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Heroine Netori 130

Heroine Netori 130

Chapter 130 – Hosted a Slave Party (23)

Oh what why is he here now?
If so, I will leave… ?

Due to Lee Soo-bin’s sudden appearance, the plan that had been set up in advance was ruined.
I didn’t mean to reveal it so quickly… !

Originally, when Siwoo, who was frustrated by today’s work, went back to Soobin Lee,
I was thinking of having sex while showing Lee Soo-bin, who had already been captured.

However, with the present incident, the operation of ‘hit the head twice’ ended in failure.

Shit… Doesn’t this mean that you can’t even get an A grade?
She should have told me not to come by order, but she was too complacent.

Seeing Siwoo’s expression in her, she seems quite shocked…
Seeing that I still haven’t been notified that I’ve reached grade A, it seems that I need stronger stimulation than now.

After… I can’t help it.
She has no choice but to have an orgy while openly showing herself to Siwoo.

Seeing Siwoo in pain made her conscience her sting a little, but
Even so, it’s not even real anyway, is it?
As much as you are having a hard time, I will save Siwoo of the Royal Road Dragon, so please understand…

I internally comforted Siwoo and pulled my cock out of Seolah Han’s cunt her.

“Ellis. I’m sorry, but I’m having a little fun with Seol-ah.”

“Yeah?! Now it’s your turn to fuck me! Too bad!”

“Hehe, sister… Don’t do that, kiss me and wait… Yeah? Haam, churup, haha… Under… Alice’s sister… Ha… “

Then, after holding Lee Soo-bin in her arms her, she asked Si-woo while caring her nipple her.

“Tell me how to date Subin again?”

“Yah?! What are you talking about now?”

“…… Ugh, ugh!!”

“There is no such thing. Siwoo.”

So you should have done well while you were there.

In front of Siwoo, who couldn’t answer because of my order and masturbated while moaning.
After inserting her arm into her hamstrings of Lee Soo-bin, he lifted her up.
It was the so-called upside-down position.

“Hey! This posture… Boo, that’s embarrassing…!”

In that state, I put her cock in the mouth of her cunt her, then turned her around and muttered to her.
Then she got angry for a moment, then lowered her head and opened her own cunt to look at Siu.

“Look Carefully… Has changed a lot? It’s because the owner fucked me so much… Now I’ve become a pussy that’s not satisfied with your cock…”

Ok, say this
Even though it was a request, not an order, Lee Subin listened to my words.
Siwoo had long since disappeared from the completely captured mind of Soobin Lee.

Delighted by that fact, I bounced around the waist her and rammed my cock all the way inside her.

“Ha, Haaang, too should be this cock!”

Then she gasped loudly, raising her voice more than usual.
Not only was the tightening stronger, but it seemed that he was more excited because he was in front of Siwoo’s eyes in her.

…… By the way, you still don’t get an A grade?
Is this guy not enough?

Siwoo’s mentality was still intact, probably because he had developed resistance to being shocked in succession. Scary guy… Should it be harder?

I can’t help it.

Instead of pulling out my cock, I vigorously shook my back and approached Siu.
And he continued what he had stopped talking about.

“Lee Soo-bin you abandoned, your ex-girlfriend you dumped!”

“Hot, haang! Hwhhhhh!”

So who’s going to kick a woman like this? If she had broken up with her, she should have been prepared for her ex-girlfriend to groan while getting stabbed by another man’s cock. Why are you glaring at me with such an angry face?

“No matter what!”

“Ha, ah, ah! It’s too early, hwwhhhhh!”

So, loosen your face and hit your daughter. Because it’s Lee Soo-bin’s climax show that you’ve never seen before and can’t even watch without me. There aren’t many daughters who are as good as this one.

“Never! I won’t give it back!!”

“Ha, ha, aaaaang! That’s right, I will never go back. Chur, ha ha…”

And now even if I let go, I’m not Lee Soo-bin who will return to you. ‘Cause she can’t live without my dick. If I were to go back, I’d probably leave again because of your cock?

“……… Ugh! Ugh! Whoa, whoa…”

… When I shouted at Siwoo with such thoughts in mind, Siwoo couldn’t stand it and closed his eyes. When I took a step closer, thinking that I was really there, Soo-bin Lee turned her head and kissed me.

This is true… Are you flirting with me in case I ask you to go back?
Seeing her uncharacteristically cute face her, I continued to respond by fucking her cock her.

“Huh, ha ha… Haang! More, harder! Haaang! Chew, chew, gulp… Ha… Oops, ugh! I think I’m going… I’m sorry!”

