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Heroine Netori 95

Heroine Netori 95

Chapter 95 – Royal Road Dragon Item (33)

Charlotte sobbed as if she had become a miserable heroine, and burrowed into her Deokbae’s arms. She then confessed in her trembling voice as she placed her own hand in Deokbae’s hers.

“Help… He keeps trying to monopolize me…”

It’s a lie that will be caught soon, but it doesn’t matter too much. He was a man who would firmly believe in her words if the fascination worked anyway. So now I needed a lie to make a man move.

“… They threaten me with no other guests and try to make me a toy.”

“I feel hopeless every day as he treats me harshly and terribly every time… Please save me.”

And at times like this, she had a tip that Charlotte often uses. That is to take advantage of a man’s pitiful sense of justice. When she becomes a poor woman and screams for her salvation her, her men her become fools one by one and get caught in her web her she made her.

“Please… Help. I’ll do anything I can… So please release me from his grip on his…!”

She spread her legs herself as Charlotte lay down on her bed. She put one arm over her face her, covering her eyes her, and holding onto the blanket with one hand, she pretended to be nervous. Then her man pounced on her as she had planned.

‘Ahahahaha! It’s so easy!’

Her Charlotte’s sheer panties came off her, revealing her seductive pussy in her. It was a tempting succubus pussy that most men fell in love with just by looking at it. Again, the seduction seemed to have worked, and the man wordlessly reached out and began to lick her cunt with his tongue her.


Charlotte screamed involuntarily. She was a caresser who knew how to satisfy women, on a different level from Siu. As her man’s wild tongue her slid into her vagina her and aroused her her, her her Charlotte her naturally responded to his movements her by moving her waist her.

‘Ah… ! I love it! Doing so well… !’

Unlike when Siwoo licked her, Charlotte didn’t have to act. His caresses her were enchanting and sweet. Charlotte gave her body her to him, and she didn’t stop her moaning from bursting out.

“Eww, haaaaang!”

‘Ha… I can’t believe it, he’s already gone…?’

So she went away not long after. It was too stimulating caress for Charlotte, who had grown accustomed to Siu, to endure. The pleasure that started in her pussy quickly spread throughout her body.


The man took off her own panties her as her Charlotte gasped for the lingering lingering feeling of her orgasm her. Then she caught her eye her with a cock too big for a human penis.

Siu wasn’t on the small side either, but this wasn’t human level. The size, thickness, and hardness were all satisfactory. As soon as she saw his cock her, the succubus pheromone burst out of Charlotte’s body her.

‘I want it, it looks so delicious… ! Does a human have a cock like this?’

Succubus pheromones are like weak medicines to humans, so they should be used with care, but she had no time to argue with Charlotte, who was already in heat. Wanting to have sex with that cock right now, Charlotte continued to squirt pheromones.

“Please come! Please come and save me!”

Charlotte spread her legs once more to seduce the man, and he responded. Her Charlotte’s back her arched as the big man’s cock penetrated her cunt her. She climaxed just by being inserted.


“Are you a succubus? What if you leave already?”

But the man looked down at her with a disapproving look on her face, and he casually shared her secret of her.


What is the greatest punishment that can be given to a succubus? Killing? Cutting off limbs? Or making you never have sex again?

Well, there could be various punishments, but the best punishment I think is to never be satisfied with sex again. Wouldn’t it be fun if you can’t go away with sex even though your name is a succubus?

How do you do it? Simple.

You just need to have sex so that you won’t forget me for the rest of your life. All you have to do is make the succubus go away without a break with the energy that you invested all your points and cocks that were coated with erogenous stimulation. If that happens, won’t the succubus become a body that can’t be satisfied with anyone but me?

So this is a punishment. This is the punishment for this evil demon tribe who dared to seduce a hero and try to plunge this world into despair. How dare you try to overturn my bus on the subject of a succubus?

There’s no way.

And even a succubus must know how to be content. Are you trying to seduce me? Do you think I’ll gasp like Siwoo when you open your legs? A year like this is the answer. My cock is just that tight.


I punished the succubus by inserting a cock into it.


Today’s common sense, a succubus’ pussy is not a herbal pussy.

I think I know why men are crazy about succubuses. Seeing how skillfully she played with Siwoo, she probably did n’t seduce a man once or twice, but her pussy her is as chewy as a virgin’s.

No, this is more than a virgin pussy. Zoim is a virgin, but technique is a prostitute. Pretending to be innocent, she sucks up her cock and then stimulates it with her soft vaginal walls. Then, he squeezes his cock tight as if he won’t let go until he ejaculates.


However, to me who experienced Taegeuk-yin-yang sex with Wijimamang, this level of stimulation is ridiculous. Conflict! Where on the subject of a succubus! The succubus was gone when I thrust my furious cock into the cervix.

“Are you a succubus? What if you leave already?”

But it’s too easy for a succubus. I was expecting a more heated battle. Too bad.

“… What are you talking about?”

“You are a succubus. It’s no use pretending not to be. There is a way to know everything.”

“… Are you saying it feels good like a succubus?”

“No, you’re disappointed that there’s only this for a succubus, aren’t you?”

Perhaps he had n’t thought that I would notice, and he pushed me away and stood up, probably hurting his pride when I said that the succubus, who had failed to manage his expression his, was not satisfied.

“What?! Human subject, dare!!”

What is it, the attempt to deceive is already over? The succubus bit his lip in anger and pulled out the black wings from his waist. Then, after growing her wings her and covering her body her, she changed her appearance into a beautiful girl. Is that your original body?

I got shorter and my waist got narrower instead. Her brown hair her turned silver and cute horns grew out of her wavy hair her. Her breasts had gotten smaller for some reason, so she hurriedly covered her breasts with her arms folded. And the tail sticking out from behind her concealed her clenched cunt her.

“Come on, but on a big topic! Don’t be condescending!”


The atmosphere changed at once. The lewd prostitute went somewhere and a cute noble lady appeared and glared at me. She shuddered in her pale skin and pointed her finger at me, screaming.

“I will show you the true form of a succubus!”

She pushed me once more, knocked me down, and climbed onto my still erect cock. From what I could see, it looked like they were betting on me. Well, good Even if the appearance has changed, there is no confidence in quality. I confidently replied that I could come anytime.

“… But! If you surrender even now, I might let you see it. What do you think?”

But where did the momentum to swallow my cock go, and she hesitated on my cock. … Is it a tease play? Thanks to that, the entrance of the soft pussy tickled my glans, causing pain. Indeed, succubus, there is such a caress.

“Think carefully. If I do this, will you become my slave for the rest of my life? Are you prepared for that?”

The succubus softly urged me to surrender. I couldn’t figure out why he was doing this now, but it was a destructive enough play. It was difficult to endure because of her changed appearance of her, which caused a sense of immorality.

In the end, I couldn’t stand it, so I raised my waist and started fighting the succubus. No, I was going to start.

“Wait a minute! I’m not ready yet!”

But something that should n’t be with her was blocking the entry of my cock her.


“It’s not a lie?! Lord, I’ll tell you when I’m ready!

I could n’t understand it, so I broke through the resistance and forced my cock in, and bright red blood flowed from the succubus ‘cunt her.

“… Why?”

“Aww! Whip, I told you to wait! … Hey, wait a minute! Even if you want to wait! Yes, Aang! Wait a minute!”

Heroine Netori

Heroine Netori

히로인 네토리
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
[You have awakened the 'Heroine Netori' ability.] [Try to eat the heroines.]


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