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Heroine Netori 90

Heroine Netori 90

Chapter 90 – Royal Road Dragon Item (28)

Following the guidance of the maid, I briefly washed her body and changed into the gifted everyday clothes.

She had hoped to wash herself, but it never happened. I’m sorry. The clothes she was wearing were covered in sweat, so Louise gave her one as a gift. She is also a noble, so she has a big barrel.


After that, I followed the maid back to the restaurant, where Louise, dressed in her plain clothes, was waiting for me. It’s the first time I’ve seen Louise take off her armor Her… Missing this beautiful sight, Siwoo has no answer.

Louise was wearing a light blue dress that matched her blue hair on her, but her dress on her wasn’t pretty because of her oversized chest on her. But she subtly showed through her inner flesh her, so that did n’t matter.

Indeed, this woman has a great body.

“You are very beautiful. She is also the goddess of Martha… You have a good eye today.”

“Hmm! Stop talking about her mouth her.”

There again

When I gave my sincere compliment, Louise glared at me with a straight face, but the corners of her mouth she continued to rise. He’s a very easy-going person.

“It was good that Siwoo went first. If I were here, I wouldn’t have slept thinking of Louise-sama today.”

“Hmm! Even if you want to stop! … And she said that man is not interested in me anyway.”

I’m pissed.
This woman, now Siwoo, left first, so I was upset.
Why are you so cute

Louise stuck out her lower lip and gave a sullen expression, then she continued to twirl her wine glass with one hand. No matter who sees it, it’s a ‘I’m pissed off’ attitude.

I did well to leave the country too. For the sake of the two of us, I have to appease Louise.

“It’s the opposite. Rather, she was interested in Louise, so she avoided the seat of her.”

“Um… ? Isn’t that a contradiction?”

“Hehe, Siwoo, that guy is a bit of a jerk to a woman. It would have been embarrassing to be in the same place with a beauty like Louise-sama.”

“Hmm… Is it… I see.”

Wow, how can a person’s expression change so drastically? She took a sip of her wine as Louise, who had been depressed until a moment ago, smiled broadly.

The thought that Siwoo was conscious of him seemed to be happy. She seemed to be attracted to Siwoo as well as one of the heroines.

Alright then, at this point I should appeal for Siwoo. Now is the time for Louise to give her a lot of kicks to solidify her feelings for Siu.

“He’s a really pure guy. Until that age, she never dated a woman and always practiced. That’s why they lack tolerance for beauty.”

“…… But isn’t she beautiful enough for Miss Sophia? She goes very well with the word beauty.”

Aha, did you catch that? She is conscious because the two people who are good boys and girls are together, right?

But don’t worry. Because Sophia has no interest in Shiu at all. Siwoo is already an open goal. If you just shoot, it’s a goal.

Haha. We are like family. Is there anyone who is conscious of family as the opposite sex?”

“Hmm, that’s it too.”

After I firmly affirmed it, Louise nodded her head and gave her a satisfied smile. This would have raised her liking her for Siwoo by at least a few steps.

Siwoo, you man, you should thank me.

“By the way, Louise. What do you think of Siwoo?”

“Hmm?! Ta, I don’t really think about anything! I didn’t mean to say anything else!”

“Uh… Haha. I was referring to Siwoo as a prosecutor. Didn’t you fight yourself today?”

“Eh? Ahhh… ! Oops, Cough Cough… “

They say that people who fall in love become fools, and Louise was a really cute fool. Louise, who was caught of her own illusion, dyed her face red in her shame.

And to make matters worse for her, she hurriedly drank her wine and spilled it on her dress. Ooh, is it happy hour? Her clothes her got wet and the area around her breasts her clung to her body her. It’s really nice to see such an insolence of a female knight who showed such a perfect figure.

“Hmmmm… What a great talent. It’s hard to believe that she grew up without a teacher.”

“Haha. Is that so? Still not enough though. I hope to deliver more maps in the future.”

“Leave it to me… But you’re not the only one who needs guidance, right?”


