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Heroine Netori 120

Heroine Netori 120

Chapter 120 – Hosted a Slave Party (13)

I gently rubbed Lee Soo-bin’s clit and inserted my fingers into her cunt her. But there was nothing there was to be. What… Is it a true story?

There was no hymen.

“You…Aren’t you a virgin?”

“…… Why? Do you pick it?”

No, not very much I was just surprised. Since she was a heroine, I assumed she must be a virgin.

It’s usually like that.

But now that I think about it, it seems that non-virgin heroines can also appear.

“I guess you already did it with Siu?”

“… You know what to do.”

“Say it. Truthfully.”

“I did it. …… Hey! You really suck! Do you even ask for this as an order?!”

I also did it with Siu. A non-virgin heroine who gave her virginity to the protagonist? Then admit it I also prefer virgin heroines, but I’m not a unicorn who wants virginity.

-I don’t have sex with non-virgins.
-You idiot, you took my virgin!
– You can’t make exceptions to the rules.

It means that this conservative unicorn is not.

Well, by the way, it’s a story about the heroine in the work, and whether or not Netori’s subject is a virgin is not very important to me. Non-virgin is ok too.

Of course, if you are the heroine of my life like Sophia or Wi Ji-hye, it is better for her to be a virgin and she should be a virgin.

Being a co-sister with Siu is a bit of a dick, but non-virgins have their own taste, don’t they? It’s an opportunity to hear famous lines like “You’re taller than your boyfriend” Or “I like you better than him.”

So I am looking forward to this Netori.

“Just. I’m curious. How long have you been with Siu?”

“…… “

“Under… It bothers me. Say it.”

“Six times. …… Hey, hey!”

“What. Did you just do that? Really?”

“Huh! Siwoo isn’t a man crazy about sex like you?!”

“No, but I still have a girlfriend like you, but it’s ridiculous that she’s only number 6. If she it were me, I would have done it 6 times a day? That bastard is also really dizzy.”

“…… Shut up.”

It’s a funny situation. So, is it tight even if you put only one finger like this? I praised her shape and forcibly added her ring finger to her. I was thinking of loosening it up a bit before I hit it.

“Ah, Aang!”

Then she groaned and greeted my finger.

“Subin, have you ever masturbated?”

“Ugh! It’s crazy? Pretending to be crazy and being friendly! Ha ha…”

“Then shall we show respect to slaves? Don’t talk nonsense. Answer me. Have you ever masturbated?”

“Yes. …… You are really annoying.”

It reminds me of Alice from the first tutorial. It’s no joke that she rebels, perhaps because she has strong self-esteem befitting a third-generation conglomerate. Yes, it is fun to capture it at this level.

I found her weakness of her and touched her once in a while, then ordered her.

“Then you know how? Great. Then masturbate with my hands practice.”

“What?! Are you kidding me? Such an order! Ha… No… Aang! Please don’t like it! Whew, ha… You crazy bastard!”

The new slave obeyed my orders. She grabbed my arms with both of her hands, fixed her position on her, and started masturbating while moving her waist on her.

“Haaang! Why are you doing this… Whoops, ha… You are really annoying!”

Then, as if something was lacking, he put his head on my chest and pulled my arm. Then the throbbing sound from her cunt gradually grew louder.

Haha… Whew, aaaaa!

Eventually, Lee Soo-bin, who reached her climax again, was held in my arms and she gasped for breath.


Again, gone. It was already the second peak.

Even though she had n’t had sex and only touched her body her, Soo-bin Lee had left.

Maybe she really is that her own body her is more sensitive than she thinks. …… Or is it a good compatibility with men?

‘You must be crazy! What were you thinking… Absolutely not! Never!’

Lee Soo-bin admitted that she was lewd, denying her thoughts that flowed out without her knowledge of her. It’s not that she’s compatible with men, it’s that she’s her original pervert her. She had to

Then the question arose why she could n’t go away when she was having an affair with Siu, but she tried to ignore her inner voice of her. She was Lee Soo-bin, whose head hurt the longer she thought about it.

“Subin is good at masturbating. She looked good.”

