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Heroine Netori 85

Heroine Netori 85

Chapter 85 – Royal Road Dragon Item (23)

Even if I met a monster, I thought I would meet a monster with high intelligence…
Okrani! The monster with the furthest intelligence is an orc!
Simple, knowing nothing but power, running only in a straight line toward the target in front of you,
If it’s good, it’s a real man, and if it’s bad, the empty-headed race was in the barrier.

– Quiik!
– Quiik! Quiik!

What, did you hear me swearing?
There were two orcs who appeared after disabling the barrier, but when they saw us suddenly appearing, they were started and made an unpleasant noise.
Okra… Well, it’s not me from a few months ago.
I lightly kicked the ground and ran towards the orcs.

[Weakness: Neck]
[Weakness: Neck]

Seeing that their neck was their weak point, it didn’t seem like they were much different from real Orcs.
Recalling the memory of when he slaughtered the orcs in the dungeon, he pushed the ax away with his shield and stabbed the man in the neck with his sword.

-Quik… Quick.

“Great! I never thought you would be this strong!”

“Aha! My brother is rather strong!”

Brutus was greatly impressed when he killed the two orcs in an instant.
Seeing that, Sophia smiled triumphantly instead of me.
Did it make you feel better to see me being praised? Because it’s really cute.
I asked Brutus while tossing Sophia’s hair her.

“Then we’ll investigate the inside like this, so Brutus-sama, please call the guards.”

“Ah, I see! I’ll bring you right away!”

The safest thing is to wait for the guards’ support and go inside together, but the impact is weak.
In order to impress Louise once again, I think we have to show that we can solve this level with our own hands. Orcs were not difficult opponents.

“But are you okay? The three of us?”

“Not three. There is a goddess Don’t believe in you, believe in the Goddess who believes in you!”

“… I see! Okay!”

Siwoo still seemed uneasy, but this time he used the Goddess cheat key, so he gained courage at once.
Goddess… All of this is for a great cause, so please forgive me!


After that, we continued to catch orcs and advance into the forest.
Orcs, which were rarely seen at first, appeared more frequently and more frequently the deeper they went inside.
Seeing that they still haven’t found the base of the orcs, it seemed that the space hidden by the barrier was wider than expected.


“Sophie, Siwoo. Let’s rest for a while.”

I thought it would be solved soon, but it happened that the guards arrived before solving the case.
What is really so wide… !
Sophia, who was strong, was already panting and struggling, and Siwoo didn’t show it, but seeing his expression his hardened, it was clear that he was struggling as well.
Of course, me too. If it wasn’t fortunate that he earned experience points, he would have quit a long time ago.


“Yes? What.”

While walking to the shade to rest, he stepped on an object.
Hey, are you saying you’re so tired that you can’t see under your feet?
It was right to take a break at this point.

“A rabbit doll?”

When I took my foot off and looked down, there was a rabbit doll carved out of wood.
It’s not very well made, so it looks like a toy made by an individual, but it’s said that it’s in a barrier…
It’s a doll that was in Aselene Forest from the beginning, or a doll dropped by a person trapped in a barrier.
I wish it was the former, but my intuition is telling me it’s the latter.
Damn you orcs.

“… Brother! Now, can I look at that for a second?”

“Now, here.”

But when Siwoo saw the doll, he asked me for it with a pale expression as if he had seen a ghost.
Why are you like this all of a sudden? Could there be something in the doll that only I can’t see?
Feeling embarrassed, I immediately handed over the doll to Siu and approached Sofia, who was resting in the shade.

“Sophie, what do you think of that doll?”

“Um… I don’t know? Are you just a doll? But it’s not very cute.”

Okay? That means that there is something only Siu knows about…
Isn’t this the first time she’s been to Martha? Oh, I don’t know. If it’s important, I’ll tell you.
I’m tired and my head won’t roll.

“Brother, is it hard? Voila! Come on, lie down!”

“Sophie… You are best.”

“Hehe. Oh wait! Don’t get down!”

After all, Sophia is a saint!
Our saintess sacrificed herself to make her a lap pillow for me when I was tired.
Unfortunately, I couldn’t put her face between her thighs her, but if you lay down like this, you can see Sofia’s breasts from a low angle, so this is good as it is.
In addition, stroking her hair with the saintess’ affection! Ah… I felt my fatigue disappear in an instant at the soft and pleasant touch.

