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Heroine Netori 109

Heroine Netori 109

Chapter 109 – Being the Master of a Slave Party (2)

Without worrying, I changed jobs to ‘owner’. It was unfamiliar to me that such a job existed, but I didn’t think it would be a bad job. Since he made slaves, he must have become a slave owner, so it must have been a job related to slavery.

[You have changed jobs as the owner.]
[Health is added by ‘3’.]
[Magic power is added by ‘3’.]
[A new skill is added.]

[Master’s Exploitation (Passive) – Brings half of the experience gained by the slave.]
[Master’s Mercy – You can transfer one skill to a slave.]

[You can get additional skills as you accumulate experience.]
[Additional slaves can be registered as experience points accumulate.]
[Current Slave: 1/1]

Is this good enough? After all, “Master” Was a good job. If I passed ‘Arya’s power’ to Alice in front of me right now, wouldn’t it give me a +10 buff to all stats? It is the completion of the party that can already sweep the tutorial.

In addition, looking at the existing status window, it was confirmed that the physical strength and magic stats had increased by ‘3’. In other words, as much as you become stronger here, you can become stronger in real life. It is said that opportunity comes after crisis, and he hit the jackpot by soldering in BL water. I should take this opportunity to improve my specs while enjoying everything I enjoy.

“Kyaaak! What, what?! You! What the hell have you done to me?!”

As I was checking things, my new slave backed away in embarrassment. The information window popped up for me, so it must have popped up for Elise too, right? It must have been shocking to hear that he became a slave. Maybe the word about changing jobs as a slave came up? Maybe he was forced to change jobs.

“Speak! You… What the hell?!”

Um, but what should I grow it with? Originally, archers, wizards, and healers are the standard female party members, but… For some reason, I thought it would be fun to raise him as an ax warrior. A national idol spinning around Whirlwind with an ax bigger than him? Just imagining it makes me laugh. I like it because it doesn’t fit too well.

“Hey! Are you listening to me?! Me now…”

“Go over there and get the ax. It’s not the small one, it’s the big one, that’s what I want. A giant two-handed ax.”

“Are you kidding me? From the answer… What?! Uh uh uh huh?”

Alice, who became a slave, could not refuse my orders. She didn’t get angry with me, and as I told her to, she moved to the weapon’s location to pick up the ax. It is also a necklace of obedience. Performance sure. It was worth 30,000 points.

“Hey! What have you done to you, Alice?”

“Fuck, you bastard, why are you pretending to be close to Alice?”

“Hu-wook, don’t approach Alice, Hu-wook.”

But after Alice left, her men who had been betting on her earlier approached me. It seemed that he got out of the way thinking he was an acquaintance because of my confident attitude of him, but he came back with confidence after seeing Elise’s reaction. Seemingly speaking to me, she seemed to be thinking of earning points for Ellis.


“””……… “””

In this case, you have to show it clearly. Don’t be foolish. As I waved my fist and exploded the energy I had been gathering on my right arm since they were approaching, the trees next to them were engulfed in shockwaves and collapsed with a loud sound like a bomb exploding.

“Huh! Crazy!”

“…… A monster, a monster.”

It was an attack that deliberately lowered its power to protect the arm, but it was a fearful enough attack for the general public to see. You wouldn’t believe it because you punched a hole in the forest with one punch.

I purposely aimed to pass them close by, and the scared workers fell to the ground, shaking their limbs like a newborn deer. What is it, that bastard is tired of peeing? I’ll have to avoid that. You have to be careful not to step on it.

“Uh… “

“Kyaaak! Also, run away.”

But even people I didn’t care about got scared of me. As one screamed and ran away from me, the rest of the hesitant people caught my attention and ran after him.

What, I had no idea what to do? Even the PTSD engraved by the tutorial fairy must have come back to life. All at once the group of dozens of people collapsed. Well, maybe it’s because it’s a world where there’s no awakening of talented people, or maybe it’s because it’s tired of peace, so everyone is so scared. Only then will not many people survive the tutorial. Well, there’s no heroin, so it’s not something I’m worried about.

