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Heroine Netori 108

Heroine Netori 108

Chapter 108 – Being the Master of a Slave Party (1)

It was a truly terrifying and terrifying experience. It’s creepy that I became a TS, but I don’t think I’ll ever be able to choose Allandom again because of the trauma of falling into a gay field. To be honest, I thought about what to do once I entered that ridiculous genre, but I didn’t know it would become a reality. After… I’m really glad you came back safely.

It wasn’t all bad, though. I was able to gain hands-on experience with Klein Swordsmanship and Blue Flash. These two were more excellent skills than I thought, but if I get used to them a little more, I think I can become a B-class hunter.

Wouldn’t it be possible to enter the world of martial arts if you become strong enough to make a name for yourself in Class B? I see hope.

“I won’t be able to choose this for a while.”

I lay in bed and looked over the challenges once more. From there, I decided to ignore ‘Achieving the mission with Olandum’. Also, going into the humanity genre is unlikely, but anyway, as long as the possibility exists, I didn’t want to choose it again.

Instead, they decided to re-challenge ‘Achieve the mission without tips’. I failed at the same time, but thinking about it over and over again, I thought I could succeed at this level.

“Hmm… Shall we invest all our points and break even this?”

And I chose the task of ‘achieve the mission while the favorability is negative’. As long as the situation was well supported, like when he was playing Heera, the likability was not very important. It’s a 100,000-point challenge, but it didn’t look that difficult.

It will be rather easy if you go in there with this item.

[Necklace of Subordination: 30,000 points. Enslave the target. However, it does not activate if the ability difference is large.]

Currently, my remaining points are 35920 points, so if you buy this item, you are investing most of it, but it is literally an investment. And I was confident of getting the points back. Even if the favorability is minus, if you make them slaves and train them with erogenous stimulation, you will be able to succeed.

“Then this is a real challenge.”

Creatures of the other world. But now, after choosing a genre with a tutorial and a normal human character 39, I started ‘Heroine Netori’. It was a gamble with a total of 31,850 points.

[Uses the ‘Heroine Netori’ ability.]
[‘Achieve mission without tips’, ‘Accomplish mission with minus favorability’ tasks are being challenged.]
[The genre is ‘another world (tutorial)’.]
[You are ‘human male character 39’.]
[You can use the necklace of subjugation.]

[Mission: Netori the heroine.]
[(A grade or higher is required to complete the challenge.)]

“This is it.”

As soon as I opened my eyes and absorbed the memories, my eyes went white again. After a while, the dazzling light disappeared, and a space I had never seen before appeared.

This was the beginning of the tutorial.


Looking around, there were hundreds of people crowded in one space in a large forest. Most looked bewildered, some frightened, some angry. It was the first time since the training camp that so many people gathered, so PTSD came.

“Where are you?! I was in the promotion match!”

“Oh, brother… ! Where have you gone!”

“What is this again? Is it a hidden camera?”

As the surroundings gradually became noisy, a strange-looking creature popped out of the air. Apparently, it must have been the fairy from that famous tutorial. The fairy looked at us and smiled terribly, then giggled and introduced herself.

“Hello, bugs? My name is Kei Kei, in charge of the tutorial. Shut up and listen to me because I’m here to help you fools. Got it?”

What is that weird talk? It seemed that the translator was broken.

“What are you doing bastard? Return quickly! Do you know how important this moment was?!”

Ooh, the first victim? A scary-looking old man with thick hair pointed at the fairy and shouted loudly. I’m not afraid to fight against the fairy in the tutorial. While I was praying for his soul his in advance, sure enough, his head and body his were separated by the fairy.

“… Uh huh?”


“Mi, crazy! It’s murder!”

“Lie! I hate it!”

Then a great rise arose.

The man’s neck was pulled so easily that at first everyone did n’t understand, but when blood poured out of his body his like a fountain, people came to their senses his and started screaming and running away.

Would that make the fairy more angry?

“Shut up, you bugs! You and you! Shut up!”

As expected, the enraged fairy set an example and killed a few more people, and only then did the surroundings become quiet. Satisfied, the fairy smiled terribly again and told us about the tutorial.

I listened to the story in one ear and passed it through the other, examining the people around me one by one. However, let alone the main heroine, the sub-heroine did not exist in this tutorial.

Well, at this rate, I will leave.


At a rough glance, what the fairy said was as follows.

1. I’ll give you weapons and a day’s worth of food, so survive for three days.
2.    Monsters live in the forest, but survive on your own.
3. I won’t care what you do, so stay alive.

To sum it up in five words, survive.

And the fairy told us that it was a status window. As the fairy said, when I shouted at the status window, a status window that was used in this world appeared in front of me, not the status window I had.

[Name: Gamdeokbae]
[Occupation: None]
[Health: 5 (+10)]
[HP: 5 (+10)]
[Strength: 5(+10)]
[Agility: 5(+10)]
[Intelligence: 5(+10)]
[Skills: Goddess Arya’s Love, Goddess Arya’s Kindness, Goddess Arya’s Strength, Goddess Arya’s Shield, Klein Swordsmanship, Blue Flash, …… Sleep]

It was said to start with all stats set to 5 to be fair, and that was true. But fortunately, I was able to use the skills I had, so the goddess Arya’s power buff was turned on. At this level, you should be able to pass the tutorial without difficulty.

“You see? This is the start!”

After speaking, the fairy muttered something and began to spread people throughout the forest. There were so many people, it seemed like the starting area was divided. As I quietly waited for my turn, I was transported to a certain space with the others. There were several small lunch boxes and various weapons prepared.

“It’s Alice! My God, to see Alice here…”

“Really? Wow… It’s fucking pretty.”

But people started to gossip about whether there was a celebrity in our group. When I turned my head to follow the gaze of the people, a woman with an overwhelming presence was crying and wary of her surroundings.

‘Ellis… Oh, I remember One of the top idols and the most popular celebrity in Korea.’

She was the most popular idol in this world.

With distinctive features befitting a mixed-race Russian quarter, she had big eyes that filled her fist-sized face and a sharp nose that Koreans couldn’t have. She had a strong impression and looked a bit ferocious, but she was still beautiful and had a forceful appearance. The icing on top of that, her wavy long hair her, which suits her well, made her atmosphere even better.

And she was wearing a tight-fitting shirt that showed off her figure and short shorts that exposed her thighs, and she looked really sexy while drenched in sweat. Her breasts are as confident as her face her, and her curvy waistline her explains why she is her top idol her.

When I saw her, my impression of her was ‘I want to fuck and eat’. She was still upset about meeting gay men, but she thought that if she ate Alice, she would be healed.

So I decided to use her necklace of her vassals on her on her. She was an item prepared to be used when meeting the main heroine or sub-heroine… For a woman of this caliber, it would not be a waste to use her here.

“It’s okay? Were you surprised?”

“Mr. Alice! Whoops, just trust me! Huuk, I’ll protect you…!”

“Go away man, what a weakling like you are. Alice! Brother will protect you! Don’t worry, stay by my brother’s side!”

I stopped in front of her, squeezing through the men who were betting her work on her trembling her. And before she could say anything she used the necklace of her vassal on her.

[The necklace of subordination has been used.]
[Ellis has become your slave.]

[Congratulations. Depending on your achievements, you can choose a new job.]
[Would you like to change jobs as an owner?]

Then a very satisfying information window appeared, which made me happy.

Heroine Netori

Heroine Netori

히로인 네토리
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
[You have awakened the 'Heroine Netori' ability.] [Try to eat the heroines.]


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