-Shoo Woo

Oh, it’s not a feeling, it’s actually like that.
Correct. Thanks to the saintess’ healing her, her fatigue her disappeared and her body her became more energetic.
Come to think of it, her heels also had this function, but I had n’t thought about it at all.

“I feel good…”

Wouldn’t this be heaven where you could forget everything and just play with Sophia?
A cool shade, a refreshing breeze, lovely Sofia, and…
Siwoo frowning?

“Oh, what a surprise.”

Come to think of it, we weren’t alone.
I was distracted by the destructive power of her lap pillow.

But why is he looking so serious?
Siwoo was staring at the stuffed rabbit given to me earlier, not paying attention to whether or not we were close together.

Well… I don’t know what it is, but thanks to that, I didn’t notice and enjoyed it well.
Thank you soo


The heavenly break time was over and the hellish search time was back again.
I couldn’t even rest for 5 minutes, but now I’m going to have to suffer for 50 more minutes. Shit.
Still, that’s the plan I chose. I have no choice but to grit my teeth and endure.

“Brother. Can you take care of this for a while?”

“You want me to take over?”

“Yes. Can you put it in Goddess Arya’s space for a while? Just until this is over.”

What? As I was preparing to leave, Siwoo approached me with a melancholy expression.
Then he returned the doll he had been eyeing until now and asked to put it in his inventory.
No, is it that precious? This?

“Okay. I don’t know what it is, but don’t worry. I will keep it for sure.”

“Thank you brother… “

Well, because there is room in the slot. It is not difficult to grant such a request.
When I was given the doll and put it in my inventory, Siu bowed down to his waist and thanked me.
No, it seems to be very important. At this point, I’m more burdened.
I asked what kind of doll it was, but Siwoo laughed bitterly and said there was such a thing.
I really want to hit you…
Look at me because I’m a warrior.

“Now, let’s start again.”


Unlike before, I didn’t encounter other orcs this time.
But I finally found a group of them.
At some point, I heard a commotion from inside the forest, so I lowered my posture and looked around, and there was an orc base at the bottom of the hill.

“Ha… Cursing comes out of me.”

I wondered why I didn’t see it all of a sudden, and those bastards were gathering among themselves and holding a festival.
And, damn it, there were humans at the center of the festival.


“Sophie, turn your head. Don’t force yourself to look.”

No, is it accurate to say that it is the center of the topic? They burned humans and ate human meat.
And from inside the tent opposite, women’s screams and moans broke out non-stop.
Damn, is this worldview really hard?!

“Dogs… “

The orcs in the dungeon had castrated instincts and only wanted to kill the hunters, but they didn’t try to violate or eat them.
The Orcs here clearly showed why they were called monsters.
That’s how it feels.

“Brother… I can never forgive.”

“You too? Me too man.”

It’s not because he has a noble spirit like Siwoo.
Nor was it to follow the will of the goddess Arya.
It’s just, it’s just fucking.
I can’t leave these guys alone for my mood.

“Me too!”

“Are you okay?”

“Because this is the power I received from the goddess to help me at times like this!”

After all, she’s not a saint for nothing. Because you’re really nice
Yes, not only for my mood, but also for Sofia’s sake, I have to defeat the orcs and save people.
Otherwise, Sophia will be sad. Can’t see that

“Then Siu. You run first Kill all of those bastards and draw attention. In the meantime, Sophie and I will rescue the women trapped in the tent. Can you do it alone?”


“Sophie. Rescue the women and hide while I kill the orcs inside the tent. Then I will go to support Siu.”

“Yes! I will do it!”

Whoa, thanks to her fucking feelings her, her anger her surged to the top of her head, but it’s not bad.
There’s a saying, “Hard head, cold heart”.

I’m going to use this feeling as fuel to kill all the orcs.

“Great! Then let’s go!”

Oh, was it the other way around?

Heroine Netori

Heroine Netori

히로인 네토리
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
[You have awakened the 'Heroine Netori' ability.] [Try to eat the heroines.]


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