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Heroine Netori 106

Heroine Netori 106

Chapter 106 – Royal Road Dragon Item (44)

“Then let’s go in first. Take care of yourself until the day we meet again.”

“Well, neither do you.”

After the formal greeting, Siwoo trudged out of the training ground without a word. It’s been that low pressure ever since that day. It’s self-sufficient, but it’s a bit hard to see that I’m depressed alone like that.

Ugh, I need to take care of the country when we leave.

“So why did you call me separately? Are the things you enjoyed yesterday not enough?”

“It’s okay, no! I have one last thing to tell you…”

By the way, I decided not to go back and spend time with Louise for a while. I thought I would have finished everything I wanted to say while mixing my body yesterday, but there must have been something I couldn’t say until the end.

“Good for you. I had something to say. Yesterday, I confessed my relationship with Louise-sama to Sofia.”

“Mmm! Act fast okay… What was her reaction to her?”

“How was it? I was very angry. But thankfully, they understood each other. I’m still pissed off at Louise-sama, but if I see her face her, we’ll be able to get along quickly.”

“Is that so? Phew… Good luck!

I had to fuck her at full power until morning to free Sophia’s heart her, but the result was good, so it’s a good thing. When I said that, Louise smiled broadly and clenched her fists. It seemed very happy to be recognized.

But I didn’t bother to say that Sophia had misunderstood us. Whether I seduced you first or Louise seduced me doesn’t matter much now, does it? I didn’t want to explain the situation for nothing. It’s never because my conscience was stabbed.

“That is the end of my story. What is Louise going to say?”

“Hmmmm, I mean… “

What is Louise trying to say? Was she even pregnant? She used purification every time she cummed, so there’s no such thing as that. You just want to join right away? I wished it was, but I haven’t heard that the captain of the guards has returned yet.

As I wondered what she was so hesitant to say, Louise looked at her on the ground and cautiously brought her out of her.

“I want to know your heart… I said I liked you, but I haven’t heard back from you yet.”

“Ah, I didn’t expect an answer! So it’s not your fault for not answering! That’s not it, but that’s…”

“You became my friend who had sexual intercourse with me as I wished, but… Did he accept my request because he liked me, or was it just because he liked sexual intercourse… I wanted to know.”


She kept her eyes fixed on her floor, twisting her body around her and confessing what she was hiding. She spoke gibberish, raising and lowering her voice, which reminded me of her before her lessons. She had taught her sex her but not her love her, and Louise had lost her composure her. Each time she spoke, her body shrank more and more, and when she finally finished her words, Louise was in a puddle.

She is also a very cute person.

“I will never force your love! I’m fully satisfied with my current relationship… Just… “

“I just wanted to know your heart. There is nothing else.”

I lifted her bent body up and gave her a full hug. Louise’s eyes were red in her eyes, but she pretended not to see it. She flinched at my sudden action on her and tried to get away from me in her but I wouldn’t let her go.

“What are you doing! Hey, don’t do this!”

“I mean no sympathy!”

Seriously, to worry alone, to draw conclusions alone, to get angry alone, I think I’ll come to my senses only if I give my soul once. Why did I spend such time with Sophia and this is my reaction?

As soon as I ejaculated, our saintess, who erected Hilo’s cock, demanded the amount of semen I ejaculated on Louise. I shouted that it was impossible at the words that even the fortune teller seemed to wish for, but Sophia, who received the power of the goddess Aria and powered up, made it possible.

It’s a relief that I got full energy stats just because I was teaching a succubus, otherwise I would have passed out all day today.

By the way, I went through that hardship, but Louise, you can’t do that. Do you think I did it because of a sex guy?

“Huh? Ha, oops! Churup, ha… Are you?”

“Uh… Oh oh oh?! Now your lips… What?!”

As I put my mouth to cover her mouth her in her wrath her, Louise blushed and opened her eyes. Come to think of it, it was the first time I kissed Louise, and that means it was her first kiss her… Looking at her flustered appearance her, her first kiss her seemed right.

Well, if fella is a kiss, this wasn’t the first kiss, but let’s just skip that.

“Louise-sama is the cutest when she’s flustered like that.”

“You now… What… ?”

“This is my answer.”

From the moment I thought I should have Louise, or even before that, I had a crush on Louise. Looking at this beautiful knight’s cute side, it’s impossible not to like her. It was natural.

