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Heroine Netori 119

Heroine Netori 119

Chapter 119 – Hosted a Slave Party (12)


“Oooooh… Oops, ooh!”

Finally, with the socks on, Lee Soo-bin became completely naked. Oh, you’re not completely naked because you’re wearing her necklace of her. To correct it, Lee Soo-bin, wearing her necklace of obedience, revealed her naked body to her.

“Uh-huh, don’t even try to talk, just stay at attention and stay still.”

I captured the image of her on her smart phone her, then approached her her and caressed her her two bulging breasts her.

Lee Soo-bin’s breasts were the right size for her hand her, and although the size was disappointing, the shape was very pretty and elastic to the touch.

“No, you can moan if you feel like it.”

Ah… Is it really true that there is no time to get tired of touching a woman’s breast? Thrilling, always new, her tits are the best! After rubbing it for a while, Lee Soo-bin was making strange noises as I ordered.

“Ha… Ah…”

Also, sexual stimulation is invincible. It was not a problem that the favorability was negative.

“What, are you really saying it’s me? Contrary to what you look like, you’re quite a pervert, aren’t you? Are you excited about being touched by a man you hate?”

But you don’t have to tell me that.

Soobin Lee could n’t understand herself as her nipples her started to get erect and her cunt her started to get wet. She’s completely out of her common sense. So eventually she will, as I said, question whether she really is a pervert.

“Haha, sir sir… “

So, what I have to do now is to turn that doubt into her conviction of her.



Lee Soo-bin, who was called by her sister-in-law her and headed to her castle wall her, was very excited unlike her. I thought I’d never see her again… Is this fate?

He was alive and just the way she liked him. It was clear that she was going to start over, judging by the way she was and now she calls herself apart.

Lee Soo-bin said she was happy that once again she could feel his love her.

“You… Why are you here… Siwoo?!”

But what was waiting for her was her worst human scumbag her, who gave her worst first impression.

I don’t know what kind of relationship he has with her Alice her, but he touches her in front of her where everyone can see and further … It was absolutely not polite to a woman to even act. It was clear that he was a dirty and disgusting human being.

Elise defended him and she was hostile to him, probably because she had Stockholm Syndrome. Or maybe she was forced to act to survive. Even though she was an idol, she was a great actress. It was a reasonable doubt.

Thinking so, Soo-bin Lee took a step back from her. It was an instinctive move. In his gaze of her, she was uncomfortable with her presence of her.

“Siwoo sent it. Please take off the troublesome bitch. Are you my ex-girlfriend? Don’t be nasty. That’s pretty ugly.”

But at the man’s words that followed, she had no choice but to stop. His sarcastic voice cuts through the cracks in her anxiety.

“… Are you kidding Do you think you’ll fall for that lie? You… What the hell is it? Say it! Where is Siu!”

“Is it real? No, think about it. Siwoo called and I came out. Then, of course, it didn’t make sense with Siu. You are uncomfortable I was going to forget everything and start anew, but you appeared and bothered me again.”

It’s a lie. Siwoo was her boyfriend. The expression on his face he knew better. The face he had shown himself a little while ago was not at all uncomfortable.

But… What if it was just a brief pleasure? What if the reaction was as a friend rather than a lover? So what if you want to draw a line here? So what?

Lee Soo-bin recalled the last meeting with Si-woo before they broke up.

That day, Siwoo said that he was not a good match for her. Lee Soo-bin immediately denied that, but Si-woo’s thoughts that she were stubborn. To the point where we end up breaking up.

If Siwoo is still thinking about that … A reunion could have been her own dream of her.

“…… You must be cheating! Because Siwoo is good. You think I don’t know?!”

“Five… How great is your faith? Right. Actually goo Siu was fooled again. He’s not even a meerkat. But there is That’s not the point. The problem is that you are here alone with me.”

It wasn’t! Seeu was also seeu. He couldn’t bother himself. Because we loved each other… No, because I still love you!

