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Heroine Netori 121

Heroine Netori 121

Chapter 121 – Become the Owner of a Slave Party (14)

Lee Soo-bin was relieved. The man backed away.

He was afraid he would give the terrible order to suck his dick, but luckily that didn’t happen.

“Ah… “

But it might be better to suck his cock his.

When she opened her eyes, she saw a man pulling the pants and panties that were hanging over her ankles out of her legs.

The situation is not over.

Instead, she was headed for the worst of her imaginings her.

“Get up, stick your ass out and put your butt on the wall.”

The things she’d been worried about ever since she became his slave,

What Alice did in front of her,

The order of the man who wanted the job fell.

“Hehe, black… Stop it… Please… Do not do that… Whoops.”

“Please! I’ll listen carefully! I won’t even curse! So stop… Hey, Jebaal!”

Lee Soo-bin begged. She didn’t want to do anything she didn’t want to do with a man she didn’t want. She’d rather die.

So I begged Faced with the crisis of her chastity her, her strong self-esteem her could no longer pretend to be strong.

“It’s okay to curse, so hurry up and get ready to have sex.”

But the man pretended not to hear, and as a slave she could not refuse her master’s orders her.

“Ahhhhh, you fucking bastard… Heh, heh!”

Rising from her seat her, she walked to the city wall in tears. She then put her hands on the wall as the man commanded and then pushed her butt out so that the man could easily hit him.

She had never done this position, but her knowledge of her was. She was junior

Finally resigned, she closed her eyes again and bit her lip.

“It looks good. After all, it’s a fucking body.”

A man came up to her talking about her vulgarity to her. He didn’t want to hear it, but there was no way to stop it. She just waited quietly.


After a while, something touched her vagina her.
It was something very hot and lewd.
Something had slipped into her crotch.


Even though it was only slightly in her entrance, she felt a pleasure. She was taller and harder than anything she had ever experienced, but she was strangely pain free.

“Ha… Oh!”

The man put his hand her on her hips her. It was a very thick and strong male hand. He grabbed his hips her, turned his back her, and slowly released the vagina into his cock her.

“Ha ha… Ah… Shera…”

There was a gurgling sound as the cock rubbed against her already wet cunt her. Subin Lee blushed at the sound.

The feel of the cock slowly caressing her mouth her was driving her crazy. Although she was in a good mood, something was lacking in her. Her waist her moved by itself at the strange yet pitiful sensation.

If it was Siwoo, I would have already put it all the way in.
And you should have finished her ejaculation already.

Sex with a man was different from the start. Soobin Lee felt that she was having sex for the first time even though she was a non-virgin.

“Hey! Oh, no, no! Syrah!”

Then, all of a sudden, the man thrust his cock into her. Her vagina her, which was as cramped as her virgin, was forcibly widened by a man. The cock dug into her endlessly until it reached her cervix her.


Then she went away again.

It was already the third peak of her life.

The man’s cock trampled on a place deep inside her that Siu’s cock couldn’t reach, so no one could touch it. With her gentle movements of her, he found her weakness of her and stimulated her with firm scratches.

Soo-bin Lee couldn’t bring her to her senses her at the pleasure she felt for the first time.

“Ha… Why… Whoops, whoops! Uh, why!”

She was being raped now. And even to the filth that is worse than the trash that she loathes and hates so much. Of course, it was normal to feel bad and unpleasant.

Yes, it had to be

I should have…

… For some reason, Soobin Lee felt good about having sex with a man.

A man’s cock full of her own
Two hands of a man holding her own hips
The flesh of a man clinging to her own ass

Even though they all belonged to men, not Siwoo, she felt a sense of pleasure.

Lee Soo-bin was so confused about that fact.

“Ha…Why uh…”

Is she really a pervert herself? Am I a dirty woman who doesn’t care about any man? Is it a low-level lewd bitch who goes away just by fucking her?

The more she thought about it, the more complicated her mind was.

But she couldn’t hold on to her thoughts her for long.

Because the man pulled his cock out of her vagina.


Her breath of her, which had barely calmed down, became rough again at the strange sensation, which was different from when she was stabbed. As she slipped away, she gasped again as his cock churned her insides again.


Then, when the man thrust his cock into her again, her back her bent with an obscene groaning sound. A huge climax came to her that she couldn’t compare to before.

“Haaaaah! Go, go away!”

At that moment, Lee Soo-bin realized.

She wasn’t lewd herself.

Her sex was pleasant.

The pleasure she felt now was natural.

So she didn’t have to feel any pressure or guilt.

So she accepted the man.

“Aang! Ha… Aaaaah!”

His cock stirred her in her vagina and she moved her waist to match. He squeezed her cunt each time her cock her went deep.

Lee Soo-bin said she was enjoying sex now.

“Ha ha! Joah! Sex Joaaaaah!”

Along with her sticky groans her, the obscene sound of flesh colliding echoed from the walls.


“Subin, are you feeling well?”

“Haaang! Joe… I’m sorry, I feel good…!”

“Do you feel good about being raped?”

“Haha… You’re disgusting, but hey! But sex feels good!”

Lee Soo-bin, who gained her new realization, answered the man’s question honestly. She couldn’t afford to lie, and she had no reason to. Sex was a feel-good act, even if she had sex with the worst human beings.

“How does it compare to when you were with Siu? Who do you prefer to be with?”

“Of course,haha! Of course!”

“Yes, of course who is it?”

“Of course, when I’m with you! Whoops, whoops! Joaa, doing it with you is more joaaa!”

In her first experience with Siu, she felt nothing but pain. As soon as Siwoo tore her hymen, he wrapped it up. Each other was too clumsy and each other was too impatient. In the end, only one condom was used that day.

She had several relationships after that, but to no avail. It was a repetition of that day over and over again.

So, Soo-bin Lee did not like sex.

She hated seeing only pain during the act, and she hated seeing Siu depressed after the act.

But today, Lee Soo-bin found out.

She said that what she was doing with Siu was not sex. It was too crude and low level to be called sex.

It’s normal to feel good when you have sex… She couldn’t So it wasn’t sex.

By the way…

Then why did it happen?

Lee Soo-bin found the reason in Si-woo.

“Didn’t you love Siwoo? She does, but does she prefer sex with me?”

“Yes! Don’t love Siwoo, Aang! I still can’t have sex… Wow, haang! And Siwoo’s cock is small!”

If Siwoo’s cock was as big and hard as this man’s,
So if he could get stuck on that cock and go away
No if she could feel it with his caresses before then
She thinks she likes sex and enjoys it too.

But she couldn’t.
Therefore, it was Siwoo’s fault.

“So you’re saying you like my cock better?”

“That’s right, ha ha… Your cock is bigger, Aang! So I feel better!”

So, when the man asked whose cock she liked better, of course she chose his rather than Siu.

“Hey, Siwoo, is that so? Heck, he says he likes my dick better. Didn’t he give you a good fuck?”

Yes, that’s why I chose this cock…

“……… What?”

After she finished her answer, she noticed something was wrong with her.

She felt someone’s presence next to the man holding her ass and poking his cock in her.

According to the man’s words, that someone’s identity is…

‘…… Shi, Siwoo?’

Lee Soo-bin, who was greatly shocked, did not catch her breath.


However, the man continued to shake her waist whether she was surprised or not.

Her cackling groans her were gone, and only the obscene sound of flesh colliding echoed from the walls.

Heroine Netori

Heroine Netori

히로인 네토리
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
[You have awakened the 'Heroine Netori' ability.] [Try to eat the heroines.]


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