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Heroine Netori 132

Heroine Netori 132

Chapter 132 – D-Cup Obsessed With Me (14)

Dirty red hair and half-closed eyes that still look sleepy,
Huge breasts in contrast to her soft white skin and cute face her,
And subtly visible pink nipples…


“Wait, hey! Hyuna you… You can see the nipples!”

I checked the selca sent by Hyuna and checked her exposure of her.
I screamed involuntarily and got up from my seat.

No, you have to be careful… What should I do if he doesn’t even have a boyfriend and sends me a nude photo like this!

Seeing as I haven’t received any additional calls, I still don’t know…
I was worried about whether I should tell you this or pretend I didn’t know.

It was embarrassing to inform them, and it was also embarrassing for Hyuna to realize later after she not telling them. If you ask why she pretended not to know, I have nothing to say. But even talking about it now is terribly embarrassing. Under… This is a complete bummer…

“Eh, let’s deal with it first.”

I sighed and saved Hyuna’s picture and moved it to her backup folder of her.

“Oh, wait… No way?”

Then, all of a sudden, I had a shocking thought.

“Hyun-ah, didn’t you send him knowing the truth?”

If it’s Hyuna… It seemed like it might be. Since she brought up the manager, she has decreased a lot, but she was very obsessed with me. So in this way…

Ay, that must be excessive self-consciousness.

After wandering around ‘Heroine Netori’ too much, it seems that he lost his sense of reality.

After hesitating for a moment, I contacted Hyuna.
I think it’s better to tell them than to pretend they don’t know.

[Me: Hyuna… Would you like to take a closer look at the photo I sent you?]
[Lee Hyun-a: Huh, isn’t it pretty? I sent it to cheer you up in the morning.]
[Lee Hyun-ah: (Cat smiling cutely)]

[Me: No, it’s pretty, but… A little embarrassed?]
[Lee Hyun-ah: The man is also true! Don’t pretend to be sukmaek. What with this much… ]
[Lee Hyun-a: Kyaaaaah! Delete! Delete it! You didn’t save it?!]

[Me: I can’t believe it;]
[Lee Hyun-ah: Really? Can I trust you? Woo… What should we do… ]
[Lee Hyun-ah: (Cat frustrated emoticon)]
[Lee Hyun-ah: Mister take responsibility! Really! Ugh… ]

Yes then it is
I couldn’t have known and sent it.

Looking at Hyuna’s reaction, it seems that she really didn’t know.

And yet I think so… Big!

Feeling a bit embarrassed, I watched Hyuna’s selfie on the big screen.


There were incidents, but Hyuna’s selfies didn’t stop.
What is it, are you very active today?
I don’t know what kind of change of heart there was,
I was happy to see her beautiful face all the time.

[Lee Hyun-ah : (Looking in the mirror and holding clothes on her body)]
[Lee Hyun-ah : (Looking in the mirror and holding other clothes on her body)]
[Lee Hyun-ah: Mister! Which clothes do you think are prettier?]

But… I didn’t know you would ask this…
Even though I was lying in bed, I felt tired as if I had gone to a department store.

To be honest, both look equally good.
Stop! Stop this torture!

[Me: I didn’t know that because I always wore only boyish clothes, but the dress suits me well too. The color suits you well too. Personally, I think the latter is better.]
[Hyeonah Lee: Wow! I thought so too! After all, we get along well! Hi-Hi]
[Lee Hyun-ah: (Cat smiling cutely)]

But my wish did not come true.
The time I found my freedom again was after the World Cup Round of 16, the fashion ideal that suits Hyuna, was over.

[Lee Hyun-ah: Tada! This is a shot of the winning One Piece! How about it?]
[Lee Hyun-ah: (Emoji of the cat holding both hands together)]
[Me: Clothes are not wings, Hyuna is wings]
[Lee Hyun-ah: What are those boring words! There is no sincerity in it!]
[Lee Hyun-ah: (cat angry emoticon)]
[Me: No, it’s true… ]
[Lee Hyun-ah: Heung! As punishment, save my picture and set it as your wallpaper! I’m going to check it!]
[Me: Honestly, I thought it was a model photo at first. Could I do a fitting model? The reason the designer made the clothes must have been imagining you now.]
[Lee Hyun-ah: Wow! I feel it! Ahaha man, being desperate is so funny.]
[Lee Hyun-ah: (Emoji of the cat holding its stomach and smiling)]

What are you saying to me!
To be honest, the tension is daunting to follow.
Did something really happen?

