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Heroine Netori 118

Heroine Netori 118

Chapter 118 – Hosted a Slave Party (11)

“That’s how it happened.”

“Whoa… I’m really glad to see you again… To be honest, the timing is a bit disappointing. I wanted to meet you when you can be confident with yourself. We promised to meet again then.”

“Aha. Is that why you’re being awkward?”

Haha… Did you notice it? I’m sorry to Subin, but to be honest, I’m not ready yet. Keeping my word and getting help… It was very far.”

After the public sex, I called Siu separately to hear about his relationship with her with Lee Soo-bin. The relationship between the two was more complicated than I thought, but after listening to it, the story became too long, so I skipped everything from the middle.

But remember the key.

It is said that Lee Soo-bin is the 3rd generation of a conglomerate and that she has now broken up with Si-woo.

It looks like they broke up with a sense of inferiority, but it was a judgment that I couldn’t understand. Even though his girlfriend his from a chaebol told me to come to the company, he refused, and even though he bought me a house and a car, he refused, and what is she doing?

If it were me, I would have never let go of it by getting it right away and getting pregnant assari, but to Siwoo, our hogu heroine, it must have hurt her pride her.

What? Will you come back as a man who is not ashamed in front of you?

It’s really infuriating. How can I not be ashamed in front of the third generation of chaebols? It’s a problem if your self-esteem is too strong.

Or did you go through something like a drama? Like ‘I can’t give my daughter to a bastard like you, so just eat this and leave!’? Then it’s not that I don’t understand. Of course, if it were me, I would never have fallen for it.

Anyway, thanks to that, it was a convenient situation for me since they were separated now. If the two of them were together, it might have been difficult to netori, but I was less worried about that.

He said he would keep his distance like that, but I’m thankful.

“Then, let’s show it this time. The cool look you want.”

“… Yeah? No, it’s not that he’s cool, he’s proud of himself…”

“Ah, done. That’s what it is You mean you don’t want to show your bad side to the girl you like. So show me this time.”

“…… How?”

However, even if Siwoo stays still, Soobin Lee may approach first. You see, I still have a lot of lingering feelings. So you have to force a gap between the two.

The so-called “Out of sight, out of mind” Strategy.

“Monster Wave was meant to be played by the two of us, Elise and I. But you also get in there. If the three of you take full responsibility for blocking it, you too will be confident.”

“The three of us… ?! Could it be…?”

“It is possible. My job is such a scam. You know because you got it too. My buff.”

“It is, but… “

But why is this kid so hesitant? He’s the type to take it off once you put it on. Whoa… In this case, if the other person is a man, there is a way to communicate unconditionally.


If you’re going to leave it out like this, really remove the red pepper.


In the meeting room where the executives of each group gathered, I also participated as a leader.

Seeing me enter with Siwoo, Soobin Lee put on a contemptuous expression, but what, what to do? I responded with a light smile and went to the seat of honor and sat down. No one tried to stop me from sitting in the upper seat, probably because rumors had already spread that I had caught the crocodile for the tutorial by myself.

I wanted you to resist… Too bad. Chewy Shack. Not fun.

Soon after, all of our executives were seated, and the meeting started right away. By the way, Alice is resting at her dorm her. She got excited earlier and she beat her so hard that she screamed and she is still befuddled.

“…… So this is from our group…… “

“…… In order…… “


But she was forced to bring it. After all, this place doesn’t suit me. It was so boring to just listen to what people were saying.

Before starting Netori in earnest, while watching the meeting, she tried to understand Lee Soo-bin’s personality a little more… It was difficult to hold out any longer. In the end, I couldn’t stand it and yawned loudly and cut off Lee Soo-bin’s words.

Then, Lee Soo-bin frowned and glared at me, and she let out the anger she had been holding back.

“Hey. If you don’t say a word and just yawn, get out. It just gets in the way.”

“Would you like to say a word? Yes I will Seeing you guys talk makes me frustrated and annoyed, these guys.”

“Huh! Then, did you come up with a suitable alternative!”

