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Heroine Netori 97

Heroine Netori 97

Chapter 97 – Royal Road Dragon Item (35)

A matter of credit, this is certainly big.

As the owner of the window shop and as an information broker, the fact that she did n’t notice that the prostitute under her was a succubus must be a shame that Madame should not be caught.

A store owner who can’t even manage prostitutes? Only then can I go to Changgwan out of fear? This time it ended up being a succubus, but what if it was a prostitute with an STD? Just imagining it is terrifying.

And an information broker who does n’t even know the identity of his subordinate his? Only then can we buy and sell information with confidence? Absolutely not. I don’t even know the information about my own organization, so how can I trust it?

Therefore, it was understandable that Madame lowered her head while ejaculating on me like this.

“Yes? I’ll do anything.

However, naked Togezara… I never thought I would actually see this.


But I know why you do it. This feels very good from the recipient’s point of view. Catharsis is seeingthing with a tremendous sense of conquest. In addition, especially if the person doing the togeza is a high-ranking official who can’t even be seen.

“Like. I will keep quiet about this matter.”

“Really? Thank you! Thank you so much!”


“Yes? Just talk! I’ll do anything. Shall I spread my legs now? Anything you want!”

When I expressed my opinion in the affirmative, the madam raised her head and smiled broadly. Then, even though I didn’t say anything, I immediately lay back and prepared to spread my legs.

But this lady is a bit harsh. No, she’s ugly, but is she trying to treat me like a hogu? You know I’m Siwoo. If it was the me in the past, I would have thought this was a windfall, but I am different now.

“No, that’s done. Please give information like an informant.”

“Oh…? Hey, you don’t have to worry. Don’t be afraid because there is no end. Yes?”

“Can’t you hear me? Give me some information.”

As I repeatedly declined, the madam’s expression hardened. It must have been frustrating because I didn’t move the way I wanted. But you can’t be fooled by knowing.

“Madame, honestly, you want this. Yes?”

I heard a gurgling sound from the madam as I took off my pants and pulled out my cock to drive the wedge. When I heard it, I laughed, and Madame pretended not to, but she couldn’t take her eyes off my cock. So yes, a whore is a whore after all.

“Since you saw this earlier, you’ve been caring about it, haven’t you? Yeah, it’s not easy to meet such a thick cock. I just want to try it once.”

“Oh my… “

When I saw Madame’s naked body her and slowly erected her cock her, Madame licked her lips while staring openly at the cock this time. By the way… I don’t even think of anyone to give me rice cakes, but I start with kimchi soup.

“But Madam, Madame needs punishment. Is it not? But is having sex a punishment? Or is it a prize?”

“Self… Can’t you punish me with that thing?”

“Haha, that’s not okay. Giving madam what she wants is a prize. If you want to win an award, you have to do something to win it.”

When I firmly refused, the madam slowly crawled towards me and opened her mouth wide as she stared at me. And then he moved his drooling tongue her bewitchingly,

“Can I get an award for this?”

And he begged me to sleep.

It’s ugly… She was a madam who knew very well how to make a man go crazy, such as the posture of crawling so that her big breasts could sway as well as the way she dipped her lips with saliva and sending a fella signal .

But do you really have no intention of doing it? If you ate Madam here, you will miss the opportunity to roll the information award for free. I don’t have the confidence to make the opponent who can’t even ‘observe’ be a slave to my dick, so it’s right to be patient this time.

“Madam, do you want this like that?”

“Oops! Ahhh… Want! Huh? So baby, give me a chance to win an award…”

Tuk-tuk I grabbed my cock and slapped Madame in the face, and Madame looked ecstatic and amused. … Is Madame Frustrated? Far from offended, I was a little fed up with the idea that she would like it that way.

“You already gave me a chance. Do you want information? If you want to bite and suck on this, give me some information about Louise. And if you want to get fucked by this one, give me the information about that succubus bitch today. Is it easy?”

“Baby, it’s too much… You don’t want to do that with me? I’m sure you like it too, huh! Laugh, ha… Churrup… “

Well, if I can’t find information about the succubus, I can’t help it. Because this is just curiosity. Even if you can’t get information, he’ll give you sex as a reward, so it’s worth it. Instead, information about Louise must be obtained. You came to Changgwan for this in the first place. Get what you get and go.

So, I paid for it in advance. If so, will you save me without a word? Well, I don’t think there’s anything to worry about as he sucks his dick with pleasure.


Late at night, I returned home much later than usual. She thought she would be back soon, but the day was really long. Thanks to that, Sophia was waiting for me in a very angry state.

