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Heroine Netori 115

Heroine Netori 115

Chapter 115 – Being the Master of a Slave Party (8)


Jin-soo held back his tears and ran away from the hellish scene. He was with his comrades when he went out on reconnaissance, but Jinsu, who was running away, was alone now. He lost a colleague who was as dear to him as his family.

“Minho hyung… Heck, I’ll survive up to my older brother!”

I didn’t think it was a crocodile’s tail… Jin-su tripped on something bigger than a log and woke up a giant crocodile that was sleeping on the way. What he thought was a big hill turned out to be a crocodile.

Startled, the two tried to run away, but Jinsu and his comrades couldn’t stand it and collapsed on the spot when the crocodile exploded in annoyance when they just woke up.

‘Oops! What is this… Crazy!’

‘Ouch… Uh? It’s crazy fucking big!’

I tried using ‘stealth’ and ‘presence block’ later, but it didn’t work in front of the predator’s eyes. In addition, the pressure given by the crocodile did not even let her feet fall. The two became prey to crocodiles in an instant.

‘Sheesh, it’s Jinsu. I can’t. You live too.’

‘What are you talking about!’

‘I really wanted to say this… That’s how I do it.’

‘Stop it! I don’t know what it is, but don’t do it!’

‘Go first.’

‘… My tongue!’

Minho forcibly blew him away when a kaleidoscope passed Jinsu’s head thinking he was going to die. It was an emergency escape device he luckily obtained in the first tutorial. Instead of reviving himself, he used the item to revive his colleague Jinsu.


Thanks to that, Jin-su was able to survive by moving away from the spot, and Min-ho, who was left alone, met his end by an approaching crocodile.

However, for some reason Minho had a relieved expression on his face.

Contrary to the suffering Jinsu.


“Yes… Ok Mr. Minho…”

“Crocodile, that crocodile is coming! That freaking bastard said it! On the last day, I would only run away! That crocodile must be coming that day!”

“All right. You should be prepared for that.”

We need to increase the hunting speed even by reducing the rest time. Added Siu. But even so, he thought inwardly that there was no possibility.

How on earth do you catch a crocodile that is bigger than two or three houses in the village combined? Right now, even when catching an elite Lizardman that is over 2m tall, the four of them have to rush in to barely handle it. But to catch such a huge crocodile? Siu thought it was impossible.

And if that wasn’t Siu’s idea, his colleagues quietly talked to Siu with anxious voices.

“That person… Maybe I should ask for help?”

“My personality is the worst, but… Still, that man is strong. Wouldn’t it be possible to catch the crocodile if we help?”

It was a voice asking for help from the man who won first place in the first tutorial. He killed more than ten thugs with a single punch, so there might be a possibility if he borrowed his power.


‘You have to take care of your own life.’

The man’s words continued to ring in Siu’s ears.

As the fairy said on the first day, this world is fair. Everyone starts from the same starting point and anyone can become stronger depending on how hard they try. Anyone, woman, child or old man. So the reason why that guy is so strong is that he put in an effort that was incomparable to his own.

And is that so? He loathed to the extent that a person who did not make any effort only wanted help from others. So he didn’t seem to be very different this time.

“No… We can be just as strong. Don’t set limits in advance. Hasn’t it already become much stronger than in the first tutorial? There is plenty of time left. It is possible if you try.”

There’s no way we can’t do what he did. Siu insisted in a confident voice. And on the spot he started making torches.

Then the trembling of the anxious colleagues stopped. It was because he could see the confidence in Siwoo’s eyes his. They took out their equipment and prepared to go hunting again.

“Hmm! That’s right! What can’t be said about us!”

“Right! You just have to try! If effort is not enough, with effort, and if that is not enough, with effort!”

“Let’s do our best together!”

It was already a dark night after the sun had set, but Siune’s party went out into the woods again. As long as they had a clear goal, they had no time to rest.

‘You’re getting stronger. Strength is everything The man proved his word his with his own strength his. But I only spread my ideals and could n’t protect his comrades.’

‘So you’re going to be strong. Be strong and protect everyone. I’m going to prove myself by protecting everyone!’

Siwoo clenched his fists and made a firm resolution.



I exhaled steam and climbed on top of the fallen crocodile and looked at the status window. Seeing that he could raise 5 stats at once with the experience gained from this guy, he was worth the price. This guy seems to be playing the role of the boss of this tutorial, but since I caught it alone, it was clear that I would be the first place again this time. Honey, really.

By the way, how did you catch this monster even though you don’t have any skills?

‘Haha! Art is an explosion!’

‘Master! Great! Here’s the next bomb!’


I had a bunch of bombs.
A bomb prepared in advance knowing that it would be used in the royal road warrior.

