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Heroine Netori 98

Heroine Netori 98

Chapter 98 – Royal Road Dragon Item (36)

I went to the madam to get an answer to whether I could continue the lesson with Louise, or if I could move on to the next step even though it was a high-level lesson, and I was able to hear the answer I wanted. Louise was an aristocrat who could be ‘touched’.

Louise Cline, Klein’s youngest daughter, was the child of her family. Her naive father her disapproved of her Louise her and tried to use her her merely as a tool for her arranged marriage her. Louise, who was gifted in her swordsmanship, naturally opposed her marriage to her, and she ran away from her family to pursue her own dream of becoming a sword master.

Enraged by this, her father her excommunicated Louise from her family her, and the lord of Martha, who had been watching her for a long time, brought her with no place to go. And he gave her the post of lieutenant commander of Martha’s guard, which at that time was vacant.

Therefore, it is said that the family level will not come to punish me for touching Louise.

Well, I don’t intend to cross the line, but from someone else’s point of view, this is sexual harassment?! It could be, so it was necessary to find out in advance, even for safety. However, I felt that I could safely take the next step.

“Hey, what the heck! What do you mean!!!”

You may wonder if you have to go to the next step, but you are ashamed all day that you saw the slightly protruding glans, but now Louise needed a drastic prescription.

Besides, isn’t there a saying to row when the water comes in? Louise should be able to seduce Siwoo when he is confused about the succubus. And in order to do that, Louise needed to get used to men more than she is now.

“This is an artifact for ‘sex education’. I thought it would be useful in this lesson, so I struggled all day yesterday to get it.”

“Sir, sex education! It’s an education I don’t need!”

“Of course, I’m not trying to do sex education. … But, Louise. Does that kind of person get so upset just because he saw a little bit of that?”

“Oops! I’ve never been upset… But…”

That’s why I prepared it. I’ve tried many ways, but I couldn’t come up with a better way than this. If you experience the end of the water level first, it will be quite effective. In addition, it will be helpful in the field as well.

[Come on, sleep… Fuck me… Fuck me in my cunt quickly, make me go away!]

For reference, the porn I am showing to Louise is a video I took on her smartphone her. Hee-ra is working hard in the video again this time. If she earns points, it would be fun to go see her. In order to shoot a sequel to the video.

“Hey! Eh, that’s embarrassing!”

No, this year? I’m still paying for the machine… In the video, when Heera was begging my cock, Louise freaked out and blew my smartphone. Seeing that this is still the case, we need to take the next step.

“Do I really need to see this?! I don’t see any need for this!”

“It seems completely necessary. What if you are still so shy?”

“I! Something like this! That’s not what I want!”

Well, maybe you don’t want to. But will Siwoo, who has already tasted sex, leave you alone? Siwoo will try to approach Louise at least to heal her broken heart her. But even then, if Louise reacted like this, Siwoo’s already terrible wounds could be aggravated. If that happens, the plan to connect the two ends in failure.

But I can’t let it go like that

I handed her the smartphone that had fallen to the ground, wiped the smile her from her face her, and faced Louise with a very serious expression. And, as expected, in a very serious voice, slowly and clearly, he spoke to Louise.

“Louise… Listen carefully. How was Siwoo’s reaction today? Wasn’t it completely different from usual?”

“Hmm? Isn’t that because today’s training is difficult?”

“It’s not like that. In fact… Shiu, it’s because he’s finally truly conscious of Louise-sama.”

“… Is that really?!”

No, did you do that because you were dumped by a prostitute? But I can’t tell you the truth. For Louise’s sake and for Siwoo’s sake, she had to lie. This is a white lie… Goddess Arya will also praise me.

“From some point on, just talking to Louise-sama made my heart race, so I said I couldn’t stay still. The fact that he was depressed today was actually acting to hide his true feelings. It’s embarrassing to reveal your true feelings.”

“Then! Then you don’t need these lessons anymore!”

Ugh, isn’t it? Louise looked at me with great delight, but I had no intention of ending her lessons like this.

“Did you not hear what I said? Siwoo is ashamed to reveal his true feelings. If you dare to dash here, it will only have the opposite effect, and you may become distant from each other.”

“That… Is that so… ? I don’t have any knowledge in this area… But if you are, so be it. I almost made a big mistake.”

“Haha. Thank you for your trust. But I swear it’s the truth. Therefore, we need to take this opportunity to teach at a higher level in order to make Siwoo come over at once!”


It works. I was thinking about what excuse I should make if I didn’t trust me, but Louise trusted me as if I were an expert. She seemed to find it helpful to interpret Siu, who unintentionally kept reacting differently, as expediency.

Alright, I can finally start.

[Ha, haaaaang! Sleep!]

I played the paused video again. Then my cock began to thrust into Heera’s cunt. Seeing that, Louise blew my phone away once again.


‘Isn’t it too stupid! How could this man show me such menial things!’

Louise groaned inwardly as she watched the intercourse displayed by her eccentric object her, tied tightly to her chair. She was forcibly tied up to protect her valuables her, and watching that lewd act was no different from torture for Louise.

[Ah! Joah! That, there! I’m going to stab you there, joaaa!]

Unaware of Louise’s feelings of her, the woman in her possession her made a strange noise while having sex with a man.

‘I am so good! Ugh… I can’t understand…’

Louise knows what sex is. She was an aristocrat, and before she became an adult, she received brief sex education from the head maid. However, unlike the explanation made up of pedantic metaphors, it was the first time she had ever learned about sex itself so blatantly.

She said, ‘I’ve heard what her men are saying, but… This, this, this!’

She had also learned sex from the dirty talk of her drunken men. But it was also a conversation in slang she didn’t know, so it was difficult for her naivety to understand it all.

‘Did that ‘fire bat’ mean that! The fact that there’s a lot of ‘water’ is, I mean, that’s it!’

Therefore, her teaching her this time became her learning ground her. Clever, she recognized each of the slang words her men were using, and at the same time she bowed her head in shame when she realized what they were saying.

‘Dare! How dare you make such sexual jokes with me! Ugh… I can never forgive you!’

“Louise! Head down again!”


But the man didn’t like that, so he forcibly grabbed her face her and made her look up. And naturally, the behavior of the man and the woman came into Louise’s eyes again. Louise felt her shame her make her cry.

“Louise… Do you really want to run away?”

“… Not like that!”

But each time the man touched her Louise’s pride in her, she had no choice but to hold on. Her words ‘don’t back down’ are what she always says to men during her sparring her. So now her Louise her backing down her would mean she herself was going against her own word her.

Because Louise

[Heera! I’ll put it inside!]

[Sheerer! Ahhh… ! Regards!]

She couldn’t take her eyes off her until the sexual intercourse between the man and the woman inside the object was over. The man ejaculated into the woman’s vagina her, and as soon as he pulled out his cock her, the man’s semen dripped out of the woman’s pussy her.

“Eww… “

Upon seeing the scene, Louise jerked her body as if she had received her ejaculation into her own pussy her.

Louise didn’t notice, but her cunt was dripping with her juice instead of her semen her.

Heroine Netori

Heroine Netori

히로인 네토리
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
[You have awakened the 'Heroine Netori' ability.] [Try to eat the heroines.]


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