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Heroine Netori 116

Heroine Netori 116

Chapter 116 – Being the Master of a Slave Party (9)

‘I want to live… I can’t die like this…’

An accident that happened in haste.

If I had been a little more careful,
If I had been a little more careful,
If I had paid a little more attention,

An accident that would never have happened.

However, a moment of inattention allowed the elite Lizardman to attack, and its rusty spear dug into Siu’s waist and slashed his intestines.

‘I don’t want to die… I can’t die like this…’

Siu had a premonition of death. As time passed, he drifted away from life. But there was nothing he could do. He just remembered his past life and regretted it.

‘Subin… Damn, I wanted to show you. The way I prove myself…’

But there were miracles.

The man who shocked him gave Siwoo a chance to survive.

“… Do you still want to live?”

Even if the condition was to become his slave, he was better off dead. Because she has to meet her again. She couldn’t stop here.

In the end, Siu accepted his terms.

Then he smiled and held out his hand to Siu.


“… Huh! Ha… This place!”

“Where? My dorm. Maybe it’s because I’ve raised a lot of stats, I’ll come to my senses quickly. Less than 10 minutes have passed since the treatment was over.”

“… Oh! Seriously, hurt! Thank you!”

Siwoo, who had fainted right after seeing the information window saying that he had become a slave, came to his senses belatedly. When he woke up, the wounds that had really killed him had all healed.

Touching his side of him, which did n’t even leave a scar on him, made him realize that he was alive.

“Because you are my slave. I can’t let it die.”

“Ugh… Do I have to call you master, like Mr. Ellis?”

“Fuck gross. Okay, just call me as usual.”

“… Yes.”

But he couldn’t be happier. Right before he died, he didn’t take it seriously, but he said being a slave was a bigger problem than he thought.

First of all, his orders could have forced him to do things he didn’t want to do. A crime like murder or rape. Judging by what he did to Elise, he was a man who could make anyone do anything that was far from moral.

And freedom of action is gone. Even if he saw her again, he had no guarantees that he would be able to be with her. He didn’t know if he would have to stick with him for the rest of his life until he wanted to.

‘Whoa… ‘

Siwoo consoled himself by saying that since he is still alive, it is better than dying.

“By the way, I lied to you several times.”

However, the man’s words continued to touch Siwoo’s mentality.

“That it takes a day to heal? Goo. The time you fainted was longer than the time it took you to heal. And a giant alligator? I already got that too. Even on the first day.”

“… Versus! What are you talking about!”

“Is there a problem? Even so, it would have been nice if it was good for you, but nothing bad, right? You bought time to become stronger one day. There is no risk of being hurt by a crocodile.”

“That… But. Trust is…”

Siwoo, who had just come to his senses, was confused by the man’s words. The reason he became a man’s slave was to some extent influenced by the man’s conditions of his. But that was all a lie… However, as the man said, it wasn’t a lie that caused problems. That fact gave Siwoo a headache.

“Hey, listen to me.”


“When you’re dragged into this fucking place, in the end, the only thing you can trust is yourself. You can never trust what others say. You can fool me with lies at any time. A trusted colleague? Fuck you yeah you saw it too The four colleagues who died and killed each other in the Colosseum.

But there are people you can trust. That’s slaves like you and Alice. You can never betray me That’s why my job is to be a slave ‘owner’, and that’s why I make slaves.

Like you said last time, it’s true that you can’t face all the dangers that come your way alone. More than human beings, we need companions. But what about an unreliable colleague? That’s worse than not having a colleague. Okay?”

“…… I know what you mean…”

Seeing Siwoo like that, the man sighed and spat out words as if nagging.

At first glance, his story of making slaves to be companions sounded like nonsense, but the serious look of the frivolous man and the unstable mental state of Si-woo, who survived the dead, made Si-woo shake.

Perhaps because Siu had been betrayed by his complete trust in him, he might have been more attracted to the man’s words in his.

“It’s enough to build trust after you’re sure you’ll never betray. Say it like now I’m only going to tell you the truth There is no need to lie.”

“… All right.”

