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Heroine Netori 112

Heroine Netori 112

Chapter 112 – Being the Master of a Slave Party (5)

In this space where the law and the police have disappeared, there are many people who want to commit crimes according to their desires. Please don’t do what you can.

This was Siu’s argument.

In a word, it was a request to stop because there might be people who can’t control their sexual desire after seeing our actions and want to imitate them. For survival.

It was a really absurd story.

“Why me?”

“… Yes?! I told you! To survive…”

“Then why are you asking me to quit in order to survive? You should take care of your life.”

“…… You don’t know what will happen in the future. Do you think you can face such unknown dangers alone? We must unite our forces to survive! I mean, I’m not going to take sides!”

This really doesn’t make sense.

As Siwoo started talking excitedly, a group of people who thought they were Siwoo’s group approached. Maybe about 50 people? They said it was a survival group, and seeing that quite a few people survived, the name is worth more than one.

“Little! Let go of that hand right now! It is sexual assault!”

“Hey! Alice hates you! Stop right now!”

A woman and a man who appeared to be executives jumped out of the crowd, put their hands on their hips, and started to get angry at me. One crazy bitch and one baboon? Since they are spreading such logic, there are a lot of no-responses like this, Siwoo this time is a big disappointment in many ways.

“Haaaaang! Lord, Master… Please stop…”

“Are you the owner?! Have you enslaved Mr. Alice? What nonsense! We’ll save you, Alice!”

“Hey, hey, you trash bastard! Dare, dare!!”

Ha, the bitch and the bastard are so annoying that I don’t want to mix them up. I ignored the conversation between the two of them and continued to touch Alice. Then, filled with her irritation her, she looked at Siwoo and said.

“Tsk, of course you can fight. That’s why there is this tutorial. Grow that strength.”

“We will grow that power together! It’s arrogance to be able to handle it alone! If you are so confident, let’s face the danger that is us! We don’t just watch women suffer in front of our eyes!”

After Siu’s words ended, members of the survival group began to surround us. Siu, an apostle of justice, seemed to be thinking of rescuing Alice from me. Isn’t this crazy? Trying to steal a slave, no matter how much Siwoo, can’t be forgiven.

“Alice, get ready.”

“What, what?! Uh… ?”

I stopped petting her Elise and took her huge two-handed ax from her inventory her and put it in her hand her. Elise was at a loss, but she listened to my command her and prepared to turn Whirlwind.

As a result of checking through ‘observation’, most of them were inferior to kobolds, and even the leader, Siu, could not compete with Alice. It is said that even one Ellis can handle all of them if you properly insert the heel.

Asshole. I should have raised my stats by catching at least one more kobold while I was gathering people. Seeing him do stupid things, he probably didn’t know that Siwoo in front of him wasn’t the main character.

Tsk tsk, since there is such a thing as stats, you have to compete with quality rather than quantity.

“How stupid! They must really want to fight us!”

“But why is Mr. Ellis holding a weapon, no way! Does she even have a skill that allows her to be forcibly manipulated?!”

“I really intend to resist to the end… I will mark Alice! I will subdue him without getting hurt, so the rest of you, please aim for this man!”

When I tried to fight back, they panicked. Until now, I’ve been suppressing people with numbers, but it doesn’t work for me. Whoa, I need to give you a true education. Can I just wipe out all of them except Siwoo?

“Hee hee hee hee! What an interesting sight! But who wants to fight on their own, you bastards! Put down all your weapons!”

Damn, come back a little later.

With the reappearance of the tutorial fairy, true education had to be postponed.


“You guys listen to me so well, it’s annoying. So you have to do the hard work. Hey!”


“What, what?!”

“Huh? This… Colosseum?!”

The fairy of the tutorial congratulated me for passing the ‘1st’ tutorial, then suddenly got angry, and suddenly applauded, saying that we had to reduce the number of people to go to the ‘2nd’ tutorial.

