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Heroine Netori 91

Heroine Netori 91

Chapter 91 – Royal Road Dragon Item (29)

“Then thank you.”

“Yep, leave it to me!”

Whoa, it starts right from today. You must have been very upset.

After sending Sofia a notice that I would be late through the mansion’s attendant, I walked to the drawing room where Louise was waiting.

It was late and my body must be tired. I was going to spend a sweet time with Sofia after going back to the lodging, but thanks to Louise’s ardent will her, I decided to start teaching right away.

I never thought I’d get paid too much to refuse. Even if you do it for free, it’s really cool…

“May I come in?”

“Come in.”

When I opened the door and went inside, Louise was waiting for me with a slightly nervous expression. It’s the complete opposite of when I was doing sparring in the afternoon. To show this level of gap moe in one day is, after all, a heroine.

And Louise, whenever she changed, was wearing clothes that were tight to her body, and thanks to that, her voluptuous body her was exposed. Is this one of your casual clothes? Fashion sense is really my taste.

“Hmm! Hurry up and tell me how I can get to know him.”

Oh, you are in a hurry.

As soon as I sat down, Louise urgently demanded an answer from me. It seems that he wants to solve the stuffiness as soon as possible. It was the same for me, so I decided to give her advice instead of telling her back her.

“Well… Before I give you an answer, would it be all right if I be honest with you?”

“However much! This is what I hoped for.”

“Then I will believe you and tell you straight up. Louise-sama, why are you opening your eyes like that?”

“… Uhm?”

“Have you ever thought of becoming friends? How can you be friendly when you always look like that? Wouldn’t you think, ‘Oh, this person hates me?'”


Actually, I don’t know how to get close. If you know it, I’ve been writing it for a long time.

This is fact violence disguised as a lesson. Louise, if I don’t tell her like this, I don’t think she’ll ever change. For everyone’s sake, it was necessary to be prepared to be scolded and say this directly.

Don’t make excuses, admit your feelings. A woman who is honest with herself is attractive. Can’t you see that tsundere is all out of date now?

“If you don’t force her face to harden, her expression will keep loosening up, so it’s a diagnosis! … Oh!”

“Hoho, as expected, does Louise-sama have feelings for Shiu?”

“… Didn’t she say it was to get close?”

Again, again! To make excuses!

I was annoyed, but I managed to calm myself down when I saw Louise’s chest in her.

“Louise. Being attracted to the opposite sex is a very natural thing that even a three-year-old child does. It’s nothing to be ashamed of.”


“And isn’t Louise-sama a knight? Will the knight turn her back after seeing the opponent in front of her? Shouldn’t we stand up proudly!”

“… You are right.”

Siwoo and I really feel like a match made in heaven. You just have to listen to examples like this to figure it out.

Louise kept her head down and she forced herself to continue her excuses until she brought out her words that I was her knight her, and then she admitted her ignorance.

Umm… But if I show a downtrodden appearance like that, it’s like I’ve done something bad. Is this gaslighting? I am scolded, but it is also me who feels guilty. Louise, you scary woman…

“If you admit it honestly, I will tell you how to win Siwoo’s heart.”


“There is no one in the world who knows Siwoo better than me. Trust me.”

“Hmm… If so, I’ll be honest. As you guessed. Maybe I have a crush on him.”

What is it? Up to this point, he is guessing as if he does not know his own mind his even if the plate is laid. Wait, that’s not it! Now that I think about it, maybe I really don’t know my own heart His.

Louise must be a virgin too, and isn’t Siu her Louise’s first love her? There is a possibility that she, who has only wielded a sword all her life, is confused about her romance her, as much as Siu. No, most likely.

Then… Here, the solution for Louise is this.

“Then don’t hide it.”

“Well? What do you mean by that?”

“It means to show Louise-sama’s relaxed face of her in front of Siwoo instead of forcing her expression of her to harden. So that Siwoo can know that Louise-nim is conscious of him.”

“That… That… Wouldn’t Siwoo think I was weird?”

“It’s the opposite. Rather, you will love it. Didn’t you keep saying that Siwoo brings up Louise’s story every day? When he realizes that he is not the only one conscious of himself, Siwoo will definitely show a different side of himself.”

