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Heroine Netori 99

Heroine Netori 99

Chapter 99 – Royal Road Dragon Item (37)

The sexual act between the man and the woman inside the object ended, but Louise couldn’t get out of the afterglow.

The pussy of the woman who had been creamed continued to glimmer in front of her eyes her, her heart beating fast. In response, her body her heated up and her breathing her gradually became rougher. Louise involuntarily started rubbing her own thighs.


The man grinned at the scene, then slowly took his hand her and caressed her thigh her.


“Haha. Louise, how are you?”

“That… It’s embarrassing enough to be unbearable.”

Louise screamed in embarrassment at the touch of a man she had never expected. But the man didn’t take her hand her off her thigh her. He continued her own words her rather confidently.

Louise was wearing short shorts, so the man was touching her bare skin on her, which was not covered by anything else.

‘Uh, uh uh, why… ?!!’

The man’s thick hands were soft yet hard, affectionate yet fierce. And it was sticky and lewd just like it looked on the screen. This was too great a stimulus for Louise, her virgin her, to endure.


So embarrassed, she couldn’t resist. Louise, whose hair was white, accepted his touch as if she had become a man’s doll.

“That’s why I need this lesson. Once you get used to it, you have nothing to fear anymore. I will never tremble in front of Siwoo again.”


“Don’t worry. This time, the water level is on the low side.”

“Ugh… I see.”

The man manipulated the object to play the next video. This time, instead of a man and a woman together, the woman who had been having sex so far was sitting alone on her bed. But she wasn’t wearing panties, so she had all of her cunt her exposed.

“What the hell is this woman doing!”

But she wondered what the hell she was doing, and Louise, who was watching, was started. The woman picked up her clothes her, sniffed her, and started touching her own genitals with her free hand her.

“Why did you do this… ?!”

The woman on the screen was masturbating. But Louise, ignorant of her sexuality, was unaware of her act of masturbation of her. However, I instinctively noticed that this was also an erotic act by the appearance of a woman who burst into her moaning her.

‘Another lewd sound… ! Is this woman a whore? How could she make such a sound while touching her genitals her!’

‘Energy… Are you in a good mood? Was the act of touching her genitals a pleasant act that made her look like that… ? ‘

Certainly, as the man said, the water level was low this time. Louise found a sense of security just by not being able to see the grotesque man’s genitals. As she did, she became curious about what the woman was doing. She naturally wondered if she could feel the same pleasure herself.

“What?! Now wait!”

But at that moment, the man moved his hand his. The man stopped stroking her Louise’s thighs and moved her hand her towards her her crotch her little by little.

Louise had goosebumps all over her body. She said this time she was trying to resist the man. However, strangely, her body did not have any strength. These ropes are not even a hindrance to her, and that’s why she was bound like this by her consent to her, but for some reason she couldn’t move.

In the end, she had to watch the man’s hand approach.

[Sup… Haha… Aang, ha… ]

[Ha, ah! Joe… Wow, haang!]

The woman on the screen reached an climax and the man’s hand drew closer. Louise seemed to lose her mind. I wanted to get out of this moment right now.

“Stop! No more than this!”

So she shouted. In this situation, all she could do was scream at her not to do it.


But unfortunately, her desperate attempts she didn’t work. The merciless man’s hand was unstoppable. His hand his, which had been playing near his knee his, dug into his thigh his.

“Oh, no!”

Louise resisted saying no, but the man did not stop. Like the woman in the picture, he stretched out his two fingers toward the woman’s genitals her.


However, miraculously, it did not reach the genitals of her. The man’s hand his stopped right in front of his penis at Louise’s cry her, which even used mana. Louise was relieved to see that, but somehow she felt regret.


“No matter how you are, I can never forgive you for your actions! What the hell is this doing! This is clearly sexual harassment! Are you really going to treat this as a lesson for me?!”

Louise rose from her seat indignantly, and she lashed out at the man. The girl she believed in her expressed her betrayal of him, and she felt embarrassed and regretful to hide herself.

But the man saw her like that and smiled. Because she was still strapped to her chair and her upper body her was bowed down by her chair her, she was unknowingly exposing her cleavage her.

“Calm down, Louise. I swear to Goddess Arya, I did not intend to touch Louise with impure intentions.”

“Are you telling me to believe that!”

“Whoa… Would you believe me if I showed you this?”

