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Heroine Netori 104

Heroine Netori 104

Chapter 104 – Royal Road Dragon Item (42)


As the man’s cock penetrated her hymen and entered Louise’s cunt her, she let out a groan and walked away. At the same time as insertion, it reached a climax. Louise, who had just ceased to be her virgin her, threw her head back on top of the man and throbbed her whole body her.

There was no time to feel the pain of breaking through. As his cock her thrust into her cervix her, a giddy, thrilling sensation spread from Louise’s lower abdomen through her entire body her. She couldn’t come to her senses her from the pleasure.

“Ha… Ah, black, ha… This is sex…”

In the end, Louise, who couldn’t stand it, collapsed towards the man. She put her head on the man’s chest and let out a rough breath. Then the man stroked her hair. Louise felt her man’s hand her and gently closed her eyes.

Her first experience her with the man she liked, his cock her still pulsating inside her own vagina her, the strong body of the man who gently embraced her, his thick hands gently caressing her her, Louise was at this moment. It was like a dream for her. She hugged him, shedding tears of joy at the happiness of a woman she finally knew.

Louise wanted this moment to last forever. She seemed like she could do anything for that. Louise knew instinctively that what she was feeling now was her love her.

“Whoa… Louise can’t. It’s just the beginning, what are you trying to finish already?”


However, the sudden words of the man broke the atmosphere. The man stroked her cheeks in a cute way, then, holding her ass with one hand, thrust his cock into her cunt again.

“Haaang! Now, wait a minute!”

“Today I, haah, I… Yes! To the end… Aang!”

Louise begged him to stop, but the man didn’t even pretend to hear. He rubbed her cock around her in her cramped vagina in her. Louise climaxed again with just that and drool on the man’s chest.

“Stop… Haha, please stop… Haang!”

“Promise, kyaaaaagh! What, what are you doing…”

As her Louise slumped against his body her, her man held her and shifted her position her. Then, unlike her before, she fell under her man. As her man looked down on her from above her, Louise made her feel like she was being dominated by him.

“Dear… “

But for some reason, Louise liked that.

“Isn’t that too much? I was going to take a short break, but I broke my promise like this. You are a very bad man.”

“Louise-sama, who cared for people like that and then stopped there, is worse.”

“I am not the first… Joy! You may already be accustomed to intercourse, but I am not.”

However, Louise was somewhat disappointed that she was a man who seemed to be used to this situation differently from herself. I wouldn’t have been like this if I didn’t know… She resented him for having a lover of hers. Although she knew that, it was Louise who made her decision to have experience with a man, but she couldn’t help but feel regret.

But when she was showing such a gloomy expression, her man touched her clit to her.


“What are you depressed about? Then shouldn’t you just get used to me? I am always welcome.”

“Huh, I know. I won’t break my promise this time, eh! Ha… I know!”

Because of that, Louise went away again.


[Ahhhhh… Aang! Small, thousand thousand, hee ah ah!]

[No, what if it goes away every time you hit it?]

[But, your cock is so good, haha… Say it!]


Returning to the dorm, I checked the video I took today while waiting for Sophia. Louise in the video screamed at her as she walked away without a break, which made her look very ugly. And because she is the body of a heretic who has been trained, she is well received on the screen. This was a video that would go into the TOP3 at once if uploaded to Phone Tube.

I have no intention of uploading it, though.

However, I felt it from the time she treated her goddaughter, but her Louise’s body was really sensitive. She did it the first time I fucked her, and she did that ever since, and once she got fucked, she was gone. Thanks to that, she was still her tight virgin cunt her, and every time she went, she squeezed her vagina like crazy, thinking her cock her was being squeezed. Seriously, it’s a dangerous pussy that you can’t get out once you put it in.

[Ha… Under… Dear… How was it? Were you satisfied with me?]

[It’s embarrassing… I can’t live without your cock anymore…]

“I was very satisfied. I will go eat tomorrow too.”