We were maintaining a close relationship rather than friendship, farther than love…
Hyuna’s attitude today is like her girlfriend her.

“Is it because of me?”

As I pondered the reason, I began to wonder, ‘Am I the cause?’
Oh, it’s not self-conscious. This was a reasonable inference.

I usually pushed Hyuna away.

She knew Hyeon-a’s heart her, but she could n’t take responsibility for her with only her sympathy her, so she cut her like a knife at times like this.

Today, however, I was glad to see her her kind her face her after a long time, and I was disarmed by her exposure her in the morning, so I couldn’t treat her coldly.

Maybe that’s why he’s so excited.

But now that I think about it, I wonder why she pushed me away.
As far as Hyuna is concerned, she is a woman I deserve.

I wondered if I should change her attitude to her.


[Lee Hyun-ah: Mister, the weather is really nice today! Look at this!]
[Lee Hyun-ah: (Picture taken with blue sky)]
[Lee Hyun-ah: Will you still stay at home on a day like this? This deaf man!]
[Lee Hyun-ah: (Cat laughing emoticon)]

No, but he really sends pictures all day?

A selfie as soon as you wake up, a selfie after washing, a selfie while choosing clothes, a selfie while wearing clothes, a selfie after putting on makeup, a selfie after getting out, a selfie before getting into a car, a selfie at a red light,
Selfie, selfie, selfie,

I’m saving the sending jokjok, but that was a bit severe.
Thanks to that, I was able to know her every move today.

A completely homebody, she wakes up early in the morning, puts on her clothes, puts on her makeup, leaves the house, and goes to some destination…

“Wait, what is this?”

As Hyuna flipped through the pictures she sent her, one by one, she felt an unknown sense of deja vu. Because of that, even though she seemed to understand, she felt blocked by her wall her, and her heart her was so stuffy.

What is this, what is this feeling of déjà vu?

– Knock!

Then, it was only after seeing another selfie she sent that she was able to find out the identity of this feeling of deja vu.

[Lee Hyun-ah: Voila! Where am I going now? A special prize will be given to the man with the correct answer!]
[Lee Hyun-ah: (Selfie taken with her own car in the parking lot)]
[Lee Hyun-ah: (Cat smiling cutely)]
[Me: This is the parking lot near my house. Where you often parked]
[Lee Hyun-ah: Hehe… That’s correct! I’ll meet you and give you the goods!]

Yes. Her destination was our home.

No, if you’re going to come, talk to me and come!

Let’s notice it belatedly and start cleaning the house in a hurry

-Smart smart, smart smart

Hyuna knocked on the front door.

“Mister! I’m here! Please open the door~”


“Hee hee, surprise~! How is it, are you surprised?”

Yeah, she never thought she’d come home.

Somehow, the atmosphere has been strangely different since this morning, so I guess I was going to come see you from then … Only now did she understand her uptension.

But why did you come? It’s not like I just came to see you…

“Damn it! This is Korean beef for the man who answered correctly!”

Oh, Korean beef is acceptable.

I smiled and led her into her house her.


“Ha ha… As expected, the food cooked by the uncle is the most delicious…”

“Aren’t you eating too much?”

“If it’s delicious, they say it’s 0 calories! Does not matter.”

“Yeah, that’s right… “

After dinner, we drank coffee and had a languid time for a while.
I wanted to ask why you came here, but I wasn’t in the mood to do that.
Looking at the expression, there seems to be a reason… It was a bit like the first thing I said.

“Ah… I’m happy.”

“Did it taste that good?”

So we were just talking about everyday things.
Hyuna, who drank a sip of coffee, looked at me with her eye smile,
She said.

“That’s it too… Aren’t we like lovers today?”

– Pooh!

“Cough Cough!”

“Ahaha, what is that reaction? What’s so ugly about it?”

“No, that… “



“… What would you do if I said no?”

“…… “

I really can’t keep up. Is this what it’s like to be rattled?
From morning until now, I feel like I’m playing on Hyuna’s palm her.

But isn’t that too bad…
Is it because I feel that you are pressing on me with affection?
Rather than being annoyed, Hyuna was lovable.

This… Is it timing?



“Huh, we’ll talk about this later. In fact, the reason I came today is because of this.”

Unfortunately, it was self-conscious.

What Hyuna gave me was a manager contract.

Heroine Netori

Heroine Netori

히로인 네토리
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
[You have awakened the 'Heroine Netori' ability.] [Try to eat the heroines.]


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