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Heroine Netori 107

Heroine Netori 107

Chapter 107 – The Challenge

I spent quite a lot of points to raise the stamina stat in the royal road warrior. The cost was a bit high because of the exponentially increasing point cost. So I thought of taking this opportunity to test the challenge and earn points. There were many challenges that seemed difficult, but there were also many challenges that seemed possible, so I was confident.

“What is it, do I have to choose in advance and wake up differently from achievements?”

Up to two challenges had to be selected before entering ‘Heroine Netori’, and even if you completed the challenges you did not select, you could not receive points. That fact felt a little unreasonable, but I had no choice but to do as I was told. I’m glad I didn’t have to choose just one.

In order to save points, I chose the ‘Achieving a mission with Ollandam’ challenge first. It seemed worth while because it was a task that had already been successful several times. And with him, I chose the task of ‘Achieve the mission without tips’. Each challenge is 50,000 points, and if you clear it this time, you can get 100,000 points plus the basic reward.

“It’s honey, really.”

After doing this, he soon became rich with points.

“Then let’s go in.”

I started ‘Heroine Netori’ imagining earning points.
Then my eyes went black.

[Uses the ‘Heroine Netori’ ability.]
[I am challenging the tasks ‘Achieve missions with Allandom’ and ‘Accomplish missions without tips’.]
[Everyone is assigned randomly because they are taking on the ‘Achieving the Mission with Allandom’ task.]
[The genre is ‘BL water’.]
[You are the protagonist’s childhood friend.]
[There are no available items.]

[Mission: Netori the main character’s man.]
[(A grade or higher is required to complete the challenge.)]


Is something wrong? It seems that there are letters that should not be displayed. Are you kidding? Is this a hidden camera? You’ve never had anything like this before… Please tell me it’s a joke

I lost my mind when I saw that horrible word that started with B and ended with L.


I had a terrible dream. It was a very dog-like dream, surrounded by handsome men and handsome men, fighting with handsome men over handsome men. I felt like dying every minute of the looks of the men who all wore flowers or stars around their faces. Every time I saw it, I threw up my toe. I’m glad it’s still a dream.

“Dirk! Are you awake?”


Huh? Are you still awake from your dream? Why is the child she saw in her earlier dream now in front of her eyes? I do not know. Maybe she’s still sleeping. I closed my eyes, denied reality, and went back to sleep.

“Dirk! Are you really coming to your senses this time?”


Why stay the same What is it, a bug?


I fainted again, but when I came back to my senses, I gently opened my eyes to see Siwoo sleeping with his face buried in my bed while sitting in a chair. Apparently, she had been taking care of me for a while and had just fallen asleep. I didn’t really want to be worried about men… A curse ran down her throat at the fact that she enjoyed the thrilling nursing event.

“Fuck… “

The terrible dream was the memory of this body absorbed while starting ‘Heroine Netori’. This bastard in front of me was the main character and my childhood friend. Like BL water, there were a lot of peppers around him, but all of them showed a crush on him. And it was my mission to twist those peppers.

“Cybaal… “

I thought it would take humanity. Even if it was wrong, it was completely wrong.

I wanted to quit right away and return to reality, but to my dismay, it was impossible to give up halfway while the challenge was in progress. Is this a 50,000 point challenge? It’s bullshit. If you love humanity, it’s a genre that you choose after receiving 10 million points. Under…

I even thought about breaking the head of the sleeping Siwoo, but according to my memory, this bastard is not going to die. Surprisingly, this guy had a very heroic ability called death return. Even if you kill him, you will go back to the past, and it is said that ‘Heroine Netori’ will not end.

Then I wanted to commit suicide, but I too couldn’t die. No, it was a body that was already dead. Since Siwoo saved me from the dead with the artifact of resurrection, only Siu could decide whether or not I would live or die. Even if he committed suicide, it was clear that this guy would bring him back to life.

So… You have to change your method and kill all the male leads. Wouldn’t the mission be a failure if all the male leads to Netori disappeared?

“Whoa… “

Medieval fantasy here. And this is a world where BL has become common sense.

Even when the emperor has an affair with a knight, people praise the knight more beautiful than the woman, and criticize the empress as a woman blinded by her jealousy of her. Men proudly marry men, and most women become surrogate mothers to gay couples, raising unwanted children.

It really is a crazy world.

If I stayed still like this, I would also be in trouble. This damned mission is telling me to choose between either nagging the male leads or being impregnated by the male leads.

So I have to kill all the male leads. That’s how you have to get out of this hell.

“It’s like a dog, really.”

