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Heroine Netori 102

Heroine Netori 102

Chapter 102 – Royal Road Dragon Item (40)

“Write it again! What the hell is this?!”

“Isn’t that the report you asked me to write… I’m proud to say that I worked really hard on it.”

Louise confidently submitted the report, but the man responded very poorly. He wrote her impressions of her, listing the mistakes she had made and asking Louise to correct her. It was mainly a matter of vocabulary choice.

“What is a hard penis? From now on, I will write it as ‘cock, pussy’. Do you understand?”

“Oops, that’s… Do you mean to use such vulgar words in your report?”

“I want you to write those words in your report. Whoa…”

The man went through with his argument as if it were natural, but Louise couldn’t understand such a man. For her to use informal words in an official report, and prefer that, it was a very contradictory story to her.

But Louise accepted his words her. She gave up thinking and decided to follow his advice to her. She was a man who always gave the right answer, so she decided to trust him this time too.

“Okay… Don’t take heed Anything else to fix?”

“And if you can, write more lasciviously.”

“What?! Ugh, lewdly?!”

“I mean, instead of saying it was fun or it was fun, use expressions such as wet pussy or moaning. Isn’t that a lie?”

“Oooooh… That’s right…”

However, the man’s subsequent request for her exceeded her expectations of her. He was embarrassed enough just to write a report, but to write more raunchy here! It was her that made her blush just from imagining her.

“Louise, don’t you believe me? I am the man recognized by Goddess Arya. Not trusting me is the same as saying you don’t trust Goddess Arya!”

“Oops! Of course I believe! I believe…”

“What is there to be ashamed of? After all, it’s not between Louise-sama and me! While touching each other’s genitals, what the hell…”

“Okay! I will do what you say! So there is no need to remind you!”

But this time too, Louise couldn’t refuse. Strangely, when she listened to him, she always seemed right. In the end, Louise decided to comply with all the man’s demands of her.


Lesson OO Day

Today, we made each other goddaughters. Sitting right next to him, he inserted his fingers into my cunt, and I clung to his side and squeezed his prick with my hand. But unfortunately I couldn’t satisfy him.

I became a fool and could n’t take any action at his touch, who persistently harassed only my weak areas of him. All I could do was groan in sync with his hand movements. I groaned and then came to a climax.

But that wasn’t the end. Even when I was gone, he did not stop his goddaughter. Instead, he violently harassed her pussy, which he had become sensitive because she had gone once. Because of that, I kept going away.

I cried out in tears and begged him to stop, but he was adamant. To stop his goddaughter, he had to ejaculate. But it was too difficult for me. In the end, I passed out from the continued climax.

Lesson OO Day

Today I tried 69 postures. I didn’t understand at first, but when I tried the pose myself, I realized why it was called the 69 pose. I climbed on top of him and put his cock in my mouth and he licked my cunt underneath.

It was the first time I had ever bitten on a cock for a purpose other than cleaning, but I didn’t mind it because his cock was delicious any time I washed it. However, it was the first time I had ever sucked a pussy, so I felt a great sense of shame. I could n’t raise my head at the thought of the juices flowing from my cunt pouring down his face.

But again, I failed to satisfy him. Getting her pussy sucked was incredibly pleasurable. I couldn’t come to my senses from the pleasure that was stronger than when I received my goddaughter. Eventually, I went away again and again until I passed out.

Lesson OO Day

When I couldn’t keep up with the lessons one after another, he took drastic measures. I got naked and knelt in front of him. I’m used to showing my pussy, but it was my first time showing bare breasts, so my heart was pounding.

Today’s special lesson was paisley. I don’t know, but it’s said to be one of the things a woman can do to satisfy men. I wrapped my breasts around his cock as he told me to. Then he pressed both hands on his chest her and squeezed his cock her. And in that state, I rocked my chest up and down to stimulate his cock.

It has never been an easy move. My chest was pressed and it hurt, and my cock was so hot that I thought it was burning me. It was only after sucking his cock once and coating it with saliva that he was able to start a proper paisley.

But once I started, it was strangely fun… This was not exciting. My cock his, which was hot at first, soon felt warmer, and I felt cute watching his pounding in my chest his.

I was not the only one who was excited, but he ejaculated shortly after. Because of that, my breasts were covered in his semen. It was a lot of fun because I felt rewarded because I was the goddaughter who completed it in a few days… No, my pussy got wet… ?


“Whoa… “

After Louise finished writing her report, she sighed that her land her was gone. As she requested, she wrote the report obscenely, and suddenly the strong sage Time came. Louise couldn’t understand why she was wearing something like this.

“… What the hell do you want?”

Her halo of being an Aryan goddess and his ardent spirit had dragged her as if possessed until now, but when she came to her senses her, her current behavior was far from helping her love affair her.

Doesn’t it have nothing to do with her relationship with another man when she gets naked and does paizuri?

Of course, if his lessons were not effective, that’s not the case either. Perhaps because she was accustomed to his word’seong’, her attitude towards her towards her Sioux and her subordinates her was definitely different from before. She was able to mingle with them more naturally.

However, no matter how much I think about it, it’s a secondary effect. What he really wanted was a sexual act with her, not her love advice with her.

“And why am I… Whoa…”

But that wasn’t the decisive reason why her sage time came. It was for this reason that she, too, at some point, sincerely wanted sexual activity with him.

She was the one who screamed in surprise at the sight of the tip of his cock her, but now she is sucking on her cock her, savoring her taste her. Louise could not understand herself, who had become vulgar without even knowing it.

But she couldn’t stop teaching with a man now. The pleasure of a man was too sweet for her virgin, who knew nothing, to reject it. The thought of ‘enough now’ changed to the thought of ‘until today only’, and soon it changed to the thought of ‘only until tomorrow’ and ‘only until this week’. It was Louise who had already become addicted to men before she gave up.

Is that why? Even when Louise looked at Shiu, she was no longer attracted to her. She was obviously the one who had a crush on the man, but she wondered if it was affection in the first place.

“Perhaps the premise was wrong from the start.”

A man with as much talent as himself, a man who never stops training, a man with a pure and righteous personality, a man younger than himself but respectable nonetheless. That was Louise’s impression of Siu.

I wanted to be close to him because of my curiosity about him, but it was far from affectionate feelings. However, Louise, who did not know her own heart her, fell for Deokbae’s instigation her and mistaken it for her affection her. Because of that, she became conscious of Siwoo and she became nervous in front of him.

“He didn’t particularly like Siu-kun… “

Rather, if they had affection, Deokbae had a better chance. He was always new and fresh with him. It wasn’t just good things, but it brought joy to her desolate daily life for the first time. In front of him, Louise could exist as a woman rather than a knight.

“Rather, you rather than Siwoo… “

No, it was high, not at a possible level. Every day from the time she woke up to the time she went to bed, Louise’s mind her was full of him. It was the same even when she sparring with Siu. She couldn’t think of any other way to please herself today.

“I want you… Are you liking…?”

So, maybe his lessons were really useful lessons for dating.

Heroine Netori

Heroine Netori

히로인 네토리
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
[You have awakened the 'Heroine Netori' ability.] [Try to eat the heroines.]


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