Are you spouting water and leaving? Great laugh!”

Siwoo, no, Alice pretending to be Siwoo,
She couldn’t contain it and burst into laughter.

“Is your cock really that good? Whoop!”

That’s true… She tried to cheat a little more, but unfortunately it turned out.


It was Ellis, not Siu, who came to the wall.

I’ve told you beforehand When Siwoo sleeps, come up.

This time, it was meant to be a 3P, but I suddenly thought of it, and Lee Soo-bin was fooled like an idiot by the prank I came up with.

According to common sense, if Siwoo is the one who came up, there’s no way he’ll stay still watching that scene. He would have done anything, whether he was angry with me or ran away crying.

But since she was still, she had to be suspicious.

But what… She was enslaved, raped, and mentally out of this or that, so it’s not that I don’t understand.

Anyway, thanks for the fun viewing.

It was difficult for me and for Alice to hold back laughter.

“…..Isn’t it Siwoo?”

“Ahaha, it’s me. Alice, who said you were dirty. But were you dirty as well?”

“Hey, hey, you bastards! I… I thought it was Black or Siwoo… Whoa, whoa, whoa!”

Oops, it seems like your mentality has exploded?

Lee Soo-bin, who turned her body to check Elise, cried out. Her Alice looked at her and made fun of her, but Lee Soo-bin ignored her Alice and cried out loud.

It must be a combination of anger, relief, embarrassment, and other emotions.

Her proud and beautiful face her was ruined.

But you’re pretty even when you cry like that also a heroine

“Oh, that’s noisy. Alice. Go and shut your mouth. You know what I’m talking about?”

“Hehe. Yes, master~!”

It’s not a nice sound to hear though. He’s crying because of me, but he’s not a psychopath, and it can’t be good.

At my command to be quiet, Alice got on top of Lee Soo-bin. Then he bent down and held her face her and kissed her.

“Ooh! Ooh, what?! Town!”

“Churup, ha… Chewyup… Pooh! Look at your face. Are you pretty cute?”

Surprised, Soo-bin Lee tried to resist, but she couldn’t stop Ellis, who woke up and became active with her already exhausted body of her.

Eventually she had to allow her Alice’s tongue her to enter her own mouth her.

“Sir, sir, huh! Churr, yup! Ha… Alas… Gulp.”

“It’s not nice~ Pop! Stop crying and kiss your sister~”

“Heuk, huh, Churup! Ha… It’s cold, it’s cold, ha… Churrup… “

Hey, it’s no joke. As expected, kissing two beautiful women with their tongues intertwined is a very disgusting act. This is the beauty of the 3P again. I looked at the two of them for a while and then approached them.

It is the so-called man intrusion into the lily.


“Yes, Master!”

When I called her name her, Alice spread Lee Soo-bin’s legs her so that they could drive. He is also a great slave. Even if you don’t say anything, you know what I want.

“Huh?! Now, wait… Churup, yup! Look out of the way, sir, hehe!”

As her legs spread apart, Lee Soo-bin, who instinctively anticipated what would happen, tried to get away, but she could not overcome Ellis this time either.

I looked down at the two beauties who started kissing again, and then inserted my stiffly erect cock into Lee Soo-bin’s cunt her.

“Ahh! Ugh, go, go away!”

Then, Lee Soo-bin left.

But I didn’t stop. Are you going alone? I want to have some fun too. This time, I plan to keep fucking him until I’m cold.

“Chuleup, ha, aang! Gulp… Ha, ha, ha!”

“Puff! Fun… ! Ha… I think I’m raping you! Ahahaha!”

By the way… Alice, why are you like this again?

What is that… Scared.

Heroine Netori

Heroine Netori

히로인 네토리
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
[You have awakened the 'Heroine Netori' ability.] [Try to eat the heroines.]


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