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Heroine Netori 110

Heroine Netori 110

Chapter 110 – Being the Master of a Slave Party (3)

In front of Alice, who had all stats added by ’10’ with the ‘Power of Arya Goddess’ buff, a group of kobolds were no match. The kobolds in front of her fell mercilessly as she began to circle her castle of ignorance with her great two-handed ax.

“Kyaaaaa! I hate it!”

It was the result of ordering the necklace of her subordinate her to her her, who felt resistant to killing her creatures. As blood and flesh splattered in front of her eyes, she was Elise screaming in horror, but her whirlwind her couldn’t be stopped.

But seeing this now, is it sweet?

Even if you stand still and give an order, experience points come in. It’s not an idle game, so all I do is give battle orders and then use heal and purify the slaves after the battle as I do now.

As expected, using the necklace of her subordinate her on Alice was the correct answer.

“Well done. How do you feel about killing the monster?”

“It’s the worst… What, what, what!”

“I told you. Will you give me a kiss as a reward when I compliment you in the future?”

“Profit! Stop, hey, chuup, annoying… Haa, chuup, gulp.”

I hugged her Alice’s waist in her joy and gave her her reward. Then she also sucked her saliva from me, mixing her tongue with me in her own pleasure. I’m not sure, but she accepted me without resistance, so she must be happy. Anyway, yes.

“Even if it’s the worst, you’ll have to get used to it. I have to keep killing monsters in order to survive.”

“…… Do you know?”

“Okay? Are you smart too? Are you asking for praise?”

“Oh no! For a moment! Whew, ha… Chuup, this pervert… Gulp.”

Look at this Does he want you first? I was also happy.


Once or twice in battle, Ellis declared that she was done and that she would fight on her own. She proved her own words her as she spun around her as we cheered her on behind her. Alice… A scary child, she became a human blender and slaughtered kobolds.

After she allowed the kobolds to attack her a few times, she seemed to realize that if she didn’t want to die, she had to kill her. With willpower, she became a warrior herself and swept the battlefield. It was such a great development that I was proud to see.

“What do you think? Are you okay? So don’t give orders now. It’s dizzy to turn around unintentionally.”

“Yes? If you ask me if it was okay, are you asking me to praise you?”

“What?! No, that’s not what I wanted, heck, ha… Chew up!”

Again, I gave the reward to the slave with a happy heart, and the slave was grateful and loyal to me. It was a good master-slave relationship.

“Hey, you want to raise your stats? What can I upload?”

“Wait a moment.”

But after the reward time was over, Ellis asked me about my stats. When I opened her status window, I saw a notice her saying ‘You can raise your stats.’

There was no level in the status window, so I was wondering how to raise the stats, and it was a system that gave a chance to raise the stats when a certain amount of experience was accumulated. But then I had to tell them a little bit or check the status window myself to find out.

It’s a really unkind worldview.

“I’m going to keep carrying an ax, so first of all, I’ll alternate between stamina and strength.”

“Okay? Okay.”

After saying that to Alice, I invested in magic. There were many skills that were replaced with divine power, but magic was still a stat that should not be given up. ‘Observation’ is also a skill that uses magic, but there was no guarantee that such a skill would not be added.


-Ki yo oh clothes

After that, until the sun went down, Elise did not stop her hunt. She accumulated experience points by killing each and every kobold she encountered. Now, before I could even speak, it was Alice who started spinning with an ax.

Catch monsters to raise stats,
Based on the strength, catch the monster again,
Raise your stats again

For the first time in her life, Alice became addicted to the fun at once. At first she screamed that she was awful, but now she is having fun. She could feel that she was getting stronger right away, so she couldn’t be without fun.

Besides, since I’m here, you’re certain that I’ll never die, right? I’ll use heels, I’ll step in and help out if it’s necessary, I was her strong insurance her, so she could completely fall into hunting.

“Uh, I… Did you change jobs?”

“… Five?”

And as a result, Alice moved into a new job.