Hey, this doesn’t hurt.
Still, this is a satisfactory result.

He comforted Louise, who was upset, and completed a vicarious impression in place of Siwoo. Now, as long as you make time for the two of you together, things will work out on their own.

The time to openly chat with Sophia wasn’t too far away.


The next day, Sophia went to see them again. When I met her yesterday, she said that she was still having a hard time. From today, she said, she intends to help those people until they adjust to reality again. Because she’s really a saint.

Only the two of us left, Shiu and I headed to Louise’s mansion today. Instead of accepting requests for the time being, he decided to train with Louise at that time.

It’s not about catching monsters, so your stats won’t go up, but at least you’ll be able to gain experience and mastery. I have to be strong, but it is beneficial in many ways.

By the way, this guy Siwoo,
Today, as soon as the training was over, I immediately left for Changgwan.

“Haha. That guy should be ashamed of that.”

And the next day too.

“Haha. That guy, that one.”

And again the next day.

“Haha. That guy.”

And again the next day,


Siwoo went to the window.

“…… “

Is the crazy bastard really out of his mind?

I sent it to get used to sex, but I’m thinking of giving all the money to the window. No matter how scary the late wind is, this is a bit harsh.

Isn’t this what she’s saying to kill the demon lord and live with Martha?

Seeing as if there was an attendance bonus in Changgwan, and seeing that Changgwan had been attending for over a week, I was afraid that the possibility of that was not zero.

No, and what would a man do to refuse Louise’s dinner invitations every day? You’re saying that a prostitute is better than Louise. This seems like the need to have a deep conversation with Siwoo.

“He’s gone today…”

Look at that Let’s see how disappointing it is. The main character who makes the sub-heroine like this! If he’s really Siwoo-like, he’s a Siwoo-like guy.

“I remain. Ha ha… “

Hey, I have to take care of it again. I’m going to lose my self-esteem.


“Anyway, at the dorm, we always talk about Louise-sama. Saying that I can’t look at your face her because I’m shy, or that I learned a big lesson today. I was embarrassed to see how excited they were when they said they had waited this time before leaving today.”

“Is it…”

Alas, this is wrong.

This kind of praise has already come to the point where it doesn’t work. And now there really is nothing to praise anymore. If this continues, the operation will fail.

“But… Continue to do so… Aren’t you refusing? As if you don’t want to be with me…”

“Does Louise want to be with Siu?”

“Um… I just want to get to know him…”

But there you are In my opinion, this is not only Siu’s problem.

This woman, Louise, is as savage as Siu. If you showed a shy, womanly side in front of Siwoo like now, Siwoo would have come over to you a long time ago. But every time he gets nervous and just rolls with an overly straight face, so Siwoo is hitting the iron wall.

No, I wonder if he will have a crush on people like a teaching assistant wearing a red hat. The feeling you had is gone!

“… Is that so?”

And it’s funny that it’s mugwort. Wearing armor that exposes your breastbone openly and wearing a one-piece dress that shows off your inner flesh, and feeling embarrassed in front of a man you really like?

He is truly a sub-heroine-like character.

After… Still can’t help it

For a happy adventure with Sophia, the two must be linked somehow. If that’s the case, I’m saying that I have to solve that awkward part. I should change her to her to her.

“If you want to get to know Siwoo, I can help.”

If Louise dashes a little more aggressively and seduces Siu, then Siu will come to her senses her and pay more attention to Ruiz instead of going to Changgwan, right?

Then, if he somehow instigates Siwoo, who is crazy about her sexual desire her, and crosses the line between Louise and her her, it’s a breeze after that. He’s not the irresponsible guy who eats Siwoo, and if that happens, won’t he become a lover with Louise? It’s a happy ending.

“Hmm…Is there a way?”

“Of course. I will give her a private lesson for Louise-sama.”

“Mmm! Please take care of me then.”

Heroine Netori

Heroine Netori

히로인 네토리
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
[You have awakened the 'Heroine Netori' ability.] [Try to eat the heroines.]


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