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Heroine Netori 117

Heroine Netori 117

Chapter 117 – Hosted a Slave Party (10)

“Hee hee hee! It’s the same this time, but this time it will be a little different! Then it will be transferred soon, so wait for it!”

This time, the fairy unilaterally said only what she had to say and disappeared. An irresponsible guy. I had a few questions to ask about compensation, but I quickly went away.

What do you mean by ‘It’s more profitable to protect and get rewards’?

He said he would give something really valuable as a reward for catching a crocodile, and he threw this sentence that I couldn’t understand and it was over. It looks like it’s related to the next tutorial, but I can’t figure it out right now.

I massaged Elise’s chest until it metastasized and thought hard about it, but I couldn’t come to a conclusion saying, ‘This is it!’ If it wasn’t fortunate that I got 10 additional stats as a reward for 1st place, I would have been a little angry.

“Master! It seems to be metastasizing now!”

“I know. I’m hugging you tight.”

“Yes! Hehe.”

But what, if you move on to the next tutorial, you will understand it naturally, right?

When we transferred to a new place with people, a group of survivors we had never seen before were waiting for us. And in that group, there were ‘main heroines’ and ‘sub-heroes’.

“Kee-hee-hee! Good, good! Now it’s time to start the final tutorial! This time, two groups are together!”

“So I’ll give you some time to get to know each other for a while before we start in earnest! Do you have a pretty interesting relationship? Nihihi!”



The sub-heroine, Lee Soo-bin.

She is a arrogant beauty with a spirit as strong as Alice. Does she feel like a model? Her tall height of her, her attractive figure, and her heroine-like appearance of her. Her neat bobbed hair her spoke of her personality her and her large, stately eyes her showed her confidence her.

Great, it has to be at that level to taste like plucking. I’m already starting to fall in love with her unexpected charm that I’ll see soon. Is this a chance to get a double fella after a long time? I was looking forward to it.

“Soobin-nim, what should I do… ?”

“Wait for now. You never know what will happen until you are guided.”

Surprisingly, however, Lee Soo-bin seemed to be the leader of that group. They looked at her while they were wary of us. Then, Soo-bin Lee calmed the people down and walked forward with a few strong-looking people.

Seeing how natural she was with people, it was clear that before she came to this world, she was a woman in a pretty high position.

“… Siwoo! You’re still alive!”

Five? Did you two know each other? Lee Soo-bin crossed her arms and looked at us, saw her Siwoo, and waved her hand her to welcome her Siwoo. Seeing how much they like each other, they seem to have a deep relationship rather than a simple friendship, but it caught me being a “Sub-heroine” Rather than a “Main heroine.”

“…… Subin…”

Aha? Is it unrequited love? Her sister-in-law her also welcomed her, but she wasn’t as happy as she was. Instead, she seemed to be dissatisfied with something, and her expression greatly deteriorated. Lee Soo-bin also noticed that and she carefully lowered her hand that she was shaking. She might be, um, not a crush, but her ex her. Then it was understandable that she was a ‘sub-heroine’.

“I’m so glad… I thought I’d never see you again…!”

“I was counting on We will definitely meet again.”

“Hehe, you’re the answer… Really… Heck, I’m really glad…”

Is not it? Not your ex, but your current girlfriend? When Lee Soo-bin shed tears of relief, her Si-woo hugged and comforted her. Is she salty all of a sudden? She is It’s the main character. Suddenly, they left for a world of their own.

Annoyed by that, I touched Alice and turned her head away. This time it was my turn to look at another heroine.

The main heroine, Han Seol-ah.

She had a very contrasting impression from Lee Soo-bin. She looked very timid as she put her hands together and looked around her, and as she was barely stuck at the end of her group, she didn’t seem to have much of a presence. Her breasts her, however, did not, and her enormous breasts her, pressed against her arm her, gave off a tremendous presence.

Indeed, the difference between the main heroine and the sub-heroine was clear.

However, unlike Soo-bin Lee, who knew Han Seol, he did not seem to know Si-woo at all. She was looking at Lee Soo-bin instead of Si-woo with a puzzled look on her face. She probably gets to know Siu in this tutorial and takes her place her as a vassal…

For a moment.
Wait a minute.

That means that even if you try and eat Han Seol-ah, you won’t be able to eat Netori.

I was planning to do Netori right away because I was the main heroine, but the premise was wrong. At this rate, she will not be able to raise her netori rank with Hanseol Aro.

Of course, Lee Soo-bin alone can achieve some results, but unless she is the main heroine, the limits will be clear. Seol-Ah Han is needed for clearing.

And that means…

You’re saying that you have to forcibly tie Siwoo up with Seolah Han and do netori in that state!

Oh wow, that looks pretty tough… Challenge spirit burns.


Ellis let out a moan as her hand her involuntarily tightened.

“Phee hee hee! Have you finished all the rounds?”

And with him, the fairy of the tutorial pops out of the air, and she announces the beginning of the last tutorial.


The mission was the same this time. ‘Survive’ was 5 letters.

However, the content has changed quite a bit, so what to say… It was comfortable to think of it as a defense game. We have a castle to stay in, and a bunch of monsters are coming to this place. Here we had to defend the castle from approaching monsters for ten days in order to survive.

You might think it’s simple then, but it wasn’t the end here. Even if you block the monster wave, you won’t get any experience points. It is said that monsters are getting stronger with each passing day, but those of us who block them will stop growing.

In order to become stronger, you had to gain experience by defeating monsters sleeping in the labyrinth in the basement of the castle instead of the monster wave. However, it is said that the time when the labyrinth is open is only during the time when the monster wave invades.

This… It means to fight openly.

We have to divide the people who will block the wave and the people who will attack the labyrinth, but there will be great confusion. It will be even more of a headache to have other groups involved.

I could feel the malice of the guy who planned this tutorial.


But I had nothing to worry about. Fairy crap. It was said that it was information that was specially informed only to me, but it was definitely valuable information. The defending side said that it was more profitable to get the reward, so it was clear that the ranking reward was given as a benefit because it was the last tutorial.

In addition, it was difficult to raise the stats by hunting in the tutorial, probably because the stats had already been raised. So it was right to be faithful to the mission and aim for the reward.

“Aww… I’m the owner… Hehe.”

So, instead of joining the crowd wondering how to sort out the situation, I fondled Ellis and enjoyed their argument. Seeing everyone trying to get away from the reward made me laugh out loud and it was hard to hold back.

“You… What are you doing now… ? And you, Alice. Were you such a low-class bitch?”

But when Lee Soo-bin saw us, she came to me in awe. I guess I didn’t like the public petting show quite a bit.


“What to do? Can’t you see I’m touching my chest right now? Can’t you see well because of the clothes? To be precise, I’m touching my nipples. Right Ellis?”

“Hehe… Right. You can pinch harder.”

“…… Are you crazy?”

Whether Lee Soo-bin was Si-woo’s girlfriend or her ex-girlfriend, he seemed to have the personality of acting like Si-woo’s woman. She got along very well with each other.

As I continued to caress her words sarcastically, Soo-bin Lee began to criticize us with contempt.

I could see the rapid decline in her likeability of her, but she didn’t care too much. As long as Lee Soo-bin is the heroine anyway, her favorability her starts at a negative level. So she had no problem with her attitude her getting worse here. And she’s going to wear the necklace of submission anyway? It’s a problem that will be solved if you become a slave.

“Hehe, why are you jealous? Is there no man who will love you like this? Seeing that, Siwoo also felt a sense of distance from you. Aren’t you hanging on alone?”

So, I was going to ignore it for now, but Elise took her place her and struck back at her. It looked good, but if a woman sees it, is it different? Alice’s words must have been true. Lee Soo-bin frowned at her and was silent.

“Hehe… Master, did I do well?”

“Yes. Also Elise. Trustworthy.”

Seeing that, Elise looked at me and parted her lips. She begs for a kiss She taught me that she would kiss me whenever I complimented her, but Ellis asked me to kiss her when I did something that deserved a compliment like she does now. Really a great sex slave.

After glancing at Lee Soo-bin, I mixed her tongue with Ellis. Unless, of course, he stopped touching her breasts her.

Little by little, obscene sounds spread from us, and Lee Soo-bin blushed and laid her hand on me.

“Hey, hey! Speaking of these exhibitionists!”


“Are you very ugly?”

“… Cow, let go of your hand!”

But this time, too, Elise blocked it.

Elise took her hand her as it flew towards my cheek and gave a big sneer, then she pushed her away and looked at me. Then she touched my cock with one hand and groaned.

“Master… Ha… Did I do well?”

“I know. I’m so good that I can’t even kiss you?”

Hehe… Master… So, yes? Here… Yes?”

I pretended to win her over her and started having sex with her in public. Subin Lee insulted us and left her seat her. In the end, the meeting was postponed, but Alice and I did not stop having sex.

And Han Seol-ah watched us until the end.

Heroine Netori

Heroine Netori

히로인 네토리
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
[You have awakened the 'Heroine Netori' ability.] [Try to eat the heroines.]


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