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Heroine Netori 86

Heroine Netori 86

Chapter 86 – Royal Road Dragon Item (24)

In a small room with red lights on, Siu sat on a soft yet firm bed and anxiously waited for a woman to enter the room.
Deok-bae said that the woman would take care of everything, so she didn’t have to worry, but it was inevitable that Si-woo, her sympathy to her, would be nervous.

Which girl will come in?
Can I do it right?
What if they laugh at me?

The woman who was guiding Siwoo said that there was a woman who was perfect for him and that he was lucky, but Siwoo couldn’t calm down at all.
The trouble that started once bit the tail, and the worry deepened, but the answer was not visible.
Cold sweats had already begun to flow, and although I was not thirsty, my mouth was dry and my throat ached.
For Siwoo, who has never had proper skinship with a woman, having sex with a woman he has never met was a huge ordeal.
Siu doesn’t even know how to swim, but he feels like he’s lost in the open sea.


I finally understood Deokbae’s words that he needed to get used to sex for Sofia’s sake.
In the moment of her precious first experience her with her, could n’t she show her unseemly side of her?
Thinking it might be a betrayal of Sophia, he laughed at himself.

“Okay… I should lead Sophia, who learns well here and knows nothing.”

As much as she is passionate about women, Sophia must be bitter about men.
Siwoo forcibly swallowed the tension thinking of Sofia and took his heart his.


“Oh, hello… “

When a woman I had never seen before carefully opened the door and came in half-naked.
His heart his quickly broke.

– Thump thump thump

Siwoo’s heart beat like crazy.
Seeing the woman’s inner skin for the first time in his life was too irritating for Siu to endure.
His face his heated up and a signal came from his lower body his.
I had to say hello, but my voice didn’t come out.
Siwoo just blankly watched the woman.

Sophia’s thoughts had long since disappeared from Siu’s head his.


It turns out that he is a virgin. Siwoo naturally thought that a prostitute who was familiar with men would come to visit him.
But when she entered the room, she was a naive woman who didn’t fit in with Chang-gwan at all.

“I… My name is Mary… Well, please…”

Surprisingly, Mary said that Siu was her first guest of hers.
No, he said he was the first man before he was the first guest.

“Me too! Well… Well, please, I’ll do it!”

Is that why? Mary was overly shy and took off her underwear in front of Siu. Unlike her pure face her, Mary had a very mature body.
Her large hips her accentuated her slender waist her, and her pink areolas made her breasts even more beautiful.


When Siwoo lowered her head, he could see Mary’s pristine, pristine cunt her.
Mary felt Siwoo’s gaze on her and opened her own cunt on her own, proving her innocence on her with her hymen on her. When she said it was the first time, it was true.

“Sister… I just had to show you…”

However, Siu did not understand Mary’s behavior of her. Si-woo did not know how the hymen, which he had only heard about, was formed.
Siu just thought her Mary her was showing her genitals her.

“I, guest… “

It wasn’t a wrong idea, but it was a different reaction than she intended.
Mary, noticing this, spoke to Siu in a trembling voice, holding her hand that spread her cunt.

“My hymen… Do you want to touch or see?”


After that, everything was over in the blink of an eye.
Siwoo does as Mary tells him
He caressed her, penetrated her, and ejaculated on her.

There was trial and error in the process of Mary, who only had the knowledge she had learned at Changgwan, and Siwoo, who did not even have that knowledge, but in the end, they succeeded in having sex.
It was the first experience of each other that ended in an instant, but the bodies of the two were still hot, and the two of them looked at each other and took a rough breath, unable to escape from the afterglow.

“Ha… You were in a good mood… ? Ha… Were you satisfied with me?”

“It was great… “

When Mary, who had just ceased to be a virgin, asked Si-wu how she felt with her tears welling up in her eyes her, Si-wu, who escaped her virginity her, wiped away her tears and answered kindly.

“Black… Sobbing… Thank you black…”

But at Siwoo’s answer to her, Mary couldn’t stop her tears and started to cry.

“Uh… Uh? Wait, yup!”

Seeing that, Siu panicked and tried to pull herself away, but Mary hugged him and put her lips to Siu’s to prevent him from running away.
She then put her own tongue, which was wet with her saliva, into Siu’s mouth her, and she carefully caressed Siu’s tongue her.
It was another first experience for both her and Siwoo.