“I just revealed the lies I told you and even my job. It’s one thing to be enslaved and one thing to earn your trust. Take a day off and think carefully. Whether to be an ally or a slave.”

“By the way… Why are you folding? I came here and just failed over and over again. I am a loser…”

In the end, Siwoo was persuaded by the man. But at the same time I didn’t understand.

Isn’t he a man who has everything compared to himself? Why does he need a colleague called me? Wouldn’t this time again be used and abandoned?

Seeu was afraid. After being transferred to this world, she endured desperately, but her self-esteem was shattered by successive failures. In the end, even here, he felt a sense of self-doubt, wondering if he had become a ‘stupid idiot’.

“Because you are worth it. It’s because you think in a different direction, you know how to act first with conviction. I don’t just follow others like an idiot. It’s reassuring to have a colleague who knows how to act like you.”

However, the man acknowledged Siwoo.

He, who must have worked harder than anyone else here, respected Siwoo’s values ​​of his. Siwoo felt an unknown delight at his words.

He felt rewarded for his hard work.


Oh fuck He thought he would die of disgust.

Why are you making faces like that when you’re talking to men? Are you really crazy?

Throughout the conversation, I felt sick to my stomach and almost threw up, but I managed to endure it with superhuman endurance. To the extent of being proud of oneself.

“Whoa… “

The reason I endured being fucked is simple. It’s for Netori. It seems that simply removing the heroine will not be enough.

In order to receive a high rank, you have to give the main character a bigger impact. But here’s a quiz. Which of the two is more internally traumatic, to be netorare by someone you trust or to be netorare by someone you are hostile to?

Well. Different people may think differently, but I think it’s the former. Isn’t there a saying that goes, ‘If you have high expectations, you will be betrayed’.

Show netori sex to Siwoo who believes in me? Oh, I think at least an A grade comes out. Feelings of betrayal and shame, anger and inferiority, Siwoo will feel a combination of many negative emotions, and in the end, he will not be able to endure it.

For that reason, I could overcome the current disgust.

Hehe, looking forward to the future.


“Ha ha… Master, ha… Hehe…”


After curing Siwoo and finishing the last day of hunting, I and the survivors waited for the fairy in the square in the middle of the village.

Then, when the fairy did not appear, he passed the time by touching Elise’s body to her.

Didn’t you know alligators would die? It seems that time has passed, but the fairy is not showing up, perhaps taking care of herself. She says It’s a cell phone guy.

By the way, Alice and I were in Siune’s group. She is not exactly she now she is leading the group as she is Siu and her co-leader her. Instead of revealing that she enslaved Siu, she made it public that she became her ally because her will was her was right.

I’m going to keep an eye out for this, and then I’m going to stare at the heroines who get involved with Siwoo in the future. Isn’t that a great idea? I was amazed at my own plan.

“Ha… Master, please touch me here too… Wow, haang… !”

“Yes, there, huh, ha… Oh my dear…”

Currently, my slave slots are 2/3, and after catching the crocodile, the slots have increased. When these slots are filled, they say that the slots will increase with new skills. So, when I meet a heroine, I plan to make her a slave by using the necklace of obedience as my top priority.

Of course, it should be done in a place where Siwoo is not present. Put, imagining Siwoo, whom I will get to know later, made me laugh.

“What?! Ah, Churup, haha… Mr. Juin, hehe… Side.”

I pulled Elise to keep her poker face her and kissed her with her. Ellis casually lowered one hand and began to caress my cock. As expected, he has a high ability to learn, so he never forgets what he has learned.

“Hey….! Alas, ha… I’m Zooin…”

In return, I pinched both of her nipples. Then her expression her changed. It seemed that the nipples were activated as if they were an onset switch.

“JUMooooo aooooo) This is the end of the second tutorial.

But unfortunately, with the arrival of the fairy, they couldn’t progress to the end.

“No way! I didn’t even think I’d be able to catch a bug! It’s amazing. Looking forward to the next tutorial!”

That’s right, there’s no way the tutorial will end without meeting the heroine.

Netori’s time is coming soon.

Heroine Netori

Heroine Netori

히로인 네토리
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
[You have awakened the 'Heroine Netori' ability.] [Try to eat the heroines.]


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