Just as she was about to smile reassuringly, the words he added touched her ears her.

“…… What?”

“On a night when no one is there, where no one is looking, what am I going to do, leaving you behind?”


The man ran into Lee Soo-bin. It was a speed she couldn’t react to. In the blink of an eye, the man approached her, grabbed her, and crushed her to the floor.

“Aaaaa! Oops! … What are you doing! Get out of here!”

She resisted, but the man didn’t budge. The difference in power between the two was too great.

“Fuck! You disgusting bastard! Get out!”

Her man her, who was riding on her her body her, pulled out something of hers that resembled her dog collar out of the air and thrust it at her. Then her necklace her began to wrap itself around her neck her.

She stirred her body to resist, but she couldn’t. After a while, the necklace was fastened around her neck.

“… You think I’m going to give in to you like this?! I’ll tell you everything! To everyone, to Shiu… I’ll tell you! Do you think you can’t joy! Cheap things like this can’t have me…… “

And with that, a notification window popped up before her eyes that she had become her slave her.

“What’s this… Slave?”

Seeing her like that, her man laughed meanly and lifted her up.


After that, it was a series of humiliations.

The notice that she was enslaved was not false. She could not refuse a man’s command. She had to take off all her clothes in front of the man and she had to accept the man’s caresses of her.

There was nothing she could do.

Except for making obscene sounds.

Soo-bin Lee felt an incomprehensible pleasure, and she forcibly held back her voice. No she was going to hold back. But the level of pleasure the man gave her was too strong for her to endure.

She found it so humiliating.

“Contrary to your appearance, you’re quite a pervert, aren’t you?”

She wanted to deny the man’s words. Pervert… I? There were dozens and hundreds of words that could describe him, but the word pervert didn’t exist. It had to be.

“Haha, sir sir… Haaaaa!”

But maybe she was wrong about her idea of ​​her. She experienced the first climax of her life at the hands of a man she hated so much.

It was humiliating.

I wanted to die.

Siwoo’s face came to mind.

He wanted to see

It was disappointing at the same time.

If Siugai hadn’t been tricked by this disgusting man, he wouldn’t have been enslaved… !

But it was too late for her regret her and the man did not give her a chance to regret her. The first time she felt her climax, her legs her were loosened, and her man accepted her as his body her.

Unwillingly, Soo-bin Lee, who was held in the arms of a man, tried to escape, but the strength of the man’s arms wrapped around her waist Her was too strong.

“Look at this? To desire. Did you go over once?”

“…… “

“Oh right. I told you not to open your mouth I’ll cancel. If you have something to say, tell me.”

“Get out of here, you fucking bastard! Stupid pervert. You are really disgusting You are more disgusting than sewer filth!”

Lee Soo-bin, who barely gained freedom of speech, burst into anger. Through her tears, she poured out all the swear words she could. That was the only resistance she could do.

“So you’re going to go away after being touched by that disgusting bastard? It’s perverted, too.”

But the man smiled lightly as if nothing was wrong and replied to her. Then she panicked. Because what he said was true.

“Ha, it wasn’t good at all?! It’s just a physiological phenomenon! Don’t you know that either? Well, what does a nerd like you know about women? So, do something like this with the ability that happened to you. Ugh, Tona. Enslaved…”

So I screamed and made excuses. She didn’t want to admit it.

“Come on, quiet. So what is the truth?”

“It felt good. …… Hehe?! Oh no! Don’t give me weird answers, you idiot!”

However, by the man’s orders her, she was forced to admit that fact. Lee Soo-bin belatedly added a lie to her, but of course it didn’t work.

He laughed for a while as he hugged her, then ran his fingers over her wet cunt her.


Then, an obscene sound came out of Lee Soo-bin’s mouth once again.

Heroine Netori

Heroine Netori

히로인 네토리
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
[You have awakened the 'Heroine Netori' ability.] [Try to eat the heroines.]


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