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Heroine Netori 114

Heroine Netori 114

Chapter 114 – Being the Master of a Slave Party (7)

Um, are you okay?

I looked at the scene in front of me that had become an empty field and calmly turned my arms around. It looks like a few strands of muscle have been cut, but it’s not to the extent that I can’t use it at all. At first, all the muscles were torn… It’s a really great development.

Maybe when this ‘Heroine Netori’ is over, I can freely use my inner energy? Anticipate carefully.

“It’s crazy…”

“… I’m not number one for nothing.”

As I approached Alice while checking her condition, I heard cautious whispers around me. Everyone was extremely wary of me, but they didn’t take their eyes off me. I wouldn’t have known that the level difference would be this far.

If I showed you this much, you wouldn’t do it again, right?

“Main… Master! Awesome! You’re not kidding!”

But I don’t know again Are all men fools of lust? There might be some guys who try to do anything to try to fuck Alice. It is said that there may be pups trying to cross the line, distracted by the pheromone that comes out of this chest and buttocks.


“Master…? Why do you look like that?”

“From now on, I will be naked. Practice.”

“What?! Shi, I hate it! Suddenly?!”

“Lie down and spread your legs. Practice.”

“Because I don’t like it!”

It is necessary to clearly show who the owner of Alice is in front of everyone. So that no one could surpass Alice.

I enjoyed the reactions around me and was ready to take Ellis’s maiden.


Elise wet her cunt even before she started fondling. This is because her body has already heated up from people’s attention. Their gazes and voices, filled with desire and desire, jealousy and contempt, drove Elise crazy with excitement.

‘I’m showing everyone all of me… Everyone is watching all of me… ‘

Alice was a natural introvert. Idol was a very appropriate job that suited her aptitude to her. In front of her public her, in front of the camera, Elise was able to fulfill her own needs by presenting herself.

“Hot, haaang! Master… Haang! Let’s go!”

But something was lacking. She became a top star, but she was missing something. Like a person with an unquenchable thirst, she felt sorry for herself every day. She couldn’t figure out why. It was just a problem that would be solved if she became more popular, she thought.

“Aang! I don’t care if you touch it there! I mean, I’m watching you all!”

But that wasn’t it. By becoming a man’s slave, Elise learned why. It was the means, not the end, that attracted her attention to her. Her true purpose

It was to show her own ugliness of her.

Just like right now.

“Sherer! It’s the first time, it’s the first time! Master, please stop!”

When she was touched by a man in public, when she sucked a man’s cock in the Colosseum, she felt immense shame and more than that. To those who knew her, it was really satisfying to see her break down.

‘What if I feel sorry for Alice… Can’t you help me?’

‘Look at you sucking. It’s a skill I’ve done 100 times over.’

‘Just looking at it, I sold my body and got second place. Then it is.’

Each of their reactions completed her pleasure her. She escaped from an unknown life, appeared on TV for the first time, and eventually held a concert. Falling from the highest place to below the floor, Elise felt alive.

“No… Master, ha… My maiden, ah, haaaaagh!”

And now, now that she is forced to lose her virginity,

More than then, her exhilarating and thrilling pleasure brought her to her physical and mental peak of her. Elise seemed to lose her mind at the first feeling of her senses and emotions of her.

“Haaang! Nah! Sorry! Whoops, whoops, whoops! I am the owner!”

Look at all! See me being raped!’

“Master, yes, master! Haang! Ahhh… ! Don’t do it, Juinniim!”

The shame of becoming a slave and being eaten without being able to resist!’

“Ah! Hot, hot! Sir, it’s too big, aang, and that, go away…”

The humiliation of finally obeying the master!’


Ah… Happy… ’

It was a great blessing for Elise to meet a man and be his slave her. She did n’t know that if it was n’t for him, she would have struggled with her regret for not knowing the reason for her whole life her.

Elise felt the man’s semen filling her own vagina and gave in to him with her whole heart.


This… Is that ‘Tag: mind break’?

“Ah! Mr. Zooin, Heck, Mr. Zooin! Aang! I’m in a good mood!”

“Haaa, Juin-sama, Juji… Hehe! Too much!”