Even if you are addicted to sex and stop by Changgwan every day, it is for physical pleasure, not for mental pleasure. It is clear that Siwoo is still weak against the good feelings given by women.

If Louise steps forward and expresses her interest in Siwoo, Siwoo will not be able to help but be conscious of her and Louise her. And if you create that state, it will only be a matter of time before the hot man and woman become lovers.

Well… Perfect? It was a consulting that would not be sorry to receive money at this level.

“Great! I will try as you say!”


“I… Louise? Where are you sick? If you have a hard time, you can finish today’s training here. I will go first then.”

“…… “

“…… “

Failure, great failure

Even if I was wrong, I was wrong for a long time. This wasn’t a problem that could be solved by being honest with one’s heart.

Louise made a strange expression toward Siwoo, neither laughing nor crying, and seeing that, Siwoo was sincerely worried, and then naturally headed for the window as usual.

“I ate…”


And as a result, Louise, much to her dismay her, gave her her self-deprecation, visibly depressed by her.

But honestly, it was a bit harsh. She asked me to show a conscious and bashful face, not an orcish face.

Ah… A comedy seen from afar and a tragedy seen from a close-up are just these situations, right? It was a very sad incident.


I think we need to change the direction of teaching.

Louise’s appearance was similar to that of male dysphoria. She usually got along well in a group of men, and when she was conscious of being ‘of the opposite sex’, she seemed to be very nervous.

So you have to overcome it. She seemed to need to get used to a man, to be exact, a man she felt was the opposite sex, so that she could stand confidently in front of a man she liked as usual.


Yes, that’s really why. There is no other reason.

Louise’s breasts her look soft, or I want to see her embarrassed by being hugged by me, or I want to try sneaking skinship and make her at a loss.

“The situation is more serious than we thought. So we have to change to a more radical class than now. Are you okay?”

“Oh… If that solves it, that’s fine.”

“Good. Then hug me.”

“… What?!”

Oh, because it’s real. For extreme drug prescription. There’s no better way to get used to a man than experience.

The question is, does Louise feel me as a member of the opposite sex…


“Ugh, ugh… !”

Looking at Louise, who was already blushing, she seemed unconcerned.


As the man’s body burrowed into the woman’s body her, the bed, which could not withstand the strength, creaked and shook. In line with that, the woman struck a chord with her strange voice her, and soon the man ejaculated and put an end to the act.

“Ha… Siwoo.”

“Merry… Is it possible one more time?”

“Yes, please come… “

No, it was not a period, but a dodol, and the man repeated the act again, and the woman embraced him and accepted him. After that, the two naturally matched each other with familiar body movements, leading each other to the climax.

“Haaang! I love it!”

“No, go away. Oh, aaaaang!”

Then, when the woman finally left and squeezed the man’s cock to the full, the man ended the act again by ejaculating inside the woman’s vagina her.

The woman enjoyed the afterglow and then leaned over to clean the soiled man’s cock, her expression her looking very happy.

“Mary, did you like it?”

“Haap, churrup… It was so good, Gulp, Siwoo…”

“Me too… Today was the best.”

“Whoops… Happy.”

When the woman finished cleaning her, the man gave her an arm pillow, and the woman leaned on him and said words of love. The man seemed to be immersed in her, but he responded one by one to her woman’s trivial stories of her, revealing his affection for her.

“By the way, Siwoo… I heard that you are with Louise-sama every day these days… Are you beautiful too? She is also a beauty who goes well with Siwoo…”

“I’m just sparring with Louise-sama. After the sparring, break up immediately.”

“Really… ! Ah, but it’s because Siwoo-nim still does n’t know his charms. If you stay together…”

“Mary, now I only have you.”

“Shiwoo! Black, black… I’m so happy…”

When the woman cried, the man wiped her tears away. Then he kissed her and the two intermingled again. And the action did not stop until dawn.

Heroine Netori

Heroine Netori

히로인 네토리
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
[You have awakened the 'Heroine Netori' ability.] [Try to eat the heroines.]


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