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Heroine Netori 89

Heroine Netori 89

Chapter 89 – Royal Road Dragon Item (27)

Ira with Sophia… It’s not that I haven’t thought about it. We have sex every day, but there’s no way I haven’t tried it. Sometimes I imagined what it would be like to get pregnant without using contraceptives after vaginal discharge.

“Sophie… “

But each time, the conclusion was ‘no’.
For the hero’s mentality, for a smooth adventure, for Sofia’s safety, etc… There were several reasons.

“…… “

However, when it came to questioning whether or not she wanted to get pregnant, of course it was the former.
If you get married, have children, and start a family, you will surely enjoy every day. She is confident enough to live happily ever after, making even the goddess Arya envious.
It’s just a pity that the circumstances don’t suit her.


But, is it really so?
Should I really not?

Goddess Arya gave us the strength to defeat the demon king, but she never said how long to defeat it. She means there is no time limit.
If so, would n’t she be fine with having children and waiting for her children to grow up and do their part her, then resume her adventure her?
And if things don’t go well, whether it’s the Demon King or the Great Demon King, you just have to be strong enough to die. Since she can grow infinitely as ‘Heroine Netori’, she also has a way to get out of here and come back to Munchkin to sort things out.
What is it, I was thinking about it for nothing.

“Let’s make it. My child.”

“… Really?”

Yes, since when did you start questioning each and every one? Let’s commit once and for all.
Even if you get caught by Siwoo and become an S-ranker, you can now return to the right to return, so there is no need to worry, and if you think about it carefully, other worries can be resolved in the end.
Happiness right now is more important than that.

“You always said that. Sophie, I’ll give you anything you want.”


When I wholeheartedly affirmed it, Sophia grabbed my face with both hands, looked me in the eyes, and gave me a very happy smile.
If you can see that smile, it’s nothing more than suffering a little.

“Then that’s it.”


“Aha! That’s it! I know, I was fooling around too. When you get pregnant, everything goes back to nothing, but that can’t be the case…”

But now Sophia took a step back.
While making excuses for being a fool, she pretended to be brave, saying that it was okay.

“And… Can’t we just be happy? So please bear with me a little longer.”

“Idiot, you don’t have to put up with it.”

“Ugh… I’m honestly sorry… Only we can do it, and it’s what we have to do! I can’t stop even for everyone!
But until I become an ajumma, I must catch the demon king! Got it!”

I was mistaken. You weren’t pretending to be okay.
Sophia’s expression was sincere when she said she would put up with it for everyone.
Come to think of it, Sophia was originally like this. She is a child who is loved by everyone and knows how to share that love with everyone.

Ah… She is truly a saint.

Then there is nothing you can do
If Sophia is for everyone, I have no choice but to listen to her Sophia, because I am for her Sophia.
As soon as she made up her mind, she’s a bit sad that it’s like this, but she is and she can’t force her to get pregnant.

But… Will you take responsibility?
Sophia made me so hot.

“Instead… Brother, you don’t have to be patient. Fill me up with your brother’s semen tonight… Yes?”

“Maybe tonight.”

“Aha! Really… Hehe.”

I wasn’t the only one who got excited.
Sophia slowly undressed, revealing her seductive body of her, then she clung to me and began to undress me.
Then, she climbed on top of my cock, which was already standing firmly, and swallowed my cock through a hole that only I knew.

Ah… She is truly a saint.


It was a tiring day in many ways, so we woke up late and decided to have another day to reorganize. Then, as if he had waited, Siwoo secretly headed for Changgwan, and Sophia and I had a strange time together again.
But, Siwoo, does that guy go every day without skipping a day? At that rate, the money is going to be spent on the window. Hey Siwoo…

It wasn’t until the next day that we headed to the guild, where we were greeted with cheers from countless adventurers and guild staff.

“You are heroes!”

“Thank you! Good work!”

“Come on! I believed you!”

Well… What is this hospitality? It reminds me of a certain sleepy town and makes me feel strangely bad.
When I heard the story, it seemed that adventurers who had lost their hometown or family and friends because of the orc group had gathered.
Aha, then I understand.

“Come on! I have something to give you!”

Responding to the cheers, we broke through the crowd and went inside, and the guild branch manager greeted us by waving his hand.
He handed over the commission fee and promoted us to level 5 adventurers, so he clamored that what we did this time was really great.

“Thank you…”

That’s true… I was just subjugating Shiu and Louise…
To be honest, I was very embarrassed to see everyone complimenting me this far. Even if you look like this, I am also a person with a conscience. Sophia and Siu were genuinely happy and proud, but I felt like dying.

“Then, let’s go first!”

So I took what I received and quickly ran away from the guild.


The place we ran away from was the Louise’s mansion. I received an official invitation as soon as I arrived at the dorm two days ago, and today is the invitation day. Seeing that the date was set so quickly, it must have been that he missed Siwoo quite a bit.
After arriving at a building larger than our accommodation, we held out an invitation and a maid herself guided us. Hey, you really wear clothes like that. As I couldn’t take my eyes off the maid’s uniform, Sofia secretly pinched my side.

“Thank you for accepting the invitation. Nice to meet you, Louise Cline.”

After following the maid into the mansion and walking for quite some time, we met Louise Klein. Louise greeted us with a confident expression as always, and I could feel her eyes lingering on Siu a little longer.

“… I mean, that’s how it happened…”

Well… What else is this?
But Louise didn’t call us simply to express her gratitude for her. She was now seeking her mate her.

“… We need more people who can deal with those demons…”

According to her, there are demons who created the remodeled goblins she met at the back of this group of orcs. And those bastards remodel monsters and send them to humans for experiments, and she needs at least one more colleague to stop it.

“… So, I would like your help… How is it?”

By the way, it’s not the Marta guards who need that help. It is said that there is a secret group dealing with the demons to which Louise belongs. Louise is inviting us to that group as her companions her.

“It is an honor.”

Indeed, it is.
That’s how it went
The true main quest of the Royal Road Hero was this.
Then you can’t refuse.

“I will agree with Louise-sama’s will.”

“Hehe, me too!”

“If I can be of any help, no matter what!”

“Hmm! That’s the answer I was hoping for!”

I feel like I just finished Chapter 1.


“Huh… Heo-eok…”

Something is wrong.

“Keep it off!”

“Stand up! Is it just that much?”


Something is very wrong.
Why am I rolling here right now?

“Hmm… I can’t help it. I’ll just stop here for today.”

You invited me as a colleague. We said we would know

“Huh… Ha… “

“But be mindful. That I can’t accept you as a colleague even after a month.”

Then that’s it, what a skill test!

In order to become a member of Louise’s secret group, a minimum level of skills was required, but unfortunately, the cut-off was quite high, so Siu and I couldn’t pass it.
So Louise decided to take her time and practice sparring herself, tutoring us until we had the skills we needed.

No, that’s good, but what’s so hard about it… Even Siwoo stretched out as soon as it ended like that, so it was good that I had endured until now.

For reference, Sophia is an exception because she is a healer. Even being able to use a heel like Sofia was considered a pass.
So instead of doing her sparring, Sophia went to meet the women who had been captured by the orcs. She seemed to still be concerned.
Damn, if I’m going to do this, I’ll just say that I can heal too and I’ll follow…

“It’s getting late. How can we have a meal together?”

“I… Sorry. I have work, so I’ll go first. Enough then.”

“Um… “

Are you crazy? Shiu rejected Louise’s invitation and left her mansion without looking back.
From the looks of it, it was clear that he was going to the window again. You’re addicted to that! It looks like you need a dick shutdown agent.

“Oh, I’m good!”

“Uh… Right. You were there Well… I see.”

Aren’t you blatantly disappointed?
It’s good though. Now it’s time to take the next step in the plan to tie the two together.

Heroine Netori

Heroine Netori

히로인 네토리
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
[You have awakened the 'Heroine Netori' ability.] [Try to eat the heroines.]


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