The group of orcs was treated lightly with the warrior’s straw, and after that, he only trained with Louise all day, so he had no chance to use the bombs he had stored in his inventory. So I was regretting that I only lost money, but today I finally got to spend it.

The crocodile, whose legs were bound by a frost bomb, ended his life in the ensuing barrage of bombs. The crocodile also tried to resist in its own way, but it could not overcome the magical tools and bombs containing the essence of modern magic and science.

Actually, I didn’t expect it to be this effective… This guy was big, but his resistance his was weak, and he was n’t as scary as he looked. Is it still a tutorial? It felt like keeping the line.

“Whoa… Anyway, I’m satisfied.”

I whistled as I got down from the alligator.

The fairy declared fair, but only the stats were reset, the skills were the same, and the inventory could be used, and it was really a tutorial for me.

I have something to say at a time like this.

“You’re lucky.”


After that, it was the same day in a row. Waking up at the inn, having morning sex with Alice, going into the woods to see Whirlwind, improving my stats, and having sex in public before going to bed. It was a really rewarding day.

Of course, I didn’t forget to have breakfast in the middle of the day. When I steadily accumulated my energy with Taegeuk Yin-Yang Shin Gong, I was able to gather enough energy to throw another punch.

However, no matter how much I think about it, the efficiency is too poor. Perhaps because it is a martial art that creates internal energy through sex, the speed at which internal energy is gathered in the fortune-telling style was appalling. It was necessary to quickly meet Wi Ji-hye and get refills while developing Danjeon or learn new martial arts.

So you have to be strong enough to unlock the martial arts genre in this tutorial.

Seriously, it’s enough to be strong enough to have no problems with your arm even if you use a punch, right?

Thinking so, I hugged Alice and went out of the dorm. Then, as if she had waited, the executives of the survival group ran to me carrying the bloody Siu on their backs.

Well? Seeing that not only Siu but also other people had wounds all over their bodies and were bleeding, it seemed that something had happened. Could it be that the main character’s party just retired from the tutorial?

Before I could ask anything, they knelt down and begged me earnestly.

“Please… I heard that Deokbae Gam can use the healing skill. I will do anything you want, so please save our leader… ! Please… Please… “

“Please. Like this… You can’t lose a leader! Mercy for once… Have mercy!”

Since they openly wore heels in the village, I thought there would be at least one person begging for heels like this, but I never dreamed that it would be Siwoo’s party. Really, I don’t know what it is, but things went well.


In order to become stronger, he forcibly hunted while reducing his sleeping time, and then became overweight and was injured in a battle with an elite monster… Is he the main character? Without me, it would have been death.

Did something change when I intervened?

Seriously examining whether Siu was the main character, I went into the dorm with only Siu under the pretext of treatment. Then, after laying Siwoo on the floor, he used Heal.

Soon after, Siu came to his senses.

“Ugh, you… Did you save me?”

“Okay. I heard about it. You said you overdid it in case a giant crocodile appeared? With the information about the crocodile, first aid measures have been completed.”

“Keuheuk, go, thank you… “

“But then what? I will die soon.”

“Cool! Kheuheouk… Is that true?! Cool, cool!”

It’s true. It wasn’t completely cured, but I only used heal enough to come to my senses. It was such an easy opportunity to seize the initiative, but I couldn’t let it go at once.

“The wound on my back is too deep. To cure it, you have to give up hunting for today. But there’s no reason why I should give up hunting for a day just to save you, right? A crocodile is going to run amok tomorrow? If you want to catch it, you have to become a little stronger to be comfortable.”

“Then… Cool, cool… That’s right… However! However…”

Of course it’s a lie. Even life-threatening conditions can be completely restored in 10 seconds. But you don’t have to do that, right? The negotiating card must be kept in hand. So with this

“Do you still want to live?”

“Hey… I… “

“Then there is a way. It’s simple. You will be my slave If there is someone as talented as you, I will be reassured.”

“… No, you mean a slave?!”

“Okay. Slave.”

You can make Siu your slave. It was for this negotiation that he kicked out the executives and brought Siuman to his dorm. If you took advantage of this situation, you could save the necklace of obedience. No matter how righteous you are, Siwoo Rae wouldn’t want to die.

“If you become a slave, it’s basic to treat you completely, and I’ll take care of the crocodile as well. After hearing the story, if you join forces with Elise, you can get rid of the wounds even if they are slightly injured. How is it? The choice is yours. I am not forcing you.”

“I… I…!”

Siwoo! Don’t hesitate! Say you want to live!

“Kuheugh… Black, uh… I will become a slave…”

This is it

Heroine Netori

Heroine Netori

히로인 네토리
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
[You have awakened the 'Heroine Netori' ability.] [Try to eat the heroines.]


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