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Heroine Netori 131

Heroine Netori 131

Chapter 131 – Become the Owner of a Slave Party (24)

Lee Soo-bin, who whispered love together,
Even Han Seol-ah, whose heart went unknowingly,
As for Alice, whom I supported as a fan,
All received vaginal ejaculation from Deokbae.

“Ha… The master’s semen is full…”

“Sister, me too… Hehe… Sex was such a good thing.”

“No, not necessarily. To be honest, I really didn’t like it when I was with Siwoo.”

It was a very painful thing for Shiu.

Even Alice understood.
She wasn’t a huge fan, so while she was disappointed with her oddity of her, she had no qualms about having sex with her boyfriend of her.

However, Seolah Han was different.
Even though it was clearly a flirtatious relationship, she is gleeful on the subject of being raped and dumbfounded and angry to see her indulging in sex.

And Lee Soo-bin was shocking.
They thought they still loved each other, but it was really unpleasant to see her fawning over Deokbae while laughing at her experience her with Siu.

I was angry. I was angry with them and I was also angry with Deokbae.
But more than that, she was mad at herself.

To her foolishness, she was betrayed like Hogu again.

That fact made Siwoo really hard.

‘Shit… Zenjaang…!’

My stomach was twisted.
My legs were trembling.
I wanted to get out of this painful scene right away.
However, Siu was also his ‘slave’ of him, so she had to follow orders.


I approached them lying on the floor and breathing heavily.
And I picked up my smartphone and put their faces on the screen.
Everyone was making ecstatic faces.

‘What is it really…’

‘Ellis… I never thought an idol would make such an obscene expression…’

‘I have to stand… You said you liked me… You were trying to date me… ‘

‘Subin… You never made that face when you were with me…’

It was humiliating.
She has a female face that she has never seen before,
My self-esteem as a man was shattered.

In particular, seeing Lee Soo-bin for the first time was fatal.

She, who shared her first experience with each other, did not like sex unlike herself.
It ended in a caress line suitable for a plausible atmosphere.
Because of that, Siu had to clean up after her without her knowledge of her.

However, Siu only found out about it now.
It wasn’t that she hated sex.
She said the only thing she hated was sex with herself.

‘Shit… Subin…’

Siu felt a deep sense of defeat.

His hand her lost strength and the smartphone went down.
Then their pussies began to show on the screen.
Those pussies that were marked with Deokbae’s semen.

Siu’s mood she became depressed.
But he couldn’t stop.
After hearing the command, Siwoo took a close-up of the screen.

“You have to take a good picture! It’s proof that you’ve been loved by the master!”

“Hehe… Brother, please take good care of me!”

“Whoops… See you well. My pussy that was cummed by my master…”

The three women spread their own pussies,
She boasted of Deokbae’s semen flowing out of her vagina.

Unlike the innocent girls Siwoo knew,
It was a very lewd and lascivious female figure.

“See? It’s really full from the inside… I’m sure we’ll all get pregnant…”

“Ah…! Sister! I really hope so!”

“Puhh… The owner will fuck you until it’s done anyway. Being pregnant is a fait accompli.”

The three felt Deokbae’s semen and hoped for pregnancy.
Seeing that sight, Siu couldn’t stand it and closed his eyes.

“Siwoo… Thank you.”

However, due to the sudden gratitude of Lee Soo-bin, he opened his closed eyes.

‘…… What?’

Seeing Siwoo embarrassed, she smiled and said,
It was a quiet stop.

“Huh, thanks to you, we were all able to become slaves to this man. Thank you so much.”

Then everything about Siwoo collapsed.


Are you stupid?
Really… Are you an asshole?


During the 4P play, I get a notification that the S rank has been achieved,
Forced to return to reality.

“Ah-oh! You wretch!”

You won’t even get the reward for the last tutorial.

“Sex-crazed asshole!”

I definitely thought… I was planning to inform later that Lee Soo-bin was captured because of that… I forgot because I was blinded by the immediate sex.

“Really…Sick bastard…”

It was such a stupid decision.

The information that the fairy in the tutorial personally gave me, that the reward for the 3rd tutorial was great, and even after receiving that information, I blew it like this, so it was clear that I was really an asshole.


