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Heroine Netori 113

Heroine Netori 113

Chapter 113 – Being the Master of a Slave Party (6)

The fairy gave them a mission to fight, and even declared that they would all be killed if they did not kill each other within an hour, but the cowards, who had not caught even a single kobold, did not move from their seats. Instead, they looked at each other and quietly touched only the weapons they were holding.

It was clear that he was afraid that he would draw aggro if he moved first. But when I think about it, that was a stupid decision.

Even if you catch a kobold, it gives you experience points, but killing people doesn’t give you experience points? If one person starts to die, chaos will begin, so it was always advantageous to eat experience points before that.

“Haaaaann that’s not funny Alice. Have some fun too Paisley Didn’t I tell you yesterday? Try it yourself today.”

“Ah, ha ha… Okay… “

However, they did not move until 15 minutes had passed. If it wasn’t for Elise, it would have been a boring confrontation that she would fall asleep while watching. Isn’t it just standing still for an hour and then dying together? It was a reasonable doubt.

“Everyone please listen to me!”

No, it was a stupid doubt. Yes, your life is at stake, and you’ll have to do whatever it takes to survive. One of the members of the survival group broke a long silence and spoke.

“Why don’t we draw lots to decide who will survive? If we fight for nothing, we could all die, and even if we survive, we might be seriously injured!”

However, as expected from a survival group, they came up with stupid ideas.

What? Lottery? Are you kidding Will the person on the dying side die gracefully?

When similar rebuttals came out, the man who brought out the nonsense insisted that the lot be drawn first for each of the five, and that the majority of the people force the five to follow the result.

Are you saying you’re going to force yourself to play numbers again?

At first glance, that sounds like good logic, but well, can those cowards kill people who are on the death side? I saw no It was obvious that everyone would pass the work on to each other and just watch. If that wasn’t the case, I didn’t know if people on the other side of death couldn’t stop them from going mad, and shit would happen.

However, perhaps thanks to thoughts such as”I will pass”And”It only needs me,”The hesitant people agreed to his words his, and soon the time of drawing lots for fate began.


“Ah! Hot, ha… Haljjak, chump, gulp! Ha… I drank it all…”

“Well done. It has grown a lot.”

“…… Yes… “

As I gave her cum on Elise’s face, she didn’t show any signs of dislike for her and she eagerly cleaned her cock her. Has she come to her senses her now? It was a wonderful response like a slave.

Ellis was so admirable that I cleaned her face and all the semen on her breasts her with a cleanser. Then she looked down at her battlefield as she held her in her arms and enjoyed her breasts her with both her hands. A mayhem was unfolding there.

Naturally, the lottery operation was a failure.

Embarrassingly, the operation went awry from the start, when the first batter drew a dead lot, and his girlfriend his, saying she could never let her boyfriend die, killed the man who insisted on drawing the lot.

And after that, it was a series of chaos.

The woman who made her first start her ended her life surrounded by members of her survival group, and her her boyfriend her followed soon after. Then, the people who were vigilant of the survival group took advantage of that gap and stabbed them from behind, and in the end, everyone couldn’t trust everyone, and the place of killing and killing was unfolding.

If only I had caught one kobold in the first place, I would not have had to go through such a thing, but it was a very sad reality.

20 minutes after it started, the lottery started
37 minutes after it started, a total of 18 people survived and the battle royale ended.
And of the 18 people who survived, less than half were members of the survival group.

When he glanced at Siwoo, he was looking at the survivors with tears in his eyes. By this time she should have seen how absurd her ideals her were. He must have realized that he had to take his own life in the end, as the members of the survival group were beating and fucking and killing each other.

It is the so-called ‘awakening’.

I will believe you are the main character It would have happened without me, so this was an awakening event for the main character, Siwoo.

Siwoo will become stronger than now through this incident. Even though he took care of everyone, he was in 5th place, so if he declared ‘I will live for me’, he would be eaten. And in the process, he will also meet the now invisible heroine.

Well? Wait, then…

How about making Siwoo a colleague? It means that you can meet the heroine you have been waiting for even if you only follow Siu. That is why it is said to use Siwoo as bait to catch the heroine. Then, in front of Siwoo… No, no. Do I really need to? If that’s the case, I’d rather…

Wouldn’t it be better to enslave?