“It’s better. Alice, bring all the lunch boxes there. You can put it in your inventory.”

“Wait, what are you really?”

“Just follow me. Ah, bring a sword for me to use. Any sword doesn’t matter.”

“Hey!! Can’t you hear me?!”


With Alice and her alone, I went deep into her woods, having a deep conversation with her. Then, after searching her inside her to find an empty cave, she blocked her entrance to prevent others from entering, and called Elise to order her her.

“Open it up, open it up and prove your innocence.”

“I told you! Because you’re a virgin! Profit! Why are you making me do this!!”

It was because she could n’t believe that she was her virgin her.

She went from being an unknown idol to suddenly gaining popularity and becoming a top star, so of course she would have been in the business of her pillow. But fortunately, that seemed to be my mistake, seeing as Ellis opened her cunt her to reveal her hymen her.

If so, along with her statement that she is a virgin, it is true that she said that she has never been in a relationship since her trainee days were long, and that she has never done anything like entertainment, but she was lucky . If anything, it would be worse to eat her virgin. I really liked that I could make this pure body that did not know a man to my liking.

“Good. Absolutely clean. It looks like I haven’t tried it.”

“Fuck you pervert…”

“Oh, you shouldn’t curse at the owner. Be punished Do 10 squats naked.”

“Profit… !”

As I commanded her, Ellis took off her t-shirt and bra, then went naked and began her squats. It was fun to watch thanks to her big breasts that swayed every time she moved up and down and her pretty pussy that opened little by little. She shuddered with shame, but she didn’t swear anymore. She also excelled in her ability to learn, befitting a top idol.

“Perform a double piece while smiling while sitting down. “

“Well done. Now get up and get dressed.”

“Hey, heh… Why do you have that ability… That’s ridiculous!”

“I told you. Are you from another world?”

“Profit! Heck,hehe! So that’s it! I’m speechless! Whip, heeeng…”

When I honestly told her that I was a psychic from another world when she asked what the hell she was, she snorted and didn’t believe me, but when I made her open her pussy and do a naked squat with the power of the necklace , Elise said that it was nonsense. He got angry and eventually burst into tears. It must have been quite unfair that I was wrong.

“Huh… I can understand something like a firearm, but there is something like the ability to enslave someone…Hehe!”

Well, it’s sad that I was suddenly dragged into the tutorial, but since I’ve become a slave to a man I’ve never seen before, my mentality just exploded. But I have no intention of releasing it out of pity. You don’t have to pick up 30,000 points.

“If you keep crying, will you fuck me now?”

“Profit… I hate that…”

“If you don’t like it, don’t cry in front of me. I am not joking.”

“Ah, okay, black… “

I said this, but I have no intention of having sex right now. Ellis is her virgin her, so she will only be her assistant her for the time being, and then, in a more dramatic moment, she intends to fuck her. There will come a time when everyone who survived the tutorial gathers. At that time, in front of everyone, he eats the girl of Alice that everyone longed for? Oh, you’d be hard-pressed to find sex more thrilling than that.

So for now, I’m trying to be content with this.

“Well done. I hear you well. From now on, when you compliment me, I’ll kiss you as a reward.”

“I hate that too! Poetry, hehe, ha… It’s cold, hee, sour!”

When I tried to force a kiss, Ellis freaked out and pushed me away and backed away from her. However, in the end, I had no choice but to allow my lips to follow my words of her.

“Is it sex if you don’t listen?”

“Profit! Cowardly… Heuk, haat, churup, poetry, sirundae, churup, haa…”

“If you don’t like kissing, you have the option of sucking a cock. What do you want to choose?”

“……… I’ll do it with a kiss.”

One compliment at her words of first kiss,
Two compliments on the pretext that saliva is delicious,
Praise three times with the excuse that your skills are improving quickly,

Having increased her praise her in that way, I hugged her and kissed her until her legs her gave out.

Heroine Netori

Heroine Netori

히로인 네토리
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
[You have awakened the 'Heroine Netori' ability.] [Try to eat the heroines.]


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