[Congratulations. Your slave has changed his job from ‘slave’ to ‘slave berserker’.]
[The slave’s HP is added by ‘3’.]
[The strength of the slave is added by ‘3’.]
[A new skill is added to the slave.]

[Blood Rage Lv. 1 – Increases strength the more wounded you are.]
[For the sake of the master (passive) – When praised by the master, the strength stat increases temporarily.]

When she changed jobs, an information window popped up for me too. She seemed to be getting information from me too, because she was my slave. Yes, if you were a slave, you shouldn’t keep secrets from your master, which was natural when you think about it.

From the additional stats that increase stamina and strength, to the berserker-like skill called Blood Rage, and the buffs that come from being praised by me, it was Alice’s job that I was really satisfied with. Does it taste like growing? I felt rewarded.

Meanwhile, my job has not changed. Perhaps because it was such a unique job, he was still the ‘owner’. It was unfortunate, but I didn’t expect much because the ‘owner’ was such a fraudulent job.

“Operator… Isn’t that a crazy warrior? A little bad.”

“Are slaves okay?”

“That’s what I hate the most!”

Elise grunted because she did n’t like the name of her class her, but when she got the buff after being complimented by me, she grinned, feeling the increased power. It was a little pity that she seemed to have already reached a performance level.

Rooktall is the top priority…


As the sun set, I took the tent out of my inventory and set it up. Then, he took out his lunchbox and ate with Alice, then put the empty container back into his inventory. It was to avoid any trouble that might arise because of the smell.

She looked at me curiously as I took her things out of the air and put them in. She then turned her head away in surprise when our eyes met her. Then he took a big breath in and out, and spoke to me in a trembling voice.

“There… I have a question. What are you going to do with me… ? Of course, I thought he would do that, but he kissed me, hunted all day, and fed me… I don’t know why.”

Her curiosity seemed to arouse when I didn’t cross the line with her. From the moment I became her slave her, she told me cautiously, saying that she knew she would be raped.

But didn’t you say you wouldn’t do it? Why did you do the maiden test? I’m waiting for the timing, but Alice misunderstood and misunderstood by herself. Does she already have Stockholm Syndrome? She’s acting on the premise that I’m not a bad person.

I’m sorry, it looks like Siri has tortured hope unwillingly. I need to break the illusion soon.

“Are you sad that I didn’t do it?”

“What, what? No! Absolutely not!”

“Because I am another welfare owner? Now, I’ll do whatever you want.”

“Sir, I hate it! Iik, stop it! Because I hate it!”

I took off her pants and her panties right in front of her as she watched, then I grabbed her resisting hair her and pulled her hard towards my cock. She screamed grotesquely and tried to get away from me, but when I ordered her to stay still, she froze in that position.

“Ellis, I think you’re mistaken, but I made you a slave with the intention of fucking you. Of course I tried to rape her. You’re so ugly And besides, you say that you’re a celebrity that everyone doesn’t know? Fucking a woman like that was my wish.”

In that state, I corrected her misunderstanding, opened her mouth her, and inserted my cock into it. Then, thanks to the sticky mucous membranes in her mouth, I felt better.

“Here, think of licking ice cream and try sucking it. If you do well, I won’t eat you today.”

I commanded her again and Elise began licking my cock slowly with her awkward tongue. Lack of pleasure, I forced her head down and shoved her cock down her throat. With one free hand, she took her smartphone out of her inventory and recorded her first fella her.

“Big, big… Trash kid… Black, Churup, Ha… Whoops.”

“Has your speech got worse again? Do you want to be eaten?”

On screen, she wept at her sense of betrayal of her. But even so, he did not disobey my order. A strong woman crying and sucking my cock, I continued filming, satisfied with my slave’s appearance of her, and eventually I was able to shoot the oral ejaculation scene.

Heroine Netori

Heroine Netori

히로인 네토리
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
[You have awakened the 'Heroine Netori' ability.] [Try to eat the heroines.]


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