I’ll have to give it some serious thought.


“Hmm? It’s over sooner than expected! Good, very good Then let’s move on to the next tutorial!!”


Once again, the fairy of the tutorial popped out of the air and transported us to a new space with a single clap. The newly moved place was a certain village, but there were buildings, but there were no traces of people. Are you using this place as your accommodation? The village was surrounded by a huge forest, and a bizarre sound came from afar.

“This time, we just need to survive for a week! Simple isn’t it? Hee hee hee! But will it be difficult? Try hard to survive On the last day, you will probably have to run away all day? Hee hee hee!”

“Oh! Presents will go to the top 5 now. Check the status window. Would be great Hee hee hee, then cheer up! I’ll see you in a week~”

The fairy just said what she had to say and disappeared this time. Is this a week? If it’s long it’s a long time and if it’s short it’s a short time. But no matter what, the work for Alice and I did not change. Catching monsters and becoming stronger is all. Ah, well, I might have time for true education in the middle, but anyway.

“Master, look at this… So cool! It’s a new weapon! Hee hee”

With that thought in mind, I was about to open the status window to check the reward, but Ellis spoiled her first. Was it a weapon? Elise held up an ax as gorgeous and beautiful as hers and began spinning around her excitedly.

Looking at the gloss, it must be made of mithril… It’s a pity that it’s not a double-edged axe, but looking at the sharpness, it seemed to be a +8. In addition, seeing that Whirlwind’s movement has also increased, it seems that it has a speed attribute attached. Did it hit the jackpot? It was rewarding to catch kobolds hard.

If 2nd place is like that, how good is the item given to me who is 1st place? When I opened the status window with a trembling heart, an old necklace fell from the air.

[Necklace of Obedience – You can enslave an opponent while completely subduing them.]

Five… Isn’t it bad? A necklace of subordination It was an item with the concept of backward compatibility.

Perhaps because he hadn’t filled all the required experience points yet, he needed the consent of the other party to create a new slave at this stage. But does that make sense? If you say, “You, become a slave,” The other person will agree. Even if he threatens with his life, would n’t he say ‘Kuu, kill’?

But with this necklace of obedience, you don’t have to worry about that. You’re saying that you just have to suppress it. With just this, I could make Siwoo a slave right now. Well, I’m still thinking about it.

[Because it is 1st place, the privilege is granted first.]
[Choose a house to use as accommodation for a week.]

However, it seemed that the reward was not the end of it. This time, I had to endure for a week, so it was right to provide the houses in the village as accommodations as I thought. Are you okay? A tent was nice, but sleeping in a bed is better. It is a satisfactory tutorial.

“Older brother! Found it! There it is!”

“Chuck. I have eyes too man. Kya~ Ellis, looking at that bitch again, Jonah looks delicious. If you can fuck a bitch like that, thank you for coming to a place like this.”

“Hosik ham. Please leave a hole in the back.”

“Chuck. No, I got it.”

No, the reward didn’t end there either. Whether it’s a start dash or something, he gave me an additional experience point bonus to cheer me up from the start. 10 people just look beyond me, how much experience will I get if I catch them all? Besides, those two over there are in 3rd and 4th place. Do you offer equipment bonuses? It’s a complete hyeja.

“Lord, Master! What to do?”

“What the heck? Don’t be scared and hide behind me.”

And that’s it. At this point, did you want to test it? Thanks to the stats I raised in the last tutorial, I could feel that I had gotten stronger just by breathing. So, what happens if you throw an inside punch in this situation? Will all the muscles explode this time? Or can I hold on now?

Let’s try it.

I swung my fists full of energy at the perverts who were approaching me with saliva dripping.

“Get out of here, kids!”


Then with a bunch of trash
Buildings in the back
And to the forest beyond

It lost its shape with a tremendous roar that pierced the eardrums.

“Ah, my equipment… “

Along with the new gear the 3rd and 4th place guys were carrying.

Heroine Netori

Heroine Netori

히로인 네토리
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
[You have awakened the 'Heroine Netori' ability.] [Try to eat the heroines.]


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