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Heroine Netori 133

Heroine Netori 133

Chