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Heroine Netori 101

Heroine Netori 101

Chapter 101 – Royal Road Dragon Item (39)

I’ll say it again, the logic of ‘I have it because it’s a waste to give it to Siwoo’ is correct. For Shiu or for Louise, this is the right direction. I can’t quite explain why, but it is.

But the problem is… Come to think of it, is this a lamb? It was nice to have a sudden start, but I didn’t think of Sophia. Sofia does volunteer work for the victims every day, and I’m thinking about crossing my legs, and it’s really dog ​​crap.

But if you think about it again, it was harem here anyway. Wouldn’t Sophia understand if I added a woman or two here? Polygamy isn’t uncommon in this fantasy world, and it might be possible for Sophia.


“Brother! Did you come first? Aha, sweaty! You worked hard today.”

They said that the tiger would come if I spoke, and when I thought about Sophia, Sophia finished her work and returned to the lodging. Then he saw me and ran towards me with a wide smile. It’s a smile that always makes me feel better.

“You suffered more. Come on, let me hug you.”

“Really! The smell of sweat! Hehe… I want to stay like this for the rest of my life.”

Although it pricked my conscience thanks to that, I had already made up my mind. What, has it been trash once or twice? Isn’t there a saying that forgiveness is easier than permission? I believe in our saint.

And, in the end, this is all for world peace. Educating Siwoo and finding a reliable helper named Louise, all these actions, from a distance, are all efforts for the future. Oh, is it real? Goddess, will you understand me? Mmm, I can’t hear the voice that the Goddess recognizes, but it’s vivid in my ears.

“I love you brother.”

“I love you too, Sophie.”

However, I try not to talk about it first. That is… Wouldn’t it be best to just go unnoticed? It is the completion of a world where no one gets hurt. So, I plan to hide it for now.

“Then tonight… Aren’t you going to sleep with me?”

“Of course.”

To do that, I will have to work hard today. I lowered my pants for our saintess.


“That, is it? All right… Then let’s go first.”

“Well then, see you tomorrow.”

Interestingly, Siu and Louise’s situation became completely opposite. Siwoo tried to get closer to Louise, but Louise kept hitting Siwoo. Thanks to that, Siu was depressed all day, but Louise did not reap the iron wall until the end.

“Didn’t you say, the contrast effect? If you keep your distance like this and show a completely different side of yourself one day, it will definitely work. Isn’t it?”

“If you teach one, you know ten, Louise-sama. How wise you are!”

“Hmmmm! Not to that extent.”

Can be so unique When I asked her Louise why she changed her attitude to her, she gave a gratifying answer. Now that Siu would be invited by her, I was worried about what to do if my teaching time or disappeared decreased, but there was no need for that. Apparently, Louise was serious about her lessons her.

If that’s the case, then I have to be sincere.

“Then, let’s start with the homework check.”

Now, it’s time to teach only for 100% capture.


Lesson OO Day

I masturbated in front of him today. As he told me, I was able to reach a climax by caressing the clitoris. To be honest, I couldn’t leave last night. But today, perhaps because he was in front of me, I was able to go all the way.

(Ugh… But do I really have to write it in this tone? I’m very embarrassed because I feel like I’m reporting to a third person… First of all, I’ll do as I’m told today, but if you see this, please reconsider.)

When I had an orgasm, he said good work and patted him on the head. He was humiliated, but at the same time he felt good. And when I was young, I remembered the times when my father complimented me, so I missed it and felt bitter.

Then it was time to get used to the male genitals. Today, he took out his penis and held it in front of my face. I was still afraid of the creepy and unpleasant appearance, but today I gathered up my courage. Following his words, I slowly reached out and held his penis in my hand, feeling his pounding pulse his.

Hot, hard, pulsating, I felt like another creature was in my hands. And when I thought that, I became curious and my fear disappeared. It was amazing that men and women’s genitalia could differ so much even though they were the same person.

I, who had become accustomed to a man’s genitals, looked at them here and there, and this time he taught me how to masturbate a man. I grabbed the genitals and shook them up and down as he instructed.

At first, I felt it was boring and pointless, but as he reacted little by little, I became interested in it for some reason. It was fun to watch him moan when I caressed the tip of the glans of his, tinkered with his testicles of his, or breathed on him.

It made me happy to think that men also feel better by masturbating, and that I can also get excited with my own hands. Now I know why he smiles so happily when he caresses my penis.

But after a while he ejaculated. I have learned something, so I know what a man’s ejaculation is like. Semen just for pregnancy spurted out of his penis and stained my face.

It was humiliating. For a moment, I felt like I was being controlled by him. I was very offended and ashamed. Strangely enough, my whole body shuddered. And in that state, when he stroked my hair, I felt a strange sense of security.

Confused by my contradictory feelings of his, he put his penis in my mouth. I was taken aback by the shocking situation, and he kept stroking my hair and asking me to suck on my penis.

It turns out that it is manners for a woman to clean her mouth when a man ejaculates. At least he almost looked ugly to him, so I shamelessly sucked his dick.

But unexpectedly, his penis and semen were delicious. I don’t know if all men are like that or if he’s special, but it was a good thing for me.

When I finished cleaning, he wiped his semen from my face with his fingers and then touched my genitals. Then, today, unlike yesterday, I will tell you how to masturbate by touching the vagina…

“Ahhh, ah…”


While writing the report the man requested, Louise eventually couldn’t stand it and started masturbating. He felt his body her heat up as he looked back on today’s lesson to write a report. That’s why today’s lesson was strange and dizzying.


As the man taught her today, she carefully inserted her fingers into her vagina and gently caressed her vaginal walls. But this time, the pleasure of her was less than when a man touched her. She was obviously touching the same area, but it wasn’t as satisfying as it was then.

“Haha… I need your fingers, haha!”

Her incomplete youth her needed the hard fingers of the man who had been poking her cunt today. No, at least he was needed. Unlike last night, when she couldn’t reach her climax and struggled with regret, today she was able to masturbate in front of a man. So, she thought, if a man was in front of her even now, she could go.

“Dear… Look at me This kind of me… Ha… “

So Louise imagined that a man was in front of her eyes and continued her masturbation of her. She caressed her cunt, thinking that her man was staring at her with his cock erect. Then she really started to respond little by little.

“As you said, you are masturbating. Look here … Haha, ah … I put two of her fingers in it, so … I am touching you.”

Riding on her momentum her, Louise spread her legs in front of the imaginary man. She then lifted her back and thrust her cunt into him. It was an act that could never be done in reality, but it was an act that could be done because it was imaginary.

“What, haang! How about… Aren’t you doing well!”

It worked. An incomparable pleasure came over Louise. Her cunt was oozing with her juices and her hands were getting faster and faster. Her voice grew louder and louder as she indulged in her pleasure. The man in front of her reacted accordingly. The man started staring at her Louise her and masturbating to her. He seemed in good spirits to her as he did her.

Haha! Go, go away!”

Satisfied with that fact, Louise went grandly. At the same time, the man also ejaculated towards her. Then he came over to her and stroked her hair. Louise held the man’s cock in her mouth to clean her as she enjoyed his touch her.

“Ha… Then, Chuuuuup… Hot? What?! Me, what the hell am i…?!”

And, belatedly, he realized that he was his imagination of her.

Heroine Netori

Heroine Netori

히로인 네토리
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
[You have awakened the 'Heroine Netori' ability.] [Try to eat the heroines.]


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