“Me too. Where should I pack it?”

“On the inside! Fill me up with your semen… Whoa, whoa! Come on!”

Then, after a while, as she ejaculated her into her vagina her as she wished, she went away, twisting her whole body her, then leaned against me and let out a rough breath.

“Ha ha… Ha… Under… I’m full… Ha, ah… Joaa…”

And then, the notification window I had been waiting for finally emerged from the air.

[Challenge Achievement!]
[Currently grade A.]
[Are you sure you want to continue? Or do you want to settle now?]

After… I did it.


Unsurprisingly, I chose ‘Continue’ instead of settlement.
You can’t miss the chance to enjoy 4P.
I ordered Siwoo to take pictures with my smartphone,
I had a great time with the three beauties.

“Brother Siu! Are you filming well? It’s my turn from now on, so should I take a pretty picture?”

“Puff! Being treated as a cameraman is too much.”

“How are you? It suits you perfectly.”

“Ahaha. That’s right.”

It’s Han Seol-ah’s turn,
I wiped the inside of her cunt her with her cleanser and then thrust her still hard cock into her her.

“Ahh! Sister… I’m in! Sister… Ha… Oh~”

Then, delighted, she squeezed her cock and turned her head to ask Alice to kiss her. That kid is there again… Do you have a bit of a red temperament?
I heard from Siu the other day that he was a fan of Ellis, but he it didn’t seem like a simple fan. Maybe Elise’s strength wasn’t too great for her to have passed over at once.

“Hmm? What to do You don’t want to do much, do you? If you give up your master’s cock, I might do it…”

“Huh, haang… No that’s… It’s nice to kiss her sister while being fucked by the master… Haha, oh… I’m sorry!”

“This can’t be done, hee… “

Well, even though that fandom is lower than my dick right now.

“Haaaaang! I’m going to ejaculate and leave! Whoa, whoa! Huh? Chu, chu-up, ha… Hey… Happy.”

“What… You kissed me too… Do you like girls?”

“… No it’s not?! If I kiss you, my master will like it!”

After another round of creampies, when Han Seol-ah went away, Ellis, who took her cue from me, kissed her. Hmmm, that’s why it sucks. Thanks to that, she got an erection again in one breath inside Seolah Han’s pussy her.

“Whoops, Master! I will serve you this time!”

“Ah, then I’ll take over here!”

“That… I’m not alone, so I’ll do it with you.”

It’s Elise’s turn to turn around,
This time it was a triumph.

As she climbed on top of my bulging cock, she started shaking her waist like a prostitute, and Seol-Ah Han and Soo-Bin Lee came over from both sides of her and started caressing my nipples.

Ah, is this heaven?
I stroked their hair with both hands.


“Kyaaah! What are you doing really!”

“Sister… It hurts!”

“It’s my turn, so it’s mine… Chuup, Churup, haang… Master’s tongue, nipples, and cock are all mine… Hey, haang, don’t you like rubbing it like this?”

But perhaps because I was envious of that, Ellis fell down on me, got rid of the two, and monopolized me. Then, while kissing me, he turned around and touched my chest.

Alice… This desperate child!

To be honest, I liked Alice more than the two heroines. Even in real life, it would be nice to have a colleague to go through the dungeon with, like Elise, with ignorance…

I swallowed my regret and filled her womb with my semen.

“Siwoo, take a good picture. I couldn’t even feel it with your cock, but I went to the owner’s cock… Understand?”

“Please take care of me too! In particular, it would be nice to include a close-up comparison of the swaying breasts.”

“Wow! Sister too! That’s a good idea!”

“… Shut up! I’m not on the small side either?!”

It is Lee Soo-bin’s turn to go round and round,
The romance of the 4P, it was a play to line up and hit back.

I adjusted Siu’s position so that all three of them were on the screen, and then I thrust her cock into Soo-bin Lee’s cunt her. Then, after spreading out both hands, he put his fingers inside the pussy of Seolah Han and Ellis, who were lying face down side by side.

“Haaaaang! Sleep is here! Siu and I have another cock that can’t be compared!”

“Hayeot, Hang! Joe over there, hey!”

“Ha… Haang! It doesn’t look like a finger, aww!”

As a result, the sound of popping and squeaking along with the three people’s shouts filled the room.
And after a while, when I ejaculated, the sound changed to a lewd sucking sound, which bothered Siwoo’s ears.

Heroine Netori

Heroine Netori

히로인 네토리
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
[You have awakened the 'Heroine Netori' ability.] [Try to eat the heroines.]


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