“Brother! Why are you so late!”

I thought you were sleeping… It wasn’t. I wasn’t guilty, but my heart was pounding. Looking at it, it looked quite serious, so I had no choice but to sell Siwoo.

“What…? Changwan?! Is he really crazy?”

The target went back to Siwoo only after I brought up the story that Siwoo was addicted to Changgwan and that I had been negotiating with the store owner at Changgwan because of it. Sophia constantly belittled her hero, saying that it was dirty and ugly, and I agreed with Sofia’s words her by nodding her head.

Siwoo… Are you self-employed? Shiu will admit it too.

However, for the sake of Siwoo’s dignity, Sophia decided to hide the fact that she knew about it and ended it.


-Smart smart
“Siwoo, are you sleeping?”


Baby, I knew that. Siu hadn’t slept and had been crying all the time, so his eyes his were bloodshot red. What kind of real man are you? Well… Well, that’s right Whew.

After work at Changgwan, before returning to the dorm, I listened to Siwoo’s story. The commotion I heard while having sex with the succubus turned out to be Siwoo’s madness.

It is said that he went crazy at the thought that Mary was taken away by another customer. A bastard who is crazy about whores But luckily, he says he doesn’t know that Mary’s partner is me. I’m so glad

“I went to get information, and I heard everything about you. Are you okay?”

The problem is that this bastard has heard all of Mary’s cries of giving in to my cock. The courtesan said that she felt sorry for her as she ran away from the window in a state of dismay, but she did this unintentionally.

But wait, just thinking about it makes me mad? Anyone can see that it must have been Hogu’s back his, but he felt sorry for that? I guess I should look good too. Shit.

“I’m sorry… Because you look pathetic.”

“Mary, her her. It was a succubus. It’s not even a mess right now. You are obsessed with him.”

“… Really?”

“Yes ma’am. Are you a warrior who is bewitched by a succubus? Keep your mind straight Where did you put Sophia, and you said you were completely obsessed with her? To be honest, it’s a bit disappointing.”

“… Then! Ahhh!”

It’s fucked up. Really. You have to take care of a man’s mentality. I look after him as a bus driver.

Siwoo suffered hearing the truth from me, but this way would be better to overcome. She’s not whining to herself that Mary betrayed her. You may feel embarrassed, but you will come to your senses soon as it will be an excuse for yourself that you were fascinated by a succubus.

But now I’m going to feel guilty about Sophia. It’s rather good when you think about it that way. Anyway, since I’m in a state of broken heart, I can go over to Louise as it is. Well… Are you okay? In terms of results, it was a happy ending.

Not for Shiu.


The next day, Shiu and I visited Louise as usual. Louise was taken aback when she saw me, then she greeted me with an awkward smile. Well, it seems that everything has been resolved now.

Training was also the same as usual. The fierce sparring with Louise continued without a break. It hurt again and again, but the number of times I was hit was much less than when I first sparred. How much of a sword could be expected without using observation? It is a great development.

After the training was over, it was different from usual, but Siwoo was visibly downcast, and Louise took care of Siwoo a lot. I must have been worried because I was so outspoken like that. Thanks to that, Shiwoo showed a lot of reliance on Louise.

“Well… Have I been too harsh today? I didn’t know it would be that hard. Should I reduce the intensity of training from tomorrow?”

Oh, this water lily bug! It’s not like that… If you seduce him with strong skinship during this time, he’ll come over to you right away, but he doesn’t seem to think that much yet. It also needs more instructions.

“Then let’s go in first… Thank you for your hard work…”

After the sparring, Siwoo went back first. Perhaps because Siwoo was so depressed, Louise couldn’t even bring up the idea of ​​having a meal with Siwoo. Ruiz, who assumed that she was like that because of her sparring her, understood Siu. Well… It’s a misunderstanding, but I didn’t bother to release it.

Instead, thanks to that, the lesson time for the two of us returned today. Louise hesitated, still looking at me, before she apologized to me.

“Well… I’m sorry. I’ve done a bad thing to you It must have been an accident, but I overreacted.”

“I’m sorry too. I took a day off without a word.”

“Isn’t it because of me? Because I treated you like that… I understand that enough.”

“Oh, not that. I needed to prepare for today’s lesson.”

Saying that, I took out her smart phone and played her pornography to Louise.

Heroine Netori

Heroine Netori

히로인 네토리
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
[You have awakened the 'Heroine Netori' ability.] [Try to eat the heroines.]


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