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Heroine Netori 87

Heroine Netori 87

Chapter 87 – Royal Road Dragon Item (25)

Like a righteous warrior, Siu, who was very angry with the orcs, emotionally screamed differently than usual and rushed at them.
The orcs who were enjoying the festival noisily laughed at Siu as he ran alone, but that laughter quickly disappeared as his comrades began to die one by one.
The orcs who came to their senses belatedly confronted Siu seriously, but the orcs who were not properly armed could not overcome Siu.

“Sophie, now.”


As Siwoo drew their attention as planned, Sophie and I went back to the other side and entered the tent where the women were being raped.
And he witnessed such a terrible sight.

“Hey… Hee hee hee…. Hee hee, hee hee.”


An orgy for mating was taking place here.
The orcs treated the women like livestock, and women who couldn’t resist were being raped by the orcs’ huge cocks.
It was hard to find anyone who could stay sane, and most of the women were drooling and making animal-like noises.
Among them were women who were already pregnant or had a bulging belly, but the orcs didn’t care and fucked their cocks without mercy.

“What the fuck is this… “

But it was as expected so far.
Even the women who breast-feed the young orcs,
Women who succumb to cocks and rather enjoy rape,
Furthermore, women who seemed to truly love orcs,
It’s horrible, but I thought it was possible.

But why…

“I feel so sorry… Let’s save us quickly!”

– Quiik?
-Queen! Quiik!


“Ah, yes. Okay.”

Why are they all pigs like that?
I feel like I’ve been hit by an eye attack. I think it will stay in my head for a while…
The sight of naked women being raped by orcs, who were well over twice my weight, was too shocking a reality for me to bear.

– Quiik! Quick! Chi Wick!
– Quiik! Quiy!

Oh yeah. First of all, I’m going to relieve you by killing you guys.


We were able to rescue all the women safely.
No, can I say this safely?
There were too many women who were mentally broken, and among them were women who sincerely wept over the slaughtered orcs. Everyone seemed to have difficulties living a normal life.
Feeling sorry for Sophia, she tried using Heal and Purify, but unfortunately it didn’t work. It seemed that a different skill was needed to cure the mental system.
Fortunately, there were a few women who were still sane, so with their help, we were able to get them to safety.

“Brother, then I’ll be guarding this place!”

“You know what’s dangerous? Be sure to think about the shield magic.”

“Aha! Don’t worry. My brother bought it for me! So don’t worry and go quickly!”

Sofia decided to remain here to help reassure the women and bring them to their senses until her guards arrived. After all, she is a saint. So nice
I looked at the women one by one through observation and confirmed that there was no one to be a problem, so I trusted Sophia and went out to help Siu.

“Whoa… These orcs are real bastards.”

Shocking fact.
Orcs like fat women.
More shocking facts.
He forcibly fattens the women he kidnapped orcs for his liking his.

Therefore, the women in the tent were forcibly tortured and turned into pigs.
Only then did the satisfied orcs rape the women.

“We respect tastes, but we don’t force them to be respected, you crazy bastards!”

By the way, this is common sense in this worldview, but thanks to that, there is a saying that when a woman gains weight, ‘You’ll get kidnapped by an orc?’
It’s a terrifying worldview. It was understandable that Sophia had genuine sympathy for women.

Wait, then what will happen to the traditional knights and orcs?
If the female knight says, ‘Kuu, kill me’, the orc isn’t raping her, it’s gluttony. Fuck…Really dizzy

– Quieyieek!
-Qui… Queueek!

Oh, when I came back to the middle, Siwoo’s massacre was in progress.
Siu sliced ​​the orc covered in blood, but seeing that there were no wounds, it was clear that it was all orc blood.
Yes seeu Let’s kill them all, leaving no one behind.
I can’t forgive the orcs who showed me such terrible things.

“Is it worth it?”

“Brother! What happened?!”

“I got everything according to the plan. Sophia is guarding it now.”

“No. Did you kill them all?”

What, are you serious about killing orcs? My thoughts go through today

When I naturally approached Siwoo, Siwoo greeted me with a smile.
However, when I saw that the word “Killed him” Came out, it seemed that Siwoo was really angry.
The aggressive Siwoo was awkward today, but it was much better looking than the timid one like Hogu. Also. You did a good job getting rid of it.

“I killed all of them without leaving a single one. How about here?”