But what can I do? It’s already happened and there’s no going back.
Reflect and don’t make the same mistake.

Yes then it will

It is, but…

“Aaaaagh! Really!”

Being angry is unavoidable.

I still have a lot to gain…
You should take comfort in that.

“Whoa… “

I let out a big sigh and summarized the rewards I got this time.

[Mission cleared!]
[Result: S grade, acquisition points: 32500]
[Achievement Achievement: ‘4P Play’]
[Clear privilege: ‘Trust’ skill]

[Challenge Clear!]
[‘Mission Accomplished with Allandom’ – 50,000 points]
[‘Complete the mission without tips’ – 50,000 points]

Oh wow, I became point rich at once.
With this, the points you currently have are 136,570 points… !
If you clear the challenge one more time in the future,
You can exceed the 200,000 points required to meet Wei Ji-hye.

I thought it would take a long time… Will this be enough soon?
The anger was immediately resolved.

And let’s see, the trust skill… Does this happen again?

[Trust Lv. 1 – You can gain the trust of people lower in rank than you.]

It’s a skill that was quite helpful to Netori, but I got it as a perk.
It was clear that it would be of great help in achieving the challenges in the future.
Considering that the skill I acquired last time was sleep… Is it great?
Thanks to you, I laughed out loud.

But there were also regrets.
As a slave owner, all of his skills were lost.

I knew it would disappear because it was an ability that could only be used in that worldview, but
I was hoping for it, but it is what it is.

Satisfy yourself with raw sexual stimulation, is this it?

It’s fortunate that the skills I gained there didn’t disappear…

“Are you fucking kidding me! You have to give me your skills!! That’s what I got from hitting and running!!!”

No what is this, this is not
You’re playing too hard!

Suffering so much… Is not
Really hard… Not even
Anyway, it’s a skill level that I’ve steadily raised, and I have to admit it!

When I opened the status window and checked the stats,
Ironically, it was no different from before moving on to the tutorial world.

It’s amazing.

“Are you kidding me?”

In my anger, let me scream and go mad,
A now-familiar translucent notification window appeared to calm me down.

[If it becomes stronger than this, there is a possibility that the worldview, the character of ‘Romance Fantasy’, ‘Cecilia Asil’ will feel uncomfortable and cause the worldview to collapse.]

[Therefore, your growth is limited until the problem is resolved.]

[To solve the problem, the worldview, the character of ‘Romance Fantasy’, and the favorability of ‘Cecilia Asil’ must exceed 100.]

[When the problem is resolved, your limited ability will return to normal.]

What else is this…
Is it because of Cecilia?

When I go back because I’m too strong, Cecilia questions it, then realizes who I am, gets confused, and destroys my worldview…
Does that sound like that?

It was embarrassing, but it wasn’t that I didn’t understand.
Cecilia makes me very… That… Because I think it’s scary…
You will immediately notice that I have changed.

And you will think
How can it change so much overnight?
I was by your side every day!
How could I change without even knowing!
I said.

Then she grabbed me… By arresting…

Oh, let’s not think
Cecilia is a good girl, there’s no way she’s like that.
Cancer, no way.

I’m just going to solve the problem quietly.
In short, it means to make Cecilia’s affinity above 100.
It’s very easy.

Go back and confess.

Unsightly, in the past, I realized her feelings of her and ran away,
The me now is not the old me.

I will confidently face her heart her and honestly confess my heart her.

“Whoa… I was cold for nothing It was a problem that could be resolved quickly.”

It was just that I lost my energy.
Mentally exhausted, I didn’t even eat and fell asleep.



“… Umm…”


“What is this morning… “

I struggled to find my smartphone and opened the app.
I saw Hyuna’s face her, which I had n’t seen in a long time.

“This… Is it a selfie? What a selfie all of a sudden…”

“Wait, hey! Hyuna you… You can see the nipples!”

[Lee Hyun-ah: Good morning, mister!]
[Hyunah Lee: (Selfie taken while lying on the bed)]

Did you send it without knowing… ?

I guess so… ?

Heroine Netori

Heroine Netori

히로인 네토리
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
[You have awakened the 'Heroine Netori' ability.] [Try to eat the heroines.]


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