Even though she has become a woman, she will use Louise’s swordsmanship, so there won’t be any big problems.


“Dirk… Dare to the bitch subject… Whoops!”

First of all, I killed the duke’s son, who was ruthless. I called out the guy who came to see Siwoo on the pretext of visiting him in the hospital and drilled a hole in his stomach. It wasn’t a weak opponent, but it wasn’t difficult to kill a guy who was caught off guard.

Although Klein’s swordsmanship was a swordsmanship of an aristocratic family, it was very practical, but he did not miss his target and persistently bit his opponent to death. It’s really a swordsmanship that suits my taste.

“Lord, master? What the heck, this is it! You?!”

Now two, the duke’s son’s takkari have been killed. When he saw his master’s corpse, he froze, so he secretly went back and stabbed his heart. The guy couldn’t fight back and ended his life as he was.

He was protecting himself with magic, but now that I was able to put magic on my sword, I was able to break through that protection. This is all thanks to Klein’s swordsmanship.

“Damn it, his advice was true… Cool! I should have been more wary of you…”

The third person killed the owner of the magic tower at the back of the funeral home. I too was badly wounded, but in the end I succeeded in killing him. The guy whose back was cut in two by the blue flash did not die immediately even in that state and cursed me, but when I used purification to deflect the curse, he was shocked and died as it were.

Blue Flash was a magic-based skill, but because I was a paladin, I could also use it with divine power. As a result, white light came out instead of blue light, but there seemed to be no problem with the power.

“It was you… You killed them all Do you think you can take over Siwoo alone with a woman like this?!”

In this way, four people, Siwoo’s co-workers who were interrogating me, were killed. It was easy to kill a normal person, even though he was misunderstood like a dog. I smashed the mouth of the guy who kept talking nonsense.

“If I had known she was such a crazy bitch, I would have taken care of it in advance… I would never have thought she would do this when she left someone close to her to use as a surrogate mother. Thank you for taking care of our competitor, but this has crossed the line!”

While I was angrily watching him, the last male lead came to me. He was the crown prince


Until now, I had been able to kill them safely somehow, but I was worried about whether I would be able to kill the prince. Originally, in this worldview, the crown prince is a god and an invincible law. It was comfortable to think that the world was moving for him.

But I couldn’t give up like this.

“Did you think you could earn his love by doing this? Really, a woman blinded by jealousy is so ugly. Like the woman who gave birth to me, all of you women are cowardly and disgusting. Isn’t that right, Siwoo!”

The prince made more bullshit than his bullshit and shouted at Siwoo who was hiding behind him. Siwoo stepped forward and realized that it was I who killed the male leads, and collapsed on the spot in shock. Then, the prince hugged Siu like a princess.

You’re fucking shit, really.

“Dirk… Why is that… We were just friends! But why!”

No, but I’m a woman now. Why is my name Dirk? I didn’t get it, but once I got over it. Now, dealing with those guys was the first thing.

“Why? Why… Yeah,
Fun… Because.”

It’s funny how gay people die. Of course, it’s a specification to be misunderstood like a beggar. So now I have to get out of here. I’m sick of seeing gay people!

After throwing the sword I was holding onto the floor, I began to gather energy in my right arm by using the inner energy contained in the Danjeon. Attacking using internal energy was dangerous, but this was the only way to defeat the crown prince. The prince, who didn’t know what I was doing, stared at me quietly, but belatedly realized it and rushed at it.

But it’s already too late.

Little by little, the inner air that had accumulated in his fist exploded and a huge shockwave was fired at him. The prince was horrified and tried to use defensive magic, but before the magic could be properly activated, he was engulfed in my attack.

“Eh eh eh!”

As a result, the prince fell to the ground in a state of disrepair. Of course, thanks to that, my arm his was also broken, but it didn’t hurt. There was no time to feel the pain of the catharsis that it was finally over.


I approached him one last time to take his breath away. But someone got in my way. That was seeu

“Dirk… No matter how much you love me, you can’t get love this way!”

“Fuck the fuck.”

Siu was still in an illusion. It was clear he was crazy.

I ignored Siwoo and stood in front of the fallen prince. And I put my foot on his neck his. I was thinking of breaking his neck bone like this. I even used my inner strength and put strength on the foot I was raising.


[Mission failed!]
[Result F grade, acquisition points: 0]
[(If the mission fails, the achievement cannot be achieved.)]

“I lived.”

Heroine Netori

Heroine Netori

히로인 네토리
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
[You have awakened the 'Heroine Netori' ability.] [Try to eat the heroines.]


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