“Great. Alternatives? Nothing. I’m only going to say it once, so don’t miss it. Monster wave. The three of us, Ellis, me and Siwoo here, block it. The rest is up to you whether you sleep in the dorm, make rice cakes, or go to the labyrinth.”


– Male voice

As soon as my bombshell dropped, the conference room instantly turned into a commotion. It was something everyone couldn’t believe. That’s right.

Giving up the opportunity to grow and choosing service for all?

It’s a decision that I can make because there’s not one or two things I can get from this, but those guys don’t know that, so they can’t understand it.

So, in order to avoid annoying suspicions, and to pull out a few more things with this, I’m going to give you a good reason to fool them.

“Of course there is a price.”

“Huh! It’s obvious just by looking at it. You’re thinking of making a fool of nonsense. Are you going to ask for something nasty? Disgusting fellow.”

“You call that kind of self-consciousness, do you know? I don’t even think of a guy who will punch me, but I’m just thinking about punching him.”

“It’s crazy? See what you say You are really disgusting.”

“It’s done. Do listen All I want in return is an artifact you have. If you hand over that necklace, I will take responsibility and block you for the rest of the period.”

“…… Are you talking about this?”

Probably, if the meeting had continued, each group would have taken turns dealing with the monster wave every day, as the majority said. But if the three of us handle it, Lee Soo-bin and her group her will gain 5 extra days to grow.

1 artifact in return? That’s enough business left over. As the leader of the group, she won’t miss this opportunity.

Oh, of course, it’s not a bad condition for me either. As a result of checking with ‘Observation’, that necklace is a protective artifact that prevents an attack that leads to a fatal wound once every 24 hours.

I’m thinking of gifting that to Sophia. Although Sophia already has a staff member with a shield function… I mean, I’m still worried. This necklace will give you more peace of mind.

“Right. It’s that necklace How is it, Cole?”

“…… I can’t believe it You and Siu were talking, right?”

“Ha, if you don’t believe me, ask yourself. Was that what he said in the first place? I added that at least one artifact should be removed with this, but it was Siu who first raised his opinion to help him.”

“…… Siwoo, are you for real?”

“Yeah, because I’ve already gotten a lot stronger… Now it’s your turn to become stronger, right? We have to help each other live. So far, I have been helped, so this time I will help.”

“You… You haven’t changed even if you’ve been brought to this place…”

What is it? When Siwoo says, it goes right away.

That’s true… I was worried that he wouldn’t believe it until the end, so I talked to Siwoo in advance, but that was the correct answer.

Lee Soo-bin, who had been tricked, hesitated for a moment before she agreed with my opinion of her by holding out the necklace to me.

Huhu, don’t be too sorry. I’ll give you a new necklace in a little while.

After that, the meeting ended quickly and I signaled Siwoo as I left the conference room. Then, Siwoo approached Soobin Lee and hesitantly spoke to him.

“Subin… Can we meet for a bit tonight?”


One of the easiest things in the world is to cheat on Siwoo.

Personally, I wanted to apologize to Soo-bin Lee, so Si-woo believed in my request her to secretly make a place for her without any doubt.

And as a result, I was able to make her her slave her after easily subduing Lee Soo-bin, who came over her castle wall alone.

“You… Why are you here… Siwoo?!”

“Aaaaa! Oops! … What are you doing! Get out of here!”

“Fuck! You disgusting bastard! Get out!”

“… You think I’m going to give in to you like this?! I’ll tell you everything! To everyone, to Shiu… I’ll tell you! Do you think you can’t joy! Cheap things like this can’t have me…… What’s this… Slave?”

There was a little fuss along the way, but it wasn’t a big deal. Whatever it is, as long as you enslave it, the situation ends there.

Now, Lee Soo-bin cannot tell anyone about what happened today and what will happen in the future.

“It’s done. Let’s take it off Shut up, don’t turn your head, take off one at a time from the top.”

Heroine Netori

Heroine Netori

히로인 네토리
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
[You have awakened the 'Heroine Netori' ability.] [Try to eat the heroines.]


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