Siwoo is Siu as expected to not eat this good thing.


From that day on, every day was a series of sparring. During the day, he sparred with Louise with swords, and at night with Louise and her cock. During her daytime she was terribly against her, but at night she was unbeaten. Louise was truly the symbol of the day and night.

Louise, perhaps resentful of that, bet her wish ticket with me every day for her her pride her, but she didn’t look after me.

“Teacher… How to have sex, is this right?… Is it okay to spread my pussy in front of the guy I like like this… Rani! I can’t! Why did you make me say this?!”

“It was Louise-sama who lost the bet. Come on, immerse yourself quickly.”

“I admit I lost, but the reason for this role play… Wow, ha, wouldn’t it be okay to do it! So stop wearing clothes!”

Missing this opportunity when you can play the concept for free? It can’t be.

Thanks to this, I was able to enjoy several concept plays that I had always thought about, such as playing with Louise and her teacher and her pupil her, playing father and daughter, playing noble and slave. Although her acting skills for her were poor, it was a very valuable time because she was able to hear her awkward honorifics and cute charms of her.

“I didn’t mean to shoot again, but… “

It was also a valuable time to expand the Louise collection.


If there is a beginning, there is an end. Martha’s life, which seemed to last forever, came to an end before I knew it. Siu’s training was over. Siwoo, who returned to his old training mode, wielded his sword all day except for the time to eat, and soon became strong enough to record a draw with Louise.

Of course, it was a level that prevented Louise’s attack with difficulty, but compared to the beginning, it was a great improvement. As a result, Louise, acknowledging Siwoo’s growth her, informed her of the next destination we had to go to. She was the port city of Prandel, where the headquarters of the secret society to which she belonged was located.

We had to go there, pass a test, and join a secret society. To be honest, we didn’t want to leave, but we had to follow the main quest to defeat the warrior party and the demon king.

It didn’t matter that my training wasn’t over. Because I confessed to Louise that I could use her heels for her. I wanted to delay my departure even if it was because of Sophia, but due to bad timing, Sophia’s volunteer work was also over.

In the end, all reasons to remain in Martha disappeared.

“I wanted to leave with Louise-sama… It’s a pity.”

“Haha. Don’t be too sorry. The captain will be back soon, so you should be able to join us soon.”

Because of that, Louise’s joining failed.

Louise, who had been captured by me, readily accepted my invitation and succeeded in joining our party with Siu and Sofia’s consent. But because of her position of her, she couldn’t leave Martha right now. It was because he could not vacate the position of vice-captain until the captain of the Martha Guard returned.

So she tried to take her time until he could leave with her, but she failed.

“And aren’t you ready to greet me yet?”

“It could be. You can come anytime.”

“Hmm? Are you still hiding my affairs from your lover?”

“That… Yes.”

But she stabbed me right in the middle. Yes. It has not yet been revealed that Sophia has both legs crossed. She should have talked her out since Louise had agreed to join her, but she still hid it because her mouth her wasn’t falling.

“So please tell her before I join her. I have shame too, so I don’t covet your royal seat her. I just want to be allowed to be by your side.”

“Do not worry. Sophia will understand.”

Under… I have to close my eyes and tell you It was something we had to deal with for a better future.


But I couldn’t tell you today. Right now, I’m really about to leave, but the words didn’t come out until the end. Seeing Sophia smiling at me, she couldn’t say anything because she was sorry.

“Brother, I was hiding it, but the goddess appeared in a dream a while ago and gave me strength!”


“Yes! The divine power has become stronger, and you have the power you really need!”

“Good. What power is it?”

“It’s the power to check the state of your brother’s cock! Oppa seems to be having fun while I help others?”

Oh, I just have to say

Heroine Netori

Heroine Netori

히로인 네토리
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
[You have awakened the 'Heroine Netori' ability.] [Try to eat the heroines.]


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