When Louise no longer trusted the man, she saw the man pull a shield out of the air over her, which emitted a divine light she could never deny. Surprisingly, it was the same as the light of the goddess Arya, which could only be seen in churches in the capital city during large festivals.

As Louise was confused by the fact, she revealed the identity her man had been hiding. Shockingly, the man was a paladin of the goddess Arya.

“Nonsense… A paladin recognized by the goddess… ?”


It was an absolutely unbelievable story. However, what the man additionally showed was very clear evidence. Healing wounds at a speed different from that of ordinary priests was something that could not be explained unless it was the power bestowed by Goddess Arya.

“Oh, it’s a secret from Sophia that I can use heels. She is a saint by name, but I feel like I stole her identity her. She doesn’t want to cause any concern.”

In addition, the saintess and the hero also existed. A woman named Sophia who was with a man was a saint, and the man who stole her heart she was a hero. It was only then that Louise could understand Siu’s outstanding skills in her.

“Um… Will you give me a minute There is so much information I received all of a sudden, so I need time to organize my thoughts.”

“Anyway is fine. I’ll be waiting for you.”

Louise, whose mind was complicated, sat back in her chair and chewed on the man’s words in her. But this time, too, she had no choice but to acknowledge the man’s story of her.

The man was beaten by the paladin of the Aryan goddess.

“Whoa… I don’t know how to apologize to you. If you’re a man recognized by Goddess Arya, you wouldn’t try to deceive me with something like this. You have no face.”

“Haha. It’s okay. It was an act that could be misunderstood enough. I’m really sorry. I had to apologize in advance to Louise.”

“No. You always acted for me, but it’s my fault for not trusting you. What a shame.”

In retrospect, the man’s lessons were obviously disgraceful, but he always paid off. She showed a different appearance day by day, and Siwoo always responded to that. He was never wrong.

Louise, realizing this belatedly, sincerely apologized to the man. She was even more ashamed of her mistrust her shown today than of her lessons her with him. Louise was determined to trust the man this time.

“There… By the way… Anyway, isn’t it a bit like you touching my genitals? Shouldn’t I touch myself?”

No, even so, it was embarrassing to let him touch his genitals. Louise couldn’t bear to look at the man, and with her head down, she asked the man.

“Before I tell you that, I need to tell you why you wanted to touch your genitals.”

“Well, that’s right. Tell me.”

“First, having a crush on a member of the opposite sex means wanting to breed with that member of the opposite sex, and people instinctively and unconsciously think that way. However, those who are not familiar with ‘sex’ feel awkward about contacting the opposite sex without knowing it due to fear of ignorance. However, once you get used to ‘sex’, you get rid of that awkwardness and start dealing with the opposite sex naturally. That is why people change when they are no longer virgins or virgins.”

“Uh… That’s right…”

Her man her came up to her and stroked her thigh again, bringing out her complicated words that she couldn’t understand. Louise couldn’t bear to lift her head her and hid her her flushed face her, she meekly accepted his touch her. As much as she was determined to trust him, she thought that this time she would offer no resistance.

“That’s why she has been doing lewd things to Louise-sama with the excuse that she has to get used to men so that Louise-sama can get used to ‘sex’. Hugging, rubbing my genitals while hugging, showing sex scenes, touching Louise’s thighs and trying to touch her genitals are all for that reason.”

“You don’t have to tell me every single thing like that, but… “

But the man’s hand was gentle. And at the same time, it was kind. Contrary to his erratic movements her earlier, he continued to caress her thighs her as he pleased, staying in one place. Then her unknown pleasure rushed in and excited her. That alone made her start to bleed her juices.

“But the genitals, especially the female genitals, are very sensitive parts. If you touch it incorrectly, you can only have a bad impression of the ‘surname’, let alone get used to it. So, in order to prevent that, I tried to teach you first. I tried to create a natural atmosphere for Louise-sama to be shy, but I made a mistake.”

Louise couldn’t hear the man anymore. Her body was already in heat. I finally understood the feelings of the woman on the screen. Right now, Louise was looking for a man’s hand.


She nervously pulled the man’s hand her caressing her thigh and brought it to her own penis her.

“The atmosphere… ?”

Then the man granted her wish her.

Heroine Netori

Heroine Netori

히로인 네토리
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
[You have awakened the 'Heroine Netori' ability.] [Try to eat the heroines.]


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