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Heroine Netori 103

Heroine Netori 103

Chapter 103 – Royal Road Dragon Item (41)

After the incident that day at Changgwan, Siu continued to struggle. He was betrayed by the woman he trusted, and when he found out that the woman was a succubus, Siu’s mentality was shattered. Whether he should be sad, angry, or relieved, Siwoo didn’t know for himself. As a result, he suffered from headaches every day.

Deok-bae comforted him, but Si-woo couldn’t raise his head in embarrassment. His first experience was that the guy who wanted to be with Sophia was crazy about a prostitute, so he did n’t deserve any consolation. He felt sorry for Sophia. No matter how much he was possessed by her, her succubus, he should not have been enchanted by her if he loved her. Siu couldn’t look at her because of her guilt her.

He also had a hard time sleeping. Goddess Arya appeared in her dreams her and she was afraid that she would scold herself. Even walking on the road was painful for her. She was afraid that someone would come out who knew her own ugliness of her. Siwoo was in pain every moment of every day.

The only light for Siwoo was Louise. From the moment she first met her, she had always been kind to him. It used to bother her, but now it doesn’t at all. She was the one who would heal Siwoo’s wounds.

“I’m sorry, but I’m busy for the time being. I can’t make time for it.”

But that was my own misunderstanding. Just as Shiu has changed, Louise has also changed. She stopped paying attention to Siu.


In the end, the only thing left for Siwoo was the holy sword. He went back to his old training class and swung his sword all day long. Training was the only way he could endure the pain.


“I want you to stop teaching now.”

“… Yes?”

“Can’t you hear me? I said I don’t need lessons anymore.”

Of course, I knew how to continue the lesson today, so I visited Louise happily, but unfortunately, she had no intention of taking the lesson. She wanted to joke, she asked again and again, but she really meant it.


“I realized yesterday that I don’t like Siwoo. So I don’t need any more lessons.”

How the hell did this happen? My eyes went dark. I was waiting for her declaration of surrender when everything was finished except for the fucking, but to say that it was an abrupt halt, nothing came out in shock.

You don’t like Siwoo? Why? You’re the sub-heroine of the harem. But you don’t like the main character?

Oh no way?!

I was confused because I couldn’t find an answer, but when I thought that she had heard the news of Chang-gwan belatedly, everything made sense. It was natural for her to react when she found out that she had declined his invitation to her because she was a prostitute.

Shit… Nothing really happens

“Still… Wouldn’t it be better for you to take the lessons to the end, even for future love?”

“No, my opinion has not changed. Lesson ends as of yesterday.”

What is this resolution? Do you have a misogyny because of Siwoo? Louise completely ignored my opinion like a knife. If you had heard Siwoo’s story, you might have also heard that I ate a prostitute like crazy. It’s the shitty Siwoo Snowball.

Haha! Do you miss it that much? Don’t worry. I have no intention of stopping time with you.”

Huh? However, hearing what Louise added made it seem like I was mistaken. You’re quitting teaching, but you’re going to keep spending time with me? … What the hell are you thinking?


I followed her into her room her and, as usual, Louise began to undress her, layer by layer. As her clothes fell to the floor one by one, her enchanting naked body her gradually appeared.

A resilient body built through repeated training, soft parts that still remain, a clean, hairless pussy and nipples that are red like her blush her.

But what is it, you said you wouldn’t do it anymore, so why are you taking off your clothes as usual? It was fortunate that it was n’t a situation that I was concerned about, but I could n’t understand her thoughts about her at all.

“Well? What are you doing without taking off your clothes?”

“Please explain first. Why are you taking off your clothes if you say you don’t need lessons anymore?”

“Well, it’s for what I have to do with you now.”

“… Are you talking to me?”

“Yes. Do you know that there are friends in the world who are only for intercourse?”

“……… Yes?”

A friend just for sex is… Are you talking about sex? Did you bring up the word sexf? I was shocked when I heard words I never thought would come out of her mouth.

When I asked her back with her puzzled expression, Louise came up to her with a smile on her face and she carefully began to undress her inside her.

“Maybe I like you. When I think of you, ‘my pussy gets wet and moans come out’. Whoops, how is it? Was it a little lascivious?”

Then he calmly whispered shocking remarks into my ear. Even while touching my cock. Naturally, my cock her was erect, and she stroked it with her soft fingers.

Love me … I had sex with Louise who could n’t overcome her sexual desire her, and I was thinking of training Louise’s mind her, who fell into her sex her, but I didn’t know that it had already been captured. Her changed behavior made her sense. Wait, but why is it sexy?

“But don’t you already have a lover? I heard from the owner She knows you enjoy every day with Miss Sophia.”

Whoops, you heard it. Is that why you’re sexy? In the past, it didn’t matter much if it was discovered, so I didn’t pay attention to it, but now it was information that was not good to be found out. My mistake for not thinking about it.

“That’s why I can’t bear to confess to you as a knight. Taking someone else’s man is not an act that goes against the spirit of chivalry.”

“But I don’t want to break ties with you. I also want to have a good time with you. Even if I dedicate my first time to you.”

No, it wasn’t even a mistake. Louise knew that she had Sophia in me but she didn’t break her heart her for me. You say you’re such a special person? Deciding to take her away from her was a really good decision.

“Will you please do me a favor?”

“To be able to have Louise-sama’s maiden is truly an honor.”


I lay down on Louise’s bed and took her smartphone her out of her inventory her. Then, I opened the camera app and captured the scene in front of her on the screen. Then, through her screen her, I began to see Louise riding on me naked. Even though it was a low angle, her face without humiliation and her breasts filling the screen were really satisfying.

“Isn’t that an educational artifact showing sexual intercourse between a man and a woman? Even without it, I can do it alone. The act I saw last time was so impressive that I still remember it.”

“Oh, that’s not it, I’m thinking of shooting a new video this time. Louise-nim is so confident that I think it will be a good textbook.”

“Wh-what?! Would you take a picture of me? Didn’t you say anything like that!”

“Are you not sure? Wasn’t it Louise-sama who yelled at me to stay still because I’ll do it alone until the end?”

“That’s right, but… Whoops, oh, I get it. Shouldn’t you do it!”

It was clear that he had chosen Ride because he thought he would lose his mind and pass out again if I fucked his cock his. By the way, on the topic of virgins, the ride? It couldn’t satisfy me properly. So why not take care of this little fun? On top of that, recording the moment you fuck and eat a virgin is always lame. If you take a video, it is the completion of a daughter-in-law that can be used forever.

“Good. Then, we are filming from now on, so you can start right away when Louise-nim wants.”

“Whoa… I repeat, you must never move.”

“All right.”

“Then, let’s start now!”

As Louise slowly lowered herself on the screen, my cock, which had been waiting at her entrance her, slowly began to enter her cunt her. I had already loosened up a lot of her pussy before I started, so it did n’t matter too much to get in.

“Ha… Hot, ha…

But after a while, she stopped moving.

It was because of the hymen.

“Louise-sama, we’re going to pierce it at once.”

“Ah, I know! I’m sorry…”

Louise looked anxiously at her camera her, specifically at me, then, as I caressed her thigh her, she seemed to have made up her mind before swallowing my cock with all her weight her.

It was the moment when he finally ate the girl he had been waiting for.

Heroine Netori

Heroine Netori

히로인 네토리
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
[You have awakened the 'Heroine Netori' ability.] [Try to eat the heroines.]


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