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Heroine Netori 94

Heroine Netori 94

Chapter 94 – Royal Road Dragon Item (32)

‘Ah, a virgin that looks so delicious… It’s so lovely.’

Charlotte, a succubus, used her magic this time too to pretend to be her virgin her, consuming her virginity that had been snatched at her. The nervous man couldn’t enjoy it much and ejaculated, but Charlotte was satisfied with that alone. It was because he had already noticed that he had fallen for her sincerely.

‘Really~ If you shed tears pretending to be pitiful like this, everything will come over? Men are all equally stupid.’

Depending on how you use the same enchantment skill in any situation, the effect is different. And Charlotte was a succubus who knew how to use that enchantment skill most effectively.

Her naive man her, who firmly believed that she was her virgin her, had offered her virginity to her without question, and could not resist her fascination her with acting her that she was happy to be able to offer him her virginity her. The man became her slave at the same time as her first experience with her.

‘Tasty. Tasty. So delicious. Really… Sweet! This is why I can’t break my virginity!’

A man’s virginity was a sweet treat for a succubus, and the love of a man who dedicated his virginity to a succubus was a meal more delicious than any other food. Thus, the naive man who was enchanted by her was now her exclusive cook her.

‘This is the best virgin I’ve ever had…’ I think I’m addicted… I love it… ‘

So she did not accept other guests. Why eat junk food when you have such delicious food? She was a gourmet, but she was not an omnivore. The prostitutes of her prostitute her nag at her for that, but controlling the prostitutes, far from her her magic her, was too easy for her her Charlotte.

‘This is my first time seeing a man like this… Haang… ♥’

She was surprised when he brought her a doll that came out of her story made up of her lies her, but even in such a situation, the admirable man who thought of her her, her her Charlotte Her liked her even more. She gave up thinking about how much she would play with her and she thought about sucking her affections with her until he died and she was with him.

Remorse? No such thing existed. Rather, she was proud. A man should be glad that he could spend the rest of his life with a beautiful succubus like himself.

‘Oh… ? Is there another man who looks just as delicious as he?’

However, she became greedy for Charlotte. One day, a man who smelled of her sweetness appeared to her. He was not a pity, but he seemed strangely more appetizing than a pity. According to what I heard there, this man was a close friend of an innocent man.

In fact, Charlotte devised a delicious plan.

‘… I’m a genius! How can you come up with such an ingenious idea? Huhu, it’s going to be really fun!’

It was a cunning plan to make her two men her own.

A man who found out belatedly that the woman he loved forcibly spread his legs to the friend he believed in, a man who betrayed his friend who believed in him and forcibly took her of her. Two people competing to the death to occupy the

‘Haa~♥, thrilling!’

Perhaps she would experience heavenly cuisine that no succubus, nor her proud mother her herself, had ever tasted.

“Did you say Mary? Can I talk to you for a second?”

“Oh my brother! He only lives with his brother’s friends His? Come on, let’s play with me, okay?”

So Charlotte did not turn down the man’s request to speak to her. If she said it was a story, it would have been a conversation with her body her, but she had no reason to refuse, even for the sake of the sweetness of the moment or the excitement to come.

“I… Okay. If you’re waiting for a room, I’ll go find it…”

“Oh my gosh, Mary you?! Are you finally getting another guest?”

“I-I’m just going to talk!”

Charlotte, who blushed in embarrassment, swallowed her saliva.


– Thump thump thump

With angry steps, Siwoo ran through the window. Frightened prostitutes tried to stop him, but no one could stop Siu.

– Bang bang!
“Merry! Where is Mary!”

The bodyguards had long since fallen. They were so big that they fell out of Siwoo in one blow and turned Changgwan into a mess. The men who bought the prostitute were startled and ran away with her naked, and the prostitute who sold her body her trembled in fear and could not get out of bed.

– Bang! Bang bang!
“Where the hell are you!”

‘I just said it! Mary, I was just listening to her!’

Julia regretted her mistake in telling Siwoo directly that Mary was with another man. As she said, Mary’s departure should have been kept secret. But Julia, who hated Mary so much for falling in love with that prostitute and handsome man, did not listen to the request of her. I hoped that this opportunity would distance the two of them.

