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Heroine Netori 111

Heroine Netori 111

Chapter 111 – Being the Master of a Slave Party (4)

A man died in front of her eyes her, a sudden change of job as a slave, a naked body in front of the man who became her master her, and then having her first kiss her stolen by him, she did not want to live in continued despair. Now it seemed to her that a future less than that of her prostitute her awaited her.

But after that, the man never touched him. He continued kissing him as a compliment, but he did n’t even touch his breasts or his thighs or buttocks her. He threatened to have sex with her or make her suck her cock of her, but she didn’t seem to mean it. It seemed to him that it was more important for her to become his warrior her and become stronger her.

And that was fun. Unlike singing or acting, which never improved no matter how hard you tried, the visible stat was a very clear number, and raising it made the ax lighter and able to defeat monsters faster and stronger. Thanks to that, she felt excited as if she had become the main character in a movie.

The kiss the man gave after the fight also felt good. Unlike her first rough kiss her, he kindly and gently led her as if she were her lover her, and she held her in his arms her and felt her ecstasy her as she mingled her tongue with him.

Maybe he has a crush on himself. It was evident that he had enslaved him just for his looks and then fell for his charms. So he was pretty sure he didn’t touch himself over this.

But that was her mistake.

Her man her revealed her true colors to her and forced her to harass her and bite her on his cock her. Then she took out her smartphone and filmed the scene, creating terrible memories for her.

Sucking a man’s cock was also sad, but if he continued like this, the image of her sucking her might spread to all the people around him. Thinking so, she…

She is…


It was the first time a man had ever treated her like this, and it made her stomach quiver. A chill that had begun in her womb traveled down her spine and spread throughout her body. Strangely, the more he tortured her, the more thrilled she felt.

For some reason she was happy. She felt better forcibly sucking his cock than her than it was when she kissed him sweetly. It was so much fun watching his cock her go down her throat her. It was painful, but the more painful it was, the more I felt an orgasm beyond ecstasy.

She, in that moment, realized her own sexual orientation of her, which she had not known about.

She was a masochist

“Hey… Gulp…”

The man’s semen filled her mouth her and she swallowed it all in front of the camera. Feeling her goo down her throat and thinking that people would see her, her whole body her heated up.

“Ha… Haha…”

Then, she had an idea. She was a very outrageous imagination that she would never have thought of if she was her usual self of her, and that she could think of because she was now.

‘Being rapped… How does it feel?’

‘If everyone sees that… ‘

‘If people who know me watch me get raped… That’s right!’

“…… Haaang!”

Just imagining the scene left her lightly.


After one round of training, I made sure Ellis knew where she was. She was always my slave, and I had to keep that in mind. So I first made her change her the title she calls me.

“Hey, you know… “

“I told you to call me master, right? There’s no way you, who has high learning ability, didn’t know, and you want to get scolded?”

“I-I might have forgotten… Main… Sir.”

“It’s already too late. Suck.”

“… Profit! From morning… ! Oops! Ugh, ugh!”

But you haven’t listened to me since morning? Is it that you don’t like talking to the master? To punish her, I grabbed her face with both hands and shook her waist with her throat as a scepter. It was Iramachio.

Alice was in pain, but I didn’t look after her. You have to be very upset to come to your senses. My name is the owner, but a slave can hear the voice of the master. Eventually, she changed her title after she poured her semen down her throat.

I’m going to change it a long time ago, but it’s hard to buy it.

“Keheuk, heuk… Too bad… “

“Just listen. Then I’ll treat you like yesterday. Got it?”

“……… “

Alice didn’t answer. Are you upset? Just listen to me, so there is no answer to the subject of slavery? I gave her education once more as she wished. Only then did she respond quickly. It’s been that way ever since I felt deeply betrayed yesterday.

It’s true, you misunderstood yourself and it lasts for a long time.


The tutorial mission is to survive for 72 hours, and during that time, Alice and I invested everything except for eating, sleeping, and fighting. Even if it was a hunt, it ended up with Elise spinning Whirlwind and me putting her heel her behind her, but with that alone, we were able to raise our stats tremendously.

Oh no. There was a lot of time to educate Elise in between. She rebelled against me at every opportunity. So she punished her every time she did that, but her attitude towards her Alice did not change until the end.

“Fuck… Rape or not! Black, black… Ha… “

On the first day, when I told him to fuck me, he kept quiet, but when I didn’t continue to fuck him, it was clear that he thought there was no rape and started talking. I thought about eating it first because it was disgusting, but I decided to hold back. I couldn’t give up eating a virgin in front of everyone.

[Congratulations! The tutorial has ended.]
[After 10 seconds, you will be forcibly transferred to the starting vacant lot.]

But it seems that the opportunity has come.

A window popped up in front of me saying that the tutorial was over, and then when that window disappeared, I was transported to the same space as Alice at the beginning.


Did half of them survive? Survived a lot more than I thought. Looking around, there were still many people crowded in the empty lot, although not as much as then. Among them, there were people who seemed to have gotten stronger by catching monsters, and there seemed to be a lot of people who managed to survive without such a thing.

“Ha! Aang… Yes, people see it.”

So that’s good Satisfied that there were so many people around, I went behind her and squeezed her breasts her under her clothes her with one hand and stroked her cunt through her clothes her with the other. Then Alice could not stand it any longer and she eventually changed her attitude to her.

“Master… Sir, please stop…”

But I lightly ignored her words.
Do you do well in the beginning? The ship has long since left.

“Hey hey hey. Look at that. Isn’t that Alice?”

“Crazy, what are they doing now?”

“What the fuck is it? I want to touch you too!”

As Alice moaned unbearably at the continued caress her, the people nearby began to look at us one by one. Then, when I realized that the woman I was fondling was Alice, I made a loud fuss.

As expected of her top idol of her, there was no one who could not recognize her, and everyone in her looked at Elise with mixed emotions. Among them were people who envied me, people who felt sorry for Alice, people who cursed at me, people who criticized Alice, and so on.

I enjoyed their gaze and did not stop touching Alice. Alice lowered her head, perhaps because she was embarrassed, but she listened to my command her and she had to raise her head again.

“Please… Master, please stop…”

Then Alice begged me, even using her honorifics her. But I didn’t listen to her this time either. In the end, she trembled, feeling ashamed of people’s gazes.

“Stop! I don’t know what you’re doing with Mr. Ellis, but it’s not right to do that in front of people!”

But suddenly, from far away, a perfectly fine, handsome man came running screaming. I must be familiar with how it looks…

“What are you doing to teach me?”

“I am Park Si-woo, the leader of the survival group! And I’m trying to save even one more person in this tutorial. But what you are doing now is a very wrong thing that causes great confusion to people! So please stop for everyone’s sake!”

Yes, he looked like Siwoo, he really was Siwoo. Since his name is Siwoo, he must be the main character, right? It was also the first time that I met the main character before the heroine.

It’s been fun.

Heroine Netori

Heroine Netori

히로인 네토리
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
[You have awakened the 'Heroine Netori' ability.] [Try to eat the heroines.]


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