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Heroine Netori 105

Heroine Netori 105

Chapter 105 – Royal Road Dragon Item (43)

Can a smiling face be so scary? For the first time, I was terrified of Sophia. The situation would have been better if I had informed him first, but since he was caught out like this first, no matter what he said, it seemed like an excuse.

No, but what kind of power does the Goddess give you? Was she a lust goddess? The power of her to check the condition of her cock of her, she wondered if it made sense. She was dumbfounded, but somehow she seemed to know. If anything, she made an excuse for being an Aryan goddess, so let it happen to her, and she might have handed that authority over to Sophia.

Whoa, in the end, it sounds like self-employment.

Now that this has happened, I have to apologize… It didn’t come off easily. No matter how much I was, it was hard to say openly that she ate because she was ugly.

“Eh… Brother, you fool.”

“Sophie… ?”

“Why are you pecking like that now? Even after you dated me, you continued to have sex with my mother.”

That’s it again Come to think of it, I was caught having sex with a lady many times. It’s been so long since I’ve come back to this worldview, so I forgot about it. Whenever Sophia was angry, if she stroked his hair, she would quickly get rid of her anger. … Do you still want to?

As I carefully placed her hand on her Sofia’s head her, she held me in that position. This looks like something hopeful.

“Ugh! It’s my fault for having her proud brother her as a lover. There’s no way women would leave such a wonderful oppa alone.”

“…… Yes?”

“By the way, she didn’t flirt with her brother like my mother did. The stupid oppa fell for it again. She looks like Louise-sama, but she was a fox unlike the woman she looked like. Ooh, no luck.”


What? Does that happen again?

Sophia interpreted the situation in my favor, probably because I had a good impression of 100 or more. In fact, I, who did not want to pass it on to Shiu, got it after training, but Sophia thought that I fell for Louise’s temptation.

By the way… If you listen to it, it seems like the right words again. It was Louise who first brought her up about being sex. Although her conscience was pricked a little, she was not completely wrong, so I carefully agreed with Sophia.

“That doesn’t mean my brother was good! Even if she keeps it a secret from Siwoo, she shouldn’t have told that woman about me!”

“That… I did.”

Although, to be exact, Louise knew it first.

“What?! So you seduced her brother knowingly? I really did n’t see her like that, but she’s a great woman. Did she still want to join our party? It’s completely absurd.”

“…… Yes.”

Yes, once is difficult, twice is difficult? It seemed right to hide it like this until the end. I’m sorry Louise… You will understand. Maybe.


While I was feeling relieved, Sophia rushed to me and laid me on the bed. After that, Sophia, who climbed onto me, held my face with both of her hands, and she made eye contact with me and smiled bitterly.

“Brother… Is it not enough for me? Can’t I be alone?”


“Is it my greed to monopolize her brother her? Yes?”


Seeing Sofia saddened her heart. Certainly I was too selfish. There is such a perfect woman and yet she covets another woman. Sophia is this kind because she is kind.

How do real harem characters set up their harem? Don’t they feel guilty? Maybe they didn’t even know they were all psychopaths. See, this is garbage.

However, now that he thought about cutting ties with Louise for Sophia’s sake, it was difficult again. Shockingly, I also might have been a psychopath. I’m sorry sir

“Aha! What is that expression Your anger is gone.”

When I was confused, Sophia looked at my face and burst into laughter. Then she lightly came out and kissed her and hugged her in my arms.

“Really, what should I do with this reed-like man?”

The angelic child seemed to have forgiven. Feeling grateful for the saintess’s warm heart her, I stroked her hair her. If she had been Cecilia, she wouldn’t have gone over like this… Phew, I lived because I was a royal road warrior.

“I can say this one thing for sure. Anytime, anywhere, you are my first, Sophie.”

“Tooth! I speak well. Hehe…Even just talking about it, I love it.”

Our saintess, who was all angry, enjoyed my touch her and rubbed her body her against me. Then she slowly began to undress me from above. My body must have gotten hot because I was clinging to it.

“Ugh, what are you doing?”

Suddenly, Sophia put her mouth on my collarbone and bit it as it was. What? Are you punishing? It was a cute corporal punishment, but it was so sudden that I was surprised.

“The goddess said it was true… Really, what are you doing!”

“… Sophie?”

“You fool!”


On a very midnightless night, above the clouds, a succubus flew in the sky muttering to himself. She seemed to be very angry and was swearing at someone. But when I heard her speak, she was more of a grumbling than a curse.

“The man! The next time I see you, I’ll be sure to drive you crazy! Wait and see!”

“Because I’m not going to look at you just because I’m a human and my dick is a little good!”

“It’s not all about being good at sex! So! So… Ayy!”

Charlotte, the daughter of the Succubus Queen, still couldn’t forget the man who took her virginity. Her sex her with him was so intense and thrilling that she thought maybe she would remember her her until the day she died. She was very upset about that. It was because she hated the man who treated her as an object and played with her without a moment’s consideration.

But even so, she was missing Charlotte, she was missing him. It was the instinct of a succubus to love sex. It was for the same reason that she left a tracking spell on his collarbone. She claimed it was for revenge, but in reality she wanted to have sex with him again. Although, of course, her revenge was sex after all.

“You know it’s over! Next time we meet, we’ll give you a cheaper price as soon as you put it in!”

Now she was going to see her own mother her. When her maiden succubus has her first experience her as a main body, her body her will grow to suit the opponent’s taste her. Charlotte, she didn’t want it even if she died, she thought of going to the succubus queen and asking her to stop it.

In fact, it was advantageous for her to grow up with a man’s taste if it was for revenge, but Charlotte did not admit that. She was in her own body her now.

“Perhaps you will call me master? Hee hee hee! Yes, you’ll praise me by licking my toes! Then that’s what I’m talking about! I won’t do it with you again!”

“You’ll hit your head on the ground and ask me, but I won’t listen. Joy! Masturbate while looking at me for the rest of your life!”

Charlotte, who was refreshed just by imagining it, was happy flying in the sky. She planned to learn several techniques to drive her man crazy while meeting her own mother her. Previously, she listened a little and ran away because she was too lazy to learn, but now she needed those skills.

“How dare you make me regret having upset this Charlotte?! Kyaaaaa!”

But suddenly she screamed as if Charlotte had been struck by lightning in her, and she crashed to the ground on the spot. She fell with a cooing sound, and Charlotte lost her mind.


“Sophie, can you not go?”

“Huh! That stray cat I hate to see her face her. It’s okay for me, so let’s have a good time together with Siu.”

“Sorry, but you know I love you, right?”

“Huh… If you think that hugging me like this will make me feel better, you are right. So you have to hug them often.”

Finally, the day to leave Martha arrived. Siu and I were thinking of going to visit her to say goodbye to her Louise her one last time. She wished Sophia was with her, but when she saw Louise’s face her, she said she could n’t stand still, so she just told her to wait in her quarters her. It’s a big deal to solve the relationship between the two quickly.

“Then I will come.”

“I’ll be checking, so be careful.”


Confirmation must mean that authority. When you think about it again, it’s a really annoying ability. Don’t make her own saint cry, is that so? Am I also a Holy Knight of the Goddess? I wish I could take care of you too.

Heroine Netori

Heroine Netori

히로인 네토리
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
[You have awakened the 'Heroine Netori' ability.] [Try to eat the heroines.]


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