I thought she would resist a bit more, but after I let go a few times, Ellis accepted me with a hesitation as if she had lost her mind. She seemed to have just given up on everything, as her high self-esteem her was shattered, perhaps because she had not only eaten her virgin in front of people, but she had also been subjected to her vaginal cum shot of her.

Yes, it must have been difficult for me to hold on with my mind.

“It’s so damn bad… Crazy. I want to eat too.”

“Ugh, it’s dirty… Did you want to survive that way? It’s disgusting, really.”

“If you look good to that person, won’t you give it to him once?”

“Hey, Elise… Ellis! Haha, haha!”

I can hear this kind of noise around me, and I would have done the same. Fans who liked and longed for him turned into anti-fans who lusted after him and criticized him.

“Who are you, Alice? Introduce yourself!”

“Hayeot, yes… I’m a slave to Lord Juin! When Zhuin-nim wants it, haang! Ready to get hit anytime… Hey, haha, you’re a sex slave only for Lord Jouin!”

Anyway, thanks to you, I was able to get a slave who even gave in to his heart. Ticking wasn’t bad, but if you’re a slave, you should be this obedient. Satisfied with her change her, I made another ejaculation into her slave cunt her.

“Huh, ah! Thank you… Juin’s semen… Hmm, ha… Juin’s semen…”

Then Ellis went away in a grand manner, rejoicing.


[Congratulations. For the first time, the slave’s obedience level has been maxed out.]
[A new skill is added.]

[Slave’s Obedience – You can use one of the slave’s skills.]

After the public sex, I brought an exhausted Elise to the biggest house in town, and a new window popped up. It was the news of the addition of job skills. As a reward for completely subduing Alice, you can now use one of the slave skills.

I was lucky to have this job because I brought experience points and skills as well.

By the way… I don’t have anything to bring right now. Since there is nothing to get hurt, there is no need for ‘Blood Rage’, and ‘For the Master’ is a skill that has no meaning even though I am the owner.

What, will something useful come out later? In any case, having an opportunity is important.

“Alice, wake up.

“Huh… 5 more minutes…”

“Open your eyes and wake up. Practice.”


I had a good time, so now I’ll go hunting. After a short break, I woke Alice and went out of the house. After a cursory look around, I couldn’t see anyone left in the village, but they seemed to be hunting too.

Yeah, it seems everyone has come to their senses now. If you stay still, you will be weeded out.

Imagining how strong Siu would become, I headed deeper into the woods with Elise.


“Turn around!”

-Ki yo oh clothes

Nothing much has changed since the 2nd tutorial. The monsters became faster and more powerful, but we were already stronger than that, so it was a bland hunt like the first round.

When Ellis grabbed her ax and spun around, it was a lizard man and a tentacled monster, all just finely chopped like they were ground in a blender.

But even so, I thought I knew why I divided the first and second rounds with the same theme. If the 1st tutorial was focused on getting stronger somehow, the 2nd tutorial felt like it was focused on team play, that is, party hunting.

Otherwise, the huge increase in the number of monsters encountered and the elite monsters that pop up from time to time couldn’t be explained. It seemed difficult for anyone to hunt alone. It was a level that could be caught by at least 4 or 5 people.

Of course, he couldn’t be the opponent of Elise who roamed Whirwind.

That’s how we were uniquely strong.

– Awesome!

However, it was not enough to catch a giant crocodile as high as the third floor of an apartment building.


While sweeping away the monsters with ignorance, we broke through to the depths of the forest, and a crocodile glowing in a huge swamp was waiting for us.

Heh heh, does that make sense? Why is that thing here? The fairy in the tutorial said that he would only run away on the last day, but that guy seems to be going to run away that day.


…… But why are you running so crazy already?

Is it the last day to install it?

Oh, we made eye contact.

“Lord, Master… What should I do?”

“What the heck? Don’t be scared and hide behind me.”

I felt a strange sense of déjà vu.

I have a lot of energy for the crocodile who is approaching with my saliva dripping…


Have you written all your skills?

Heroine Netori

Heroine Netori

히로인 네토리
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
[You have awakened the 'Heroine Netori' ability.] [Try to eat the heroines.]


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