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Heroine Netori 93

Heroine Netori 93

Chapter 93 – Royal Road Dragon Item (31)

It may be hard to believe, but this is all for Shiu and Ruiz.

Siwoo in the past would have already passed on to Louise, but Siwoo now is different. Siwoo, who goes to Changgwan every day, has already become a monster of sexual desire. So, of course, he would try to relieve his sexual desire his for Louise who approached him.

But Louise, who is a virgin, refuses, feeling awkward there? Then it’s over. Siwoo will not do that on the spot, he does and he is the one to go to Changgwan. To that extent, Siwoo’s brain is now filled with sex.

So, to get Louise hooked up with her Siu her, you have to make Louise get used to this kind of behavior. The current lesson is only for that.

Oh, is it real?

Of course, in the meantime, I can solve my sexual desire, but that is only secondary and never the purpose. Anyway, yes.


“Really… Is this act effective? ?”

I’m going crazy I never thought it would be this destructive… The firm yet soft abs, the moaning sound that bursts out every time you rub it, the trembling of the hand holding my waist, plus the shy expression on the face of the female knight clenching her teeth! All situations are really stimulating.

“Hey, hey! Are you listening?”

And if you hug Louise with such strength,

“Oh no!”

You can also feel Louise’s huge breasts in her. It’s the best
Alas, it feels like I am doing her masturbation with Louise. I’m wearing pants and I didn’t put it in the hole, so the pleasure from the cock is lacking, but the atmosphere alone is enough to make me feel like I’m going to go away.


Were you too busy? I ignored Louise’s words and gave a lot of lessons, causing Louise to get angry and tear away from me. But she wasn’t scared at all, but her limbs were shaking as if Louise was still nervous.

“It works. This is called the contrast effect. Once you get used to this behavior, it will be much easier to talk to Siwoo in the future. That way, you can get closer to Siwoo.

And, the evidence that yesterday’s lessons worked today is proof of that. Does Louise-sama still not believe me after seeing Siwoo’s changed reaction today?”

“Believe… It’s creepy, but this kind of thing… Gugg…”

“What is this?”

“Isn’t this kind of thing done between people who love each other!”

Wow. I never thought such pure words would come from a grown female knight. Contrary to what he really looks like, he is a cute person. But aren’t you too shy? You’re embarrassing me too.

Haha. This is, after all, a lesson. Who thinks like that during lessons? Louise-sama, don’t you have a more sultry side than it looks?”

“Ugh… I have a sultry corner?!”

“Did you even have dirty fantasies about me? I am taking lessons seriously for Louise-sama. Instead of seeing Louise-sama as a woman, she is teaching as a student.”

“… That, like that…”

Of course gourd Would you get an erection if you weren’t looking at me as a woman? No matter who sees it, I live here, so I’m enjoying it like this.

Alas, no. You are teaching If it wasn’t for that, I’d have patched it up with words, or I’d have given the two of them sleeping pills, then stripped off their clothes and threw them on the same bed.

“I’m sorry… My attitude was bad I will concentrate from now on.”

“No. I also lacked consideration. I think I skipped a step too hastily for my greed. Let’s step it down a little bit.”

“Oh no! Never mind me and keep going!”

This is it A character that does not like to lose.
He told me to continue, so I will never say the words to stop. Believe me, you can start earnestly.

“Then, let’s start over.”

“Whoa… Come as much as you like!”

As I started the lesson before Louise had finished speaking, Louise’s careless face collapsed and a cute sound came out from her.
She was like that when she was hugged a few days ago, but Louise sometimes shows such a cute side. When I first met her, she was something I would never have imagined.


Does erogenous stimulation work even for trained knights? To the question, Louise affirmed with the sound of her panting breath her. As expected, fraudulent skills are all-round, anytime, anywhere.

At first, Louise was clenched and held on, but when I continued to rub and stimulate her with her cock her, her eyes her disappeared, and Louise’s nipples that touched my breasts became erect enough to pierce through her clothes her.

“Ha… Whoa, ha… How long do you… Do I have to?”

Louise tried to quit several times in the middle, but every time she provoked me by asking if I couldn’t stand this, she responded. Thanks to that, the current Louise was completely absorbed in her pleasure to her to the point of rubbing her own thighs without even realizing it.

“Are you giving up already? Not even an hour has passed yet.”

“Awesome! Ha… Do you mean still…!”

Actually, the initial plan was to do it until Louise surrendered, but I wondered what kind of image she would show if she continued the lesson by force. There was also a desire to see her face, little by little, stained with her sexual desire her.

“Ha… By the way… Originally, men’s things are this big?”

