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Heroine Netori 96

Heroine Netori 96

Chapter 96 – Royal Road Dragon Item (34)

Common sense did not make sense. You had sex with me until just now. But why is there virgin blood? If the appearance changes, does the existence of a virgin change?

But I stopped thinking. Virgin or not, what does it matter? What matters to me right now is punishing this succubus, not fucking and eating virgins. The taste of her pussy had changed, probably because she was a virgin, but that didn’t bother me.

“Sniff, aang, let go! Hot, let go!”

I grabbed the succubus’ cute little ass and thrust my cock into it. Then the succubus went away again and collapsed. What is it, even if you go back to your original body, it’s the same.

“Ha ha… Oh, even if you’re not ready yet…”

The succubus clung to my chest like a magnet and let out a rough breath. Maybe it was because her body was getting smaller, but she seemed to be more sensitive than when she was Mary. When you shout out loud that you will show your true self, you always look so weak… It was disappointing in many ways.

“So you’re saying it will change if you give it time to prepare?”

“Ugh… Of course! Do you think the daughter of the succubus queen is only this much?! It’s just that I need time to prepare my mind! Ha, don’t do it! I’m talking, Aang!”

Daughter of the Succubus Queen… ?

You have to lie to the fullest. Level of anger. If you are a succubus queen, you have glamorous and bewitching appearances and dazzling and alluring charms. But what about the daughter of the succubus queen?

“Wait a minute! What are you doing, ha ha? Stop!”

Am I crying Will you fall for such a lie? Enraged, I grabbed her hips and stood up.

“Wake up, wait!Haha… You almost fell… Ah?”

Then the unbalanced succubus floundered and clung to me by the shoulders. As expected, a succubus, if you pretend, you pretend. With her help her, I completed the fielding posture.

The succubus noticed the situation belatedly and twisted its body around to get away from me, but the more I did, the tighter my vagina felt. But why do you think you’re raping me… Why are you crying

“Hey, aren’t you a succubus? Why do you hate it so much?”

“Ha… Well, what I do with the main body… Ha… Hey, it’s the first time!”

“What? No, you were the one who said you would show your true self.”

“Hey! That… That! You’re ignoring me…”

“… ?”

Words don’t work. I don’t understand why she’s a virgin despite being a succubus in the first place, and I don’t understand why she puts out her pussy first and then tries to take it out like that. Where is the succubus slightly lacking?

But even so, I have no intention of seeing it. Could this also be a trick? Since it was already a year with a criminal record, I couldn’t be vigilant until the end. I forcibly ignored her crying her and moved her waist her to start having sex with her.

“Hey, ha, aaaaang! Don’t tell me, suddenly! Ha, ah!”

The sound of flesh colliding with flesh echoed through the room. The succubus said no with her mouth, but tightened her vagina in line with the movements of her cock her. Is this the instinct of a succubus…?

“Hey, hehe… Hey, it’s my first time… In this position, huh, huh… Too much dear…”

The succubus moved away from me, holding only my shoulders, but now leaned on me completely and buried its face in my chest, as if it had lost its back due to the continuous fielding.

“It’s so ridiculous… Haha, how about a human subject, haha… It feels so good… If this… It can’t be helped!”

Then, as if he had gotten used to it, he started responding to me by moving his waist his.

“Huh, ha… Yes! Ah… Great… I’m sorry…”

That’s why we’re hiring new recruits with experience… When the succubus finally came to his senses and focused on sex, a different level of pleasure came over him. He said he needed to be prepared, and that was true.

The succubus’s pussy wrapped around the cock that came into the vagina as if it were alive and moved, and it found and stimulated my erogenous zones with its rough wrinkles. It seemed to be a technique unique to the succubus that was not felt at all when she was in the form of a prostitute.

In addition, her tail curled up to me, ran over my butt, and touched my prostate with a hook. Crazy… Is it possible to play like this? The succubus in serious mode was definitely different.