“Chuuuuu, ha… Guest… Whoa, thank you… Chew.”


Siwoo felt a strange feeling from Mary, who kissed and thanked her partner for offering her virginity to her. This unknown feeling was strangely addictive, and the more she clung to herself as Mary cried, the more it grew.

“The first experience is definitely… Ugh, I thought it would be terrible. Thanks to the customer, Churup, ha… I was so happy… Ha… “

“Haha a guest for life… Chuuut… I won’t forget… Gulp, ha…”

And the more I did, the more my lust came back.
Siwoo’s cock, which had not yet come out of Mary’s vagina, became hard again.

“Ah! Guest, that’s great. “

“Mary, that… Once more… Will it?”

“Ha ha… If the customer wants it, it’s okay…”


After another round of sex, Siwoo pulled his cock out of Mary’s cunt, revealing an ugly stick tainted with virgin blood and semen.
Mary saw it and said it was her service her, swallowing Siu’s cock with her own little mouth and sucking it on her side her, cleaning it hard.
She occasionally had her teeth chatter, but the more she did, the more Mary focused on cleaning.

Weary at the sight
She felt her emotions flare up again.

“Merry… Then that… Are you accepting other guests now?”

“I don’t know…”

He didn’t want to miss this feeling.
But she felt that if Mary had sex with another man she would never feel this feeling again.

“I’ll come every day! That… So… Never accept other guests. … Will you?”

I absolutely hated that.
Just thinking about it was terrifying and unpleasant.
She had to feel this emotion unconditionally.

“… Yes! I’m for Siwoo-nim!”

Fortunately, Mary was delighted and listened to her own words.
Satisfied with that fact, Siu ejaculated again.

Mary’s cleaning time got longer.


Last night, Siu, who finished hunting and made time for himself, went to Mary as promised.
She was Mary, who had become awkward again in the course of a day, but when she started having sex, the two quickly flared up like the day before.

But before Siwoo left, Mary started crying again.
She shed tears in Siwoo’s arms, saying that she shouldn’t be the only one who could be this happy.
As Siu comforted her without knowing her English her, her her Mary her began to sob and tell her own story her.


“… The village was burning. I couldn’t find a single person, and I was alone overnight…”

Her village her was attacked one day by someone, and she was able to escape the anger because she was outside the village, but her family her did not.

“… So I came to Martha. To live. But there was nothing I could do…”

In order to survive, she walked for days nonstop to reach Martha, but no place accepted her.
She says that no one listened to her request her to sleep instead of money because she would work.

“… Madam saved her from being raped… And she gave me a job. But there is. Funny enough, that’s selling your body. What’s the difference…”

Eventually, she went out on the streets to earn her money and begged for her money her, only to be caught and nearly raped by her back alley thugs.
It is said that the madam of her Changgwan, who happened to pass by her luck her, gave her a chance to work at Changgwan after rescuing her her.

“… Still, I was able to meet Siwoo… So I’m really happy. By the way… “

So, I thought she would only have a hard time, but unexpectedly, the people of Changgwan were kind,
It is said that thanks to this, she was able to meet the kind Siu, and she was so happy.

“… Can I be happy like this? You don’t even know where your family is? Please tell me sir…”

But the more she laughs, the happier she is, the more she thinks of her family, whom she can’t tell if they are alive or dead, which pains her so much, she says.


“… What is that doll! What is that … I ran away from home because I hated her parents who only took care of her little brother her… But I shouldn’t have done that.”

“If I knew I would never see you again, I never would have done that… What is that doll really…”

And Mary brought up her doll.
The doll that her father made by carving wood herself.
The doll that he made all day long for his younger brother and that he, the birthday boy, didn’t even care about.
Even so, the doll that didn’t even look like a rabbit.

No matter how much he thought about it, the doll he was holding right now looked like the one Mary had mentioned.

“Brother. Can you take care of this for a while?”

If that was true, Siu couldn’t forgive the orcs.

Heroine Netori

Heroine Netori

히로인 네토리
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
[You have awakened the 'Heroine Netori' ability.] [Try to eat the heroines.]


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