Five? What, are you interested in this now?
Louise glanced at my prick with a huge tent in her pants and looked away from me before asking. He seemed to wonder if he had gotten used to the feel of her cock her by now.

“I’m not proud of it, but I’m a bit on the big side.”

“I mean… “

If I had seen the real thing, I wouldn’t have had this kind of curiosity, but I can’t seem to realize it yet. That said, I can’t even take out my cock anymore… I swallowed my regrets and, enjoying Louise’s gaze of her, pushed Louise’s stomach of her with her cock of her once again.

“Wait a minute! Wait and see…”

“… Louise?”

But Louise swallowed her saliva and pressed her body her against me. That pushed my cock her against her her body her and forced it upright, piercing her clothes her and almost sticking her head out her.
What is it and why are you doing this?

“…… “

With that in place, Louise held her around my waist to hold her cock in place, then lifted her heel her to bring her crotch level with mine. Then she lowered her head and looked at her cock, which was still against her.

“Here it is… ? Doesn’t that make sense!”

“Uh… Louise?”

“Well? Ah, nothing! Never mind…”

Did you look at how far it went when you inserted it just now? Is this innocent girl? He seemed to know where he had heard it a lot and how to have sex. But to openly check that with my cock… You’re like a dog.

It was Louise who came to her senses belatedly and turned her head away as if nothing had happened, but she was already late. I got her full erection her due to her completely unexpected lewd act her, and eventually my cock her, which had grown bigger, pierced her pants her and revealed itself.

“Well? What the hell is this, eh?! Phew, it’s hideous!!!”


The lesson that day ended like that, but it was effective this time too, and Shiu showed Louise a shaken figure. It seemed that Siu was interested in Louise, who was shy but tried to touch her little by little.

“Well then, thank you for your hard work!”

However, capturing Siwoo today was a failure. If you go mad with your true sexual desire, you can fall like that. I’m really tired of it. I was skeptical about whether it was right to hand Louise over to a kid like that.

“Then I’ll just go in.”

“Louise? How do you teach…”

“I’m just going in!”


Why is he like this again? Are you doing this because you’re ashamed that you saw my cock yesterday?
I was going to have a fun lesson today, but Louise stopped me at the door. I still couldn’t forget my cock from yesterday.
For some reason, I couldn’t concentrate properly even when sparring.

Hmm, I thought this plan would work out as it is, but it’s not as easy as I thought. Siwoo is more crazy about Changgwan than he thought, and Louise is an aristocrat, so it’s not easy to go ahead with teaching. In order to capture Siwoo quickly, the level of teaching would have to be raised, but I’m worried if I can touch it more than this.

In this case… It’s a national rule to meet the information minister. I’ll have to meet the madam after a while, talk about the orcs, and get information about Louise.
Oh, and as a bonus, I also heard about Siwoo.

“Siwoo. Today, I am taking a break from Dalian.”

“Yes, bro. I know.”

After sending Shiu to Louise, I walked to Changgwan.


“Oh, I’m sorry, what should I do? Madame is out now. The reason is a secret. If her brother hangs out with me, I can let you know… What do you think?”

“Okay, tell me when you’re coming.”

“Chew, that’s not funny. Well I don’t know If you’re having fun with me, won’t you be here before you know it?”

Unfortunately, there was no madam in Changgwan, only prostitutes who revealed money and men. Where did the owner go when he left? He said the day he went was market day, and that’s exactly what happened. That’s why I need to find information about Louise next time and listen to Shiu before going.

“By the way, the guy I brought last time goes to Changgwan all the time these days? Is the water here so good?”

“Oh my, brother, don’t you know that? That brother comes here and finds only one person every day. Do you know that the two of them are completely innocent? Envy you what did he say … Did n’t she say do n’t accept other guests because she ‘ll take care of it? Hoho, are you a very princely person?”

No, this bastard…Could it be that you were caught? Somehow I said I go every day! Are you falling for a prostitute and giving money and doing everything?

Ha, I’m full of energy. Whenever I say I’m sorry to Sofia, I’m dumbfounded.

“Ah, here you go. Greetings Mary~ Here is your friend from the West. Hello brother This kid here is the girl my brother’s friend fell in love with. Isn’t it cute?”

… Wait, wait. Is this a true story?
Seeing that it works for the prostitute next to you, it sounds like ‘observation’ is fine… No, so it’s real?

“Hello… Hey, my name is Mary…”

Fuck Siwoo, how can you, a warrior, be enchanted by a succubus…

Heroine Netori

Heroine Netori

히로인 네토리
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
[You have awakened the 'Heroine Netori' ability.] [Try to eat the heroines.]


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