Then, the clearing shook greatly, and a huge building rose from the floor. As someone said, it looked like a Colosseum. The space where people were standing was the battlefield of the Colosseum, and the new buildings around it were the spectator seats.

“Here you have to survive again. However, this time we will limit the number. Did you understand, you worms! Hmmmm, of course not everyone has to take the test.”

“Fifth place, Siwoo Park.”

When the fairy called Siwoo’s name, Siwoo was transferred to the audience. There was one very large chair and two moderately large chairs on either side of the crowd, and Siu sat on the rightmost chair among them.

“Fourth place, Choi Geon.”

“Third place, Kim Ho-shik.”

And the two people who were called later also transferred and occupied the two chairs on the left.

Well, I get a rough feeling. This is a ranking that wiped out kobolds, right? Then…

“Second place, Alice.”

“First place, Gamdeokbae.”

As expected, Alice and I were both in first and second place.

After Ellis was transferred, I followed suit, and I was seated in the largest chair in the middle. I looked down and saw the remaining survivors with their heads up and looking at me with puzzled expressions. Oh, the scenery is better than I thought.

“Hee hee, can you feel it? These are the 5 hardest survivors! When the next tutorial starts, I will give you a gift according to your rank.”

“And those who remain!”


“Oh clothes! I’m here too!”

“Whew, I don’t know what it is, but I lived for now.”

When the fairy clapped again, about 30% of the people left in the vacant lot moved to the audience. However, unlike the top five, they had to stand without chairs.

“Quiet! Stop making noise and shut up! You guys are the survivors anyway. So pass. The problem is that garbage.”

“You are worms that couldn’t catch a single dog with their own hands. In fact, it should be dead!”

“So stay alive. 20 people only. If we don’t reduce the number of people to the target by the end of 1 hour, everyone will die! Hee hee hee! It starts right now!!”

The fairy disappeared again with those words. Instead, a large information window popped up in the middle of the Colosseum.


It was the time limit the fairy said.


It’s fun. Things got interesting.

Most of the people left below were members of Siu’s survival group. They now had to kill each other to survive. Siwoo’s ideal that everyone should work together was just an illusion here.

Well then, this is correct. Self-survival is self-responsible. You can’t just bury it forever. Without knowing that, he created a bizarre group called the Survival Group, so it was only natural that he would end up like this.

Really, it was nice.

“Ellis, come here.”

“Wait, what else… “

“What? Come and suck.”

When you feel good, you should do something that makes you feel good.

I pulled down my pants and called Ellis.

“No… It’s crazy? Everyone sees…”

“Uh-huh, that’s an order. Come and suck.”

“Crazy… Please… Haa, suck, whoop, haa… Chuuup.”

Elise hesitated, but since she was a slave, she had to listen to my orders. She trudged over to her and knelt down in front of her and sucked my cock. Then, obscene sounds spread around.

“Haa, churrup… Gulp, ha… Hey, Chuup.”

I stroked her hair and turned her head, and Siu and her eyes met her. But Siu couldn’t interfere with me this time. The number that gave Siwoo strength is down there, so he must not have the confidence to act courageously like before.

Boy, what a bummer.

“Haljjak, chow, ha ha… Chun, chuu, gulp… “

On the other hand, looking at the other side this time, the men in third and fourth ranks were staring at Elise with greedy eyes. I enjoyed her gaze at her and touched Elise’s chest as if to look at it.

“That, stop, haaang! Halkjak, ha… Churup, Aang!”

Then people from the stands around them began to turn and stare at Elise. They whispered among themselves and looked at me with eyes full of envy.

This is it, this is it! My cock grew bigger in Elise’s mouth in the expected response.

… But don’t you start? It’s already been 10 minutes, but the guys below are still not fighting and everyone is staring at Alice.

Heroine Netori

Heroine Netori

히로인 네토리
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
[You have awakened the 'Heroine Netori' ability.] [Try to eat the heroines.]


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