“It’s been sorted out, but I can feel a tremendous energy coming from far away. I think he is probably the boss of the orc group.”

“It’s good that you came to see me on your own.”

I am not a warrior for nothing. I think I’ve become strong enough, but I can’t even grasp the barriers, and even now I can’t feel any energy. Dirty talent.
But rather good The stronger the hero, the better he rides on the bus, so we’ll have to train him well in the future.

“Then hold your breath for a while. I’ll be cleaning things up until the boss comes.”

“Thank you, brother.”

Thank you. It’s all experience.
The orcs, who were morally embarrassed by Siu, seemed to have no fighting spirit at all, even though they were holding weapons. Hunting these guys was as easy as eating cake.
But even in this state, they don’t manage to run away and are dealing with it. Are you saying that the upcoming boss is more frightening than the slaughter Siwoo?


“Brother! Look out!”

“What, ghast!”

I was distracted by the experience gluttony and was cutting down the few remaining orcs, but Siwoo suddenly warned me to be careful. As I looked back at what it was, something flew and hit my body.
Instinctively, I raised my shield to block it, but the impact threw me off the ground, and I only regained my senses after rolling a few times.

“What the fuck!”

Sick. The arm holding the shield was tingling, and the aftermath of the impact still remained on his body. As I hurriedly stood up, I felt the atmosphere around me change.
Vitality returned to the eyes of the orcs whose morale had dropped to the bottom, and they became ferocious as if they would attack at any moment.
While I was confused as to what the hell was going on, Siwoo stood in front of me as if protecting me and took out the holy sword again.

“Brother, please step back. I think the boss is here.”


When he raised his head at Siwoo’s words, a guy several times the size of an ordinary orc appeared over the hill. As soon as I saw him, I realized his true identity.

“You’re an Orc shaman!”

Only then did I understand. It was that guy who created the barrier.
Somehow, the orcs were said to be inside the barrier, but if the boss was an orc shaman, the situation was correct.
But why is the shaman that big? The muscular boss glared at us with a large crystal ball.

– Quaang!
-Quie, Kiik…


And from that crystal ball, magic poured out at a speed that was too fast for the eyes to follow.
Fortunately, the attack missed and fell on the few remaining Orcs, but seeing the terribly twisted faces of them, I could imagine the destructive power.
This… Is it energy bolt magic? The attack that I barely blocked with my shield earlier must have been that magic, but seeing that the shock hasn’t gone away yet, it’s a really difficult opponent.
No, but this isn’t the level of an orc shaman, it’s just an orc mage.
Orcs also have mages… ? It is also a world view that is not easy.

“Hey! Can you win?!”

“Do not worry!”

However, we also have a formidable fraudulent character on our side. Go, Siwoo!
Siwoo calmly avoided his attack and approached him. Even if he’s fast and powerful, he’ll stop if he doesn’t get hit in the end. With the low accuracy magic, he couldn’t hit the fast-moving Siwoo.



Damn it was shallow
Unfortunately, Siwoo also had a problem. He was able to approach him while evading attacks, but with the current holy sword, it was difficult to hit an overly large man with an effective blow. At least on that day, shouldn’t it be the size of a greatsword when dealing with a remodeled goblin?
However, if you change it like that, your movement speed will be limited. Knowing this fact, Siu did not change the Seotbulli holy sword and stuck to the current method.

– Quiik!
– Quiyi… Igiggeek!

But to my surprise, that was enough.
Siwoo did not allow a single attack and overpowered him, gradually tightening his breath. The boss died slowly without being able to resist properly. If things went on like this, Siwoo’s victory was certain.
Adda, Siwoo, I can’t stop this right now.


But a boss is also a boss.
It didn’t go easy.

The boss, who backed away with a loud cry, raised the crystal ball upwards, and in an instant, the surroundings darkened and crackling black clouds appeared in the sky.

“Hey, Josh… “

Seeing the seemingly dangerous magic, before he could say anything to be careful, a bolt of lightning struck Siwoo at the speed of an instant.
This time, it was a devastating attack with a wide range that hit Siwoo’s standing position without being able to avoid it at all.

“… Is it real?”

However, Siwoo
Without changing his expression his, he calmly blocked his attack his.
The boss must have gotten tired of that fact and dropped the crystal ball to the ground.

“Lightning… Did you cut it?”

Heroine Netori

Heroine Netori

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