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Heroine Netori 92

Heroine Netori 92

Chapter 92 – Royal Road Dragon Item (30)

Louise took a deep breath and looked at the man in front of her eyes. Her man was staring at her with her arms open and her nonchalant expression. If she had been rather shy, she would have been less embarrassed, but the man seemed innocent.

‘Hug me… ? Then… What a fool!’

It wasn’t the first time I’d hugged a guy. Whenever she was a member of the Guard and tackled her tough tasks her, she embraced her men her and shared her joy. However, this was the first time that ‘Louise’ as a woman, not the ‘Louise’ of the guards, was held in the arms of a man.

‘Do I really have to…!’

Once she came to her consciousness her, other thoughts flooded her wildly. His attractive appearance his, which was hidden by Siwoo, such as his handsome appearance that is hard to find in the guards, unexpectedly strong chest and small muscles, and sincere attitude of being sincere for the other party, are now in her eyes .

‘Wow, isn’t it just as difficult to approach as Siwoo!’

It was said to be to get used to men, but the difficulty was too high from the start. It would have been better to train with Hans, the lower end of the guard. He would not have been this hard given his piggy face.


“Ugh, ugh… !”

As she continued to hesitate and stay in her place her, the man shouted with a straight face. It was the first impression of a man who always treated me kindly with a sad smile.

Louise felt her heart skip a beat at that fact. She was afraid that his goodwill her would turn into hostility. So she walked towards him, taking her trembling legs and step by step.

Her heart beat faster the closer she got. Before I knew it, the back of my back her was covered with cold sweat. Her steps her felt very heavy.

‘After all, this is a lesson… Think of it as a kind of training. Well, this is a kind of practice, this is a kind of practice, this is a kind of practice… ‘

But Louise was able to get to him in the end.
Even though I couldn’t lift her head and only looked at her on the ground.

“The beginning is really difficult. I’m worried if I can continue like this. Louise-sama, if it’s hard for you, it’s okay to stop now. I will find another way.”

“Gwa, it’s okay! A knight never backs down!”

“Oh oh! Also Louise. To be honest, I thought I would give up, but my thoughts were short. Then, let’s start the real lesson!”

Her man flattered her with genuine admiration as her Louise bluffed up and tried to pretend she was okay. As always, it was a good thing to hear, but today, for some reason, I didn’t feel better. That’s how nervous she was.

“Okay, huh?!”

The man didn’t notice it, so he believed her words her and hugged her right away. She immediately felt her face her heat up. But there was nothing she could do in that situation. She just lowered her head to cover her face so he couldn’t see him.

“How are you, Louise? Can you hold out?”

“Um… ! Burr, you can hold on… Yes…”

‘How can I endure something like this… !!’

The man’s left arm caressed her waist, and the man’s right arm caressed her shoulder. Louise’s soft touch seemed to drive her out of her mind. Trapped by a man, helpless, she wept at her shame.

“If you don’t mind, we’ll move on to the next step.”

“You mean it doesn’t end here?!”

“Originally, I was going to do only this far today, but Louise-sama is doing so well, so I will be greedy.”

“Yeah, that’s right… “

‘I just want to be honest and say it’s hard… !’

Louise regretted her mistake her, but now it was too late. Her man her praised her over and over again, then her Louise her caught her careless and pulled her into his arms her. Then she stepped on the same spot where Louise, who was two steps away, was her man.


Naturally, the two pressed close together, and Louise forcibly buried her face in the man’s shoulder her.

‘Oh, that’s absurd! So close…!’

Embarrassed, she resisted to get out of his arms her immediately, but the man did not release her her. Rather, the more she resisted, the more she clung to the man’s body her. I could feel his body temperature his and feel his body his. Louise could n’t bring her to her senses her, which she did n’t want.

It wasn’t over. She noticed her own breasts her pressing against his hers. That said, the man was feeling her breasts her and her nipples her. Louise wept at her shame.