“What do you think? Haang… Good? Because I’m doing something special… Because you are the man I approve of… Churup.”

The succubus started licking my collarbone as I was distracted by prostate play for the first time in my life. The more she licked, the more her collarbone her felt pleasantly hot.

If I continued like this, I felt like he would leave before I could punish him, so I launched a counterattack. I put her legs on my arms her and grabbed her by the waist her, bouncing her back with all my might.

“Haha! Hem! Aww! I barely got used to it, haha!”


After that, she never took the lead again. She went and went and went and went and went and went again. It was a series of climaxes and orgasms.

“Resurgence… Ha… I don’t know… Whew, haaang!”

“I won’t do it… Ugh, hot, whoa! I’m not going to do anything with him anymore!”

It seems that there was a commotion outside in the middle, but there was no time to pay attention. This succubus would counterattack at the slightest opportunity, so there was no time to be vigilant. I attacked the succubus using everything I had accumulated.

“I can’t live without this cock now anyway! Haaaaang!”

As a result, the succubus finally became my ona scepter and completely surrendered to me. There was no further resistance. It was the moment when the long and long period of corporal punishment was finally over.

Haha… Ha ha! Poetry, sir, sir!”

So, it was time to enjoy. I invested a lot of points in stamina for this attack, but I was still a bit disappointed.

– Kwaaang!

However, the visit was forced open and my happy hour ended before it even started. The one who opened the door was Chang-gwan’s madam, who was away.


“No matter how much I am, I cannot forgive this! I want my child… Who is he?”

Apparently, a colleague who was worried when I didn’t let go of the succubus all day called the madam and asked for help. But Mary is nowhere to be seen, and some succubus is covered in semen and is getting stuck.

“Madam, you should have taken good care of the water. What if there is a succubus among the prostitutes?”

When I finished the last ejaculation and pulled out the cock, the prostitutes who followed held their breath. Whores gulped and gulped at my cock.

“… A succubus? Mary?”

What, did you really not know? I thought I would know someone of the level of a madam, but looking at her expression of her, it seems like she really didn’t know. I thought she knew but she pretended not to know in order to catch Siwoo, but it didn’t seem to be the case.

“You didn’t know? Then it’s a bit disappointing.”

“No way!”

Madame huffed up at us and began to examine the exhausted succubus. But she couldn’t figure out what had happened to the end. Umm… Are you feeling disappointed?

“The succubus was transforming into a prostitute named Mary. I restored it to its original form.”

“Polymorph… ? Then this succubus is a high-level demon?”

Eh? Is that so? It seemed that not every succubus could transform. Transformation into another person was a magic high enough to deceive Madame’s eyes her, and this succubus used it.

Hmm… I didn’t see him as such a great succubus…

“Hey… Hot! What, what!”

As Madame continued to examine the succubus, she came to her senses her, startled and backed away from her. Then she looked around and realized that everything had been caught, and she hung her head down as if downcast.

“Ay… You heard everything… You! It’s because of you! Wait and see! Huh!”

Then she glared at me in anger, then grew her wings to cover herself, and in the blink of an eye she disappeared from the spot. Is it a teleport this time… ? What is it, were you really a high-level demon? But why was it caught in ‘observation’? A truly unknown succubus.


Still, I don’t worry too much because I’ve definitely carved the taste of my cock into her body. Now that the corporal punishment is complete, there will be no need to touch Siwoo again.

“Madam, it’s enough for Mary, how about having a deep conversation with me?”

“… That’s what I want too.”

Then now the madam is here too. It’s her turn to her to do her real business. I came here because of this, but things got really messed up.


“I’m really sorry! Honey, can’t you forgive me just once?”

But why is this lady doing naked togeza?
She wasn’t that angry… Well, the scenery is nice though.

Heroine Netori

Heroine Netori

히로인 네토리
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
[You have awakened the 'Heroine Netori' ability.] [Try to eat the heroines.]


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