“Where are you!”

However, before Si-Woo could listen to her words to her at the end, she became indignant at Chang-Gwan, saying that Mary was forcibly taken by Chang-Gwan and began to attack Chang-Kwan. She didn’t even have time to tell Mary who she was with.

‘If I knew he was such a crazy guy, I wouldn’t have to be envious!’

When Julia was in full regret, Siu finally arrived at the last room in the corner of the Changgwan. Mary hadn’t shown up yet, so it was clear that she was in this room.


Only then did Siwoo cool down and start to roll his head. For Siwoo, who regained his senses and became timid, he needed an excuse to bring Mary out of the room right away.

[Ugh, it’s hot♥! Aang! You, you, me, my dear♥!]

However, the sound of Mary’s moaning coming through the door made Shiu think nothing of it. Siu, who lost his strength, took his hand off the doorknob he was holding.

[Aak, haat, haaaaang♥! Again, go away ♥♥!]

Mary and the unknown man were immersed in their own world without even noticing Siwoo’s rampage, continuing their lewd time coveting each other’s bodies.


[Aang rental ♥! That, sorry! Hee, Hit ♥, Hee Eek, Haaa ♥… ]

Siu couldn’t understand the current situation. Mary must have been the owner of that groaning sound, but strangely, it was an obscene voice she had never heard before.

[No more! Come on, don’t pull your pants, aaaaang♥!]

The Mary in Siwoo’s memory was always shy and she gave a cute moan. It was a far cry from that vulgar and soggy sound.

[Ugh, black, haaang♥… JAZZY, update yourself ♥! Give in to Jaji ♥! Now I can’t live without this jersey♥♥♥!]

Also, I never used such vulgar words. She continued to show her naivety and was still shy in front of her genitals.

Therefore, Siu concluded that the woman beyond the door was not Mary. Mary made it clear that she wasn’t in the window now. Perhaps, when she said that Mary was with another man, she might have been lying by the woman who was jealous of Mary and herself.

‘Yes, I will!’

She had confessed that she would work hard to pay off Mary’s debt to Madam, so that she would spend her whole life with her. She hugged herself with Mary shedding tears and saying she loved her. So it was clear that the woman was not Mary.

She had to catch the Demon King, but Mary came first. She, to Mary, she put herself above all else. The two trusted each other and their future was always bright. So that woman couldn’t be Mary.

She was not Mary who would accept other guests just because Chang-gwan forced her to, and even if that happened, she was Mary who would grit her teeth and wait for the moment to pass. There was no possibility that the woman gasping here and there was Mary.

When she thought of Mary and the other prostitute who had the same voice as hers, all doubts were cleared. She doubted Mary, she was ashamed of herself.

[Alaseo yeoeo ♥! I will never do this with Siu ♥♥! So don’t worry♥]

However, Mary cried out and refuted Siu’s thoughts to her.
Shocked, Siwoo collapsed on the spot.

[Hi-geuk, hee-ik, haaang♥! I’ll do medicine stone, medicine stone, Oh clothes ♥!]

[Mo, I’ll dedicate everything to you ♥!]

[Please, don’t stop now, uh, haaaaang♥! I’m sorry, I’m leaving again ♥♥!]

The woman on the other side of the door was Mary. She tried to deny it, but she was so sure now. Siu had no choice but to admit that fact.

I felt betrayed. We must have loved each other… Was it my own misunderstanding? In the aftermath of her shock her, her liking her for her rapidly declined. Now, just hearing Mary’s voice disgusted her and made her stomach churn. Siu couldn’t stand this moment.

Mary, who was happy that she could give herself her maiden
Mary, who delighted in taking her own virginity at the same time,
Mary, who said she would not accept any other guest but herself;
Mary, who enjoyed every day sharing her love with her;
Mary, little by little she got used to sex with herself,
Mary, who has become an important part of her own life her,

But even Mary was a whore after all.

Siwoo couldn’t stand the moment his pure love her was stained and he ran away crying.

Heroine Netori

Heroine Netori

히로인 네토리
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
[You have awakened the 'Heroine Netori' ability.] [Try to eat the heroines.]


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