The man didn’t know that and stroked her hair.

Crazy! Petting her while calling her name her?!

I would have been really happy if Siwoo had done it, but the other person was disgusting filth, not Siwoo. Lee Soo-bin said that she wanted to cry because of that fact.

However… And yet, for some reason, she felt better. Horrifyingly, every time he stroked her hair, she felt a warm hug.

‘This… It must be a side effect of being a slave. That’s right, Alice did too. Disgusting bastard, can you even control your mind?’

Lee Soo-bin made excuses to herself and rebelled against the man.

“Fuck… It’s disgusting, so turn it off…”

“You talk too much to the owner. Should I be punished?”

“… Punishment?!”

“Okay. Get on your knees like this.”

“Now, hold on!”

As she was brought to her knees by her man her, the man’s already swollen crotch appeared before her eyes her. Lee Soo-bin tried to turn her head away from her embarrassment of her, but the man would n’t let her.

Instead, the man removed her pants and gave her humiliating orders to her.

“Take off my panties using only your mouth.”

“Mimi, Mimi, are you crazy?! For a moment! Poetry!”

It was truly a disgusting and shameful punishment.

Soo-bin Lee, feeling immense humiliation, bit the man’s panties into her mouth her. She then bent her head under her and tried to remove her panties from her.


However, she failed because she was caught on the erect man’s cock.

“Eup, oops!”

She tried hard to get out of this humiliation quickly, but she couldn’t overcome the force of her stiff cock her. Eventually she had to pull her panties outward to keep them from getting caught on the cock.


“Huh! Ha… Ah… “

But she failed again.

It was because the smell of the man’s cock that flowed out as she tugged on her panties was too strong.

Soo-bin Lee felt that just by smelling it, she was attracted to a man. Her belly her ached and her back her twitched. She was so startled that she missed her panties her.

“Ugh… “

But the master’s orders were absolute.

She had to take off her panties her against her will her.

He bit her panties so hard that her teeth hurt her, then pulled her head back.

She smelled it again, but she held it in this time.

She then leaned over and pulled down her panties.

Then she began to see the ugly, huge male cock.

I already guessed the size, but… In reality, it was even more terrifying.

‘Nonsense… Is it this big?’

It was the moment when her common sense collapsed.

Siwoo’s cock, which had taken her own virgin, came to mind.

Compared to this cock, it was very cute.

It was very painful even at that size, but if it got into the pussy… ?

‘Impossible! It will definitely break!’

As she imagined her, she felt goosebumps all over Lee Soo-bin’s body.

‘Impossible…! At that size… With that cock… ‘

But for some reason she couldn’t take her eyes off her cock her.

She stared blankly at her cock before opening her mouth.

Then she pulled her panties back and she went down the man’s balls.

Involuntarily, the man’s orders were carried out.

“Well done.”

The man complimented her and stroked her hair.

That was obviously an unpleasant act.

However, Lee Soo-bin does not respond to him.

Just blankly

She continued to stare at the man’s cock.


“Why? Do you want to suck?”

“…… Hot?! Mi, are you crazy? No it’s not!!”

Lee Soo-bin was taken aback by the man’s words and she stepped back. Then she lost her balance and she slammed her butt on the floor.

Her man came up to her laughing at her for being like that. Then, Lee Soo-bin closed her eyes tightly in amazement at the sight of her cock her getting closer and closer.

But the smell of her cock got stronger as he approached her. She closed her eyes, but she felt his cock her more alive.

“Hey. How does it compare to Siu? It’s a little bit like saying it with my mouth, but it’s not a size that can be beaten anywhere.”

“…… I won’t talk.”

Haha. Are you taking care of your ex-boyfriend’s pride?”

“…… Judge for yourself.”

“No. I want to hear it myself. Tell me.”

“You are taller. …… Okay?”

At the man’s question, Lee Soo-bin thought of Si-woo’s cock again.

It was by no means small… Even that, she was disgusting when I first saw her… Even if I see you again now, it won’t matter.

Heroine Netori

Heroine Netori

히로인 네토리
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
[You have awakened the 'Heroine Netori' ability.] [Try to eat the heroines.]


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