She had n’t expected this at all, since all her hugs her she’d given her had always been in armor.

“Whoa… Thank you for your effort.”

“Go… Born… Yes.”

Fortunately, however, the man’s lessons ended there. It was really hard to hold on, but in the end I got over it. Louise smiled broadly at her sense of accomplishing her. For the first time, she was more exhilarated than the moment she won Dalian.


“Then let’s take a break and start again.”


“Haha. Isn’t it Louise who taught me that repetitive learning is important? Thanks to that, it was difficult, but I grew a lot through repeated sparring, so I’m going to borrow it for this lesson.”

“Eww… Joe, that’s a good idea…”

‘… You fool! Why are you pretending to be proud!’

Louise continued her lessons with Deokbae, cursing her her past her self her.


Louise talked to Siu more naturally, as if her private lessons her yesterday had n’t worked. She still looked awkward, but she had a smile she hadn’t shown until yesterday, and it was distinctly different. And Siwoo must have felt that too, and unlike yesterday, her face also blushed and showed her awareness of Louise.

Shit, is it good?

Seeing the difference between the two made me smile.

“Then, take good care of me today.”

Actually, I’m good too. Siwoo.

Thanks to today’s performance, I was able to continue my private lessons. Yesterday, after teasing Louise who was crying because she was sold, her mood her became rough, so I thought that would be the end, but thanks to Siu, Louise came to believe in the effectiveness of her lessons of her.

‘This, this is a yawn because the lesson was boring! That means I never shed tears!’

Ah, I should have taken a picture of Louise’s weeping face yesterday, but it’s too bad.


“Now, sleep, sleep, wait! What is this!!”

Oh, I want to take a picture of this too and keep it. Is Louise a facial expression genius? It really makes me happy with various expressions. Louise is a beauty, so no matter what expression she makes, she’s attractive.

“What are you talking about?”

“G-g-g-g-g-g-that’s it…”

“Is that it? I don’t know unless you tell me exactly.”

“… Whoops! Your ‘it’ that is touching the boat!”

Too bad. I wish I could have used a more vulgar word, but I hate the presence of pronouns in this case.

“Um… Are you talking about this?”

“Yes! Wait a minute! Do not forcefully rub it!”

The reason Louise was so flustered was because I had an erection right now.

I held her Louise in her arms and held her cock firmly against Louise’s stomach her. Louise didn’t notice her at first and held her still, then she kept lowering her head to check her as something poked her in the stomach, finally letting her erect erection see her cock her. Then she freaked out and screamed at her.

“Haha. This is my penis.”

“Who asks because he doesn’t know that now! That, that, why is that standing there!”

“Well… Louise. A man naturally gets an erection when he hugs a beautiful woman.”


That’s right, a girl who does n’t know a man is held in her arms her, her face reddened, her tears flowing, and her rough breathing her rubbing her breasts, but if she does n’t get an erection, that’s a man!

Siwoo couldn’t get an erection, so it was enough stimulation to ejaculate. Yesterday, I came in a few feet ahead of time, so I barely survived, but originally, this is normal.

“You know what I’m ashamed of too? I’m forcing myself to endure it for Louise-sama’s sake. So don’t be shy and take the lesson seriously, even for me.”

“That… Is it like that? Right. Then… Ha… I see.”

But it’s exactly as expected. Because my knowledge is halfway there, I don’t get angry even if I am sexually harassed openly like this. Instead of being suspicious of her, Louise took my word for it. Maybe there are some things that I believe more because I showed results today.

Whoa, with this enough, I can move on to the next step with confidence, right?

“Thank you. Then, from now on, I will tell you the deepening step. Now, Louise-sama, you just need to get used to my genitals.”


Heroine Netori

Heroine Netori

히로인 네토리
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
[You have awakened the 'Heroine Netori' ability.] [Try to eat the heroines.]


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