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Heroine Netori 100

Heroine Netori 100

Chapter 100 – Royal Road Dragon Item (38)

It is truly nonsensical nonsense. Touching her pussy as an excuse to help you date? I was dumbfounded when I said it myself, so I almost burst out laughing several times. There’s no way that would be possible

This was just bullshit I came up with on the fly to excuse the fact that I was trying to caress Louise out of excitement. At first, I had no intention of touching it.

I thought I would only play porn today. The purpose was to get Louise into heat with audio-visual materials that are difficult to find in this world, and make her attack Shiu.

No, but Louise, this saga with this lewd body, is yawning in front of her eyes while tied to her rope her! She’s there. But can you stand it?

Of course, it is right to be patient. Or is she going to jail? I should have stopped thinking. However, I was caught off guard at the thought of being in the “Heroine Netori” And touched Louise, and she was triggered, so I tried to touch her cunt her.

‘What the hell are you doing! This is obviously sexual harassment!’

In the end, Louise, who was angry because of that, was serious about me, and I had no choice but to bring up the story of the goddess Arya in order to resolve the misunderstanding. It was a secret that I tried to hide until I got stronger, but if I didn’t tell it, this ‘Heroine Netori’ would be in danger of ending.

‘Nonsense… A paladin recognized by the goddess… ?’

The problem is, because of that, Louise trusted me too much.

Due to her cheating her as the Goddess Arya, Louise believed everything I said and even accepted bullshit to gloss over her situation her as truth. And as a result, the situation that she thought would end with ‘even so, you can’t cross the line’turned into an atmosphere where I really had to touch Louise’s pussy her.


No, honestly, I don’t know if that’s true either. Couldn’t the truth be that a man and a woman in heat were making excuses to soothe her feverish body? It’s not important whether that’s right or not, but the purpose is to relieve sexual desire right now.

“Ah, ah… “

Then what should I do now… Oh, I don’t know. I do not know. They say they know ten roads underwater, but not one road people, but how do I know? I don’t know my own heart, and I don’t even know what Louise thinks.

“You… Ha…”

Carpe Diem!


So let’s just enjoy it for now. The future me will do something.


Louise pulled my arm first. So, this is what Louise wants. Is that anyway? Excusing myself, I stood beside Louise and slipped one of her hands her down her pants her.


Louise made a cute noise in surprise, as if she had n’t expected to touch her inside her clothes her already. She really is a person who plays the opposite of her stern appearance.

“Hahm… Ah ha…”

Her trembling Louise held her arms her with both of her hands, but she offered no resistance. I caressed her lower belly her freely and slowly lowered her hand her under her her. Then Louise’s hand that was holding her arm her tightened.

For reference, Louise had no hair. This, too, was different from her appearance of her, but she thought she would have hair because she thought she would n’t even take care of her since she didn’t make up. However, a pleasant twist was waiting for me.

“Wow, embarrassingly, I don’t have hair growth… Please stop laughing.”

Why am I laughing at you? Shaved is better than jungle. But for some reason Louise felt embarrassed. I moved his hand her further down, letting him know that some men prefer not to.

“Huh… !”

Then, as her already erect clitoris hit my hand, Louise let out a moan. Um, she said that a woman who didn’t even know how to masturbate was so sensitive? As an excellent swordsman, his body her seemed sensitive. Enjoying that fact, I calmly touched Louise’s clip of her.

“Louise? Can you hear me?”

“Huh… I am listening.”

“Cli masturbation is one of the ways women masturbate by gently caring this part. Remember the movements of my fingers now.”

“Haaang! Oh, oh, I get it.”

Slowly, very slowly, he returned the clip, and after confirming that Louise’s breathing her was getting rough, he waited for a while until she calmed down, and then repeated the same action.


After that, she increased her intensity of her, and when Louise looked like she was about to leave, he removed her hand from her clit her and stroked her around, making her nervous. After this continued several times, Louise couldn’t stand it and screamed and demanded the next thing from me.

“Haaang! Ah… Please! Dear please!”

After I smeared her juice on her finger, I responded by pressing her clitoris firmly this time. Louise leaned on me to see if she was finally satisfied, and she went away grandly.

“Hehe, this, what the hell is this… Aaaaang!”


Haha,haha… Haha, what the hell…”

“Congratulations. This is Louise’s first climax. At this time, you can usually say, ‘I’m leaving.'”

“Is this the climax… ? Ha… Right.”

Have you made it this far? In the end, I sent Louise away with my own hands. Louise lost her mind at her first experience of pleasure and lingered in the afterglow. On the contrary, I felt disgusted with the fact that I had twisted the plan myself. It’s not cheap, and the sage time has come.

Didn’t you think you and Siu would hook up? But what are you doing now? Under… Only then is there anything different from an assistant teacher.

But thinking about it made me annoyed. You say you give it a try after developing it all? Just thinking about it made me sad. What’s the point of handing over such a beauty to a helllele guy who was possessed by a succubus?

Siwoo should be scolded once. You have to be hit hard once so that you don’t carelessly play your dick again and focus on your mission as a warrior. By the way, does it connect with Louise here? I’ll never lose my mind

Ummm, that’s right That’s right.

If you think about it, this is self-inflicted. Had he quietly accepted Louise’s invitation, the two would have already become friends with my support. But didn’t this happen because Siwoo fell for a prostitute? So Siwoo shouldn’t be unfair because I have Louise.

And Siwoo’s cock goes into the pussy I touched? Fuck, the real curse comes out. Imagining Siwoo eating a pussy he hadn’t even tasted brought bad thoughts to his mind. Therefore, such misfortunes should never occur.

Siwoo… You seem to be interested in Louise again now, but if you have a conscience, you shouldn’t do that! Do you get spoiled then?

Even for my safe and cheerful fantasy life, Siu must grow up strong. So Louise should be mine.

“By the way… According to you, you have to get used to the male genitals as well?”

“… Louise?”

“Well, if you’re asserting yourself so strongly, I can’t help but get nervous!”

Aha, and then I had an erection. Louise glanced at my tented pants, then closed her eyes and screamed. It seemed that she intended to learn her lesson thoroughly, as befits her sincere woman.

Whoa, Louise. That’s right. I’m sorry, but the purpose of the lesson is going to change a bit. The contents of the lesson will change accordingly, but… Are you okay?

“Haha. Also Louise. I was going to tell you when I’ve calmed down a bit, but I didn’t have to. Then we will move on to the next step.”

Having said that, I walked over to Louise and took off her pants right in front of her as she watched.

“Oh no! Time to prepare your heart…”

Then, he pulled down her panties and showed Louise her his cock her, which was painfully erect.



“Then see you tomorrow. Before going to bed, don’t forget to do your homework to masturbate with the clitoris, as I taught you today. I will check the homework tomorrow to see if you know how to do it properly.”

“Hah, I get it… “

“And when you masturbate, I recommend you do it while imagining the cock you saw today.”

“… Honey, is it really necessary?”

“Even if you do that, shouldn’t you get used to the cock quickly so you can touch it yourself? If you look at it tomorrow as well as today, at what age will you make progress!”

“Ah, I see… I will.”

Heroine Netori

Heroine Netori

히로인 네토리
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
[You have awakened the 'Heroine Netori' ability.] [Try to eat the heroines.]


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