And the more she spent her time with her, the more her liking her and developed into her affection for her. She was too lovable as she received my teaching and gradually entered into sexuality.

So I was seriously thinking about her relationship with her with her with her. Sophia was very angry with me because she knew that.

But to be scared alone and to think of our relationship as a mere physical relationship, deserved punishment.

“… Really? Really me, kyaaat, sooooo… Chew, ha, dear… Churup.”

“Hey, ha… Happy… Chueup, Haljjak, hehe… Still, a creature called a woman wants to hear those words directly from the man she loves. So… Can you hear me?”

Of course, I wanted to see this kind of reaction, so I didn’t show it and burned it… Let’s hide that

“I love you Louise.”

“Ahhh… I love you too…”

It’s a big deal. I was supposed to stay for a while, but it turned out to be longer.


“Didn’t I say I would check it?”

“…… “

Returning to her quarters her, I knelt down in front of Sophia and gave her a plaster cast. It was only natural that Sofia would be so angry, since she had crossed the line between her and Louise, even though she could tell if I was having sex with her powers her.

But it didn’t make sense to come back in that atmosphere. In ‘Becoming a eunuch vs being sold’, I had no choice but to choose the latter. But this, getting scolded by Sofia seems to be fine. Sophia’s anger is so sexy. I think I will become addicted.

“But even though you know, did you come cheap three times? Do you think I’m joking?”

Still, I’m afraid that if I keep going like this, I’ll open my eyes to something new. So, the prostitute is here.

“Sophie, let’s be honest with Siwoo. Say you’re dating.”

“I will never forgive you… Yes? Really?! Really brother?!”

As expected, Sophia’s smile is the best.


[Use of the right to suspend]
[Achievement Achievement: ‘Sub-Heroine’s Favorability Exceeded 100’]
[The sub-heroine ‘Louise Klein”s affinity has exceeded 100, so you can use ‘Louise Klein”s skills. (Proficiency will be reset.) (Due to the difference in stats from ‘Louise Klein’, only some of the skills can be used.)]
[Klein Swordsmanship Lv.1 – The Klein family’s swordsmanship.]
[Blue Flash Lv.1 – Spits blue sword energy forward.]

“Whoa… It’s been a while.”

I came back relatively early, but because there were so many things, it feels like years have passed. Every time I stretched out and returned to reality, I poured water into the pot to eat the ramen I was boiling and recalled the situation before returning.

I told Sophia to stop coming out, and Sophia agreed with me. He tried to hide it from Siwoo until he had a lover, but since Siwoo already had an affair (?) First, there was no reason to hide his relationship with Sophia.

Hearing about Siwoo’s story about Changgwan and comforting Sophia, who is sad, and then telling her that their eyes met, Siwoo would have done it if he blamed himself, but he wouldn’t resent us. Although I’m worried about Siwoo’s mentality… Siwoo knew that when his mentality went out, he became a training chung, so I don’t think he would be much of a problem. When I said that, Sophia agreed with me, saying that there was a point. So we decided to set up a date and talk to Siwoo.

And I returned to reality from that state. I thought I’d catch my breath for a while before entering a new phase. In case Siwoo heard about it, he might go crazy, so the purpose was to do a spec-up before then, and also the purpose was to taste the new challenges while taking a break this time. I was really curious about what it would be like.

Oh, but I bought the bombs and never used them. Write, not worth the money

“I did it by chance, but as expected, Louise’s liking level broke through the limit.”

Louise’s favorite work, this was also one of the reasons for returning to reality. She thought that her liking rating of her was over 100 based on her behavior of her, but upon checking, it was as expected. Thanks to her, I was able to acquire her skills her.

It’s a blue flash… Are you saying that? The skill that killed the mutant goblin that was fighting Siu in one shot? Attractive. After all, if you use a sword, you have to blow away your sword skills, isn’t it my taste? I want to go test it right now.

If it’s her Klein swordsmanship her, she’ll be referring to the swordsmanship she used to see every time she sparred… To be honest, I don’t know much about swords other than how strong they are . Do you feel a little better when you hear the sword yourself?

“Your body itches.”

Even for the test, I immediately prepared to enter the next “Heroine Netori”. There was also a way to go to the training room,

It was annoying.

Heroine Netori

Heroine Netori

히로인 네토리
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
[You have awakened the 'Heroine Netori' ability.] [Try to eat the heroines.]


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