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Heroine Netori 88

Heroine Netori 88

Chapter 88 – Royal Road Dragon Item (26)

There are many clichés in the world.
Did you do it? If you say that the enemy is fine,
When this war is over, I’m going to propose to her! If I say that, she will die,
If you write a comment of 5700 characters, you will be dragged into a novel,


Or, like now, the main character correction.

No, do you really mean it? Cut the lightning? Are you a ninja…
Look at the boss’s expression. I’m so dumbfounded that I’m completely stunned, but hehe.


Siwoo, who had no mercy, cut down the boss who had already lost the will to resist.
Then, the colossal body of Kuunggo collapsed.
After… I was nervous while watching it, but the ending was so empty.

– Clap clap clap!
“… Great! What a surprise!”

Then, along with the sound of applause behind my back, I heard the voice I remembered.


Looking back, Louise, the deputy commander of Martha’s guard, was looking at Siu with a flushed face.
And behind her, she saw her men distributing clothes to her women her and Sophia helping them.
Brutus! You said it well before it was too late. Fortunately, the guards arrived at the right time.

I was worried because Siwoo caught the boss too quickly, but it was unfounded. As planned, Louise didn’t miss Siwoo’s performance.
If this is enough, you will be interested in Siwoo again, right? This time, I will not spare any help so that the two of them can have a good relationship.

“Louise! Thank you for your support!”

“Hmm! I hurriedly ran, but the situation was already over. After all, you guys are talented people you can trust.”

“I was lucky. Haha.”

“No! Luck is also a skill. And isn’t it already the second? If coincidence happens twice, that’s also a skill. After all, my eyes are not wrong.”

“What… Thank you for looking at it that way.”

“And that guy… It’s unbelievable for a swordsman who just became an adventurer. And I think I’m stronger than I was that day.”

Oh, the response is good? I feel like I’ve already hit MAX.
With her eyes twinkling, Louise complimented Siwoo one by one on how great his performance was. What is this, can I encourage you a little more?

“Yeah, even after Siu arrived in Martha, he practiced without a day off. It’s only natural that you’ve become that strong!”

“Well! Did he practice every single day? Awesome!”

Sophia, who had come to her side of her before she knew it, seemed to have noticed that and added words of praise to Siwoo. Louise then reacted to the word training, and she was visibly amused.
Is Louise also a trainee? So, do the two really get along? A desire arises.

“Brother… You should return that doll now, ah, Louise-sama!”

“See you again soon! But in the meantime, you’ve become so strong! As someone who wields the same sword, I salute you.”

“Uh… Thank you! Being able to receive such praise from Louise, who handles sword skills, is an honor for me as a person who handles swords.”

“… Hmmmm!”

Are you in a good mood? When Siwoo returned after finishing the cleaning process, Louise made a fuss about her and greeted Siwoo, and Siwoo also greeted her happily.
And the two of them started telling their own stories while doing something as prosecutors, and it was nice to see them.

“How about I invite you to my house today to say thank you?”

“Is that true? We are always…”

“Sorry. It’s going to be tough today.”

“…… “

What. No, the atmosphere suddenly became cold…
Just as I was about to accept Louise’s invitation, who was on edge, Siu refused with a straight face. Did this bastard refuse because he had to go to Changgwan again?
Seeing Shiu’s unexpected refusal, Louise hardened as she smiled. She couldn’t have thought she’d be rejected. She was a bit pitiful.

“This bastard? How dare you refuse the unit commander’s invitation?!”

“What are you like!”

Perhaps I wasn’t the only one who felt that way, but the subordinates next to me gave in their anger instead of Louise.
Everyone seemed genuinely angry, but I could feel that they respected Louise that much.

“Now! Look at our appearance. Aren’t you completely covered in blood now? It would be rather disrespectful to Louise-sama to accept the invitation like this.”

“Right! Louise-sama is the goddess of Martha! Please give us a chance to prepare to welcome the goddess!”

Thanks to that, it was hard for me and Sophia to make excuses.
Shit. My body is tired, so what’s wrong with going there and getting some treats? Whew.
Still, Louise seemed to have no intention of flirting with us, and she accepted our excuse with a smile. And like Louise, who is weak in her praise of her, she pretended not to hear Sophia’s goddess voice, but she twitched her ears and liked it.
Is this gap moe? That kind of thing is so cute.

“This is an example. I was short on thoughts. Then I will send you an official invitation, so be sure to accept it then.”

“Of course. I’ll be waiting for you!”


Instead of going to the guild, we returned straight to the inn. If you go to the guild, it was obvious that it would take time to be caught by people and listen to the story again and again.
So I decided to leave all of that to the guards and take a break today. I was very tired and needed to soothe the shock I received today.
Obese obese Okrani… I’m still really dizzy.

However, shortly after arriving at the dorm, Siwoo secretly called me and took the doll from me.
What? Of course, I thought that Siu would go straight to Changgwan, but it seems that was not the case.
Does Martha have Siwoo’s connections that I don’t know about? Or maybe you’re going to give that doll as a gift to a prostitute?
Ey, because I’m tired, nonsense comes out naturally.


As I shook her head and went up to the room, Sophia ran up to me and hugged me.
Yes, Sophia must have been shocked too. Girls my age suffered like that…
Seeing Sophia trembling in my arms, I felt very sorry for not paying attention to her earlier.
I must have pretended to be bright in front of them. She is a real saint

“Sophie, are you okay?”

“Brother… Please stay like this for a while.”

“… You can stay forever.”

Sofia sniffed, burying her face in my chest, then when I stroked her back her, she started crying out loud.
The emotions I had been holding back seemed to finally come out.

“I feel so sorry… Black, uh… Why did they have to suffer like that?”

“Sophie… “

“Yes? Brother… Heck, why couldn’t I protect them… ?”

“It’s not your fault.”

“Aww… That’s it, that’s it! The goddess gave me strength… Ugh, it’s to save people!”

Was it because I couldn’t save them before being attacked by the orcs? Sophia felt guilty. She was sorry even though it wasn’t her fault and she blamed herself.

“Did you save them in the end? You are a hero to them. So don’t be sad.”

“Ugh… Ahhhhh…!”

I continued to comfort Sophia and hug her tightly until she calmed down.
Maybe I saw this world too easily. This is truly a ‘Royal Road’ warrior. Unlike other fantasy genres that have diversified with cliché twists, the really righteous boys are warriors and the really benevolent girls are saints.
He sincerely believes in the mission given by the goddess and tries his best to save the world. If I’m going to enjoy this world, I’ll have to adapt to it to some extent. Yes, even for Sophia’s sake, I must be sincere too.
With that determination, I put Sophia, exhausted from crying, on her bed.



“Hey… Do you know why orcs are so sexually crazy?”

“… Uh? Am I not sure?”

But what is he talking about all of a sudden?
Sophia held my hand that had been stroking her hair with both hands, and she spoke to me in a moist voice.

“They say that orcs never back down from a fight. Never, even if it means dying. That’s why they live with the idea that they can die at any time.”

“… I see.”

“And since you can die at any time, sow your own seeds whenever you get a chance.

Aha, knowledge has increased. Are you saying it’s full of racial breeding instincts?
But why are you saying that? Uh… Isn’t it?

“It must not be easy to defeat the demon king, right? It must be so difficult that you risk your life. … Is it not?”

“I guess… It won’t be easy.”

“… Brother… “

After her words her, Sophia turned around and mounted me. Then she lowered one hand and cupped my prick with her cute little hand. My cock her was erect, of course. Sophia was happy with that, and she rubbed against me and started licking the nape of my neck.

“Hello, brother. … Want.”

“Ha… Brother’s child…”

“My brother and my child… Want to make yes?”

Heroine Netori

Heroine Netori

히로인 네토리
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
[You have awakened the 'Heroine Netori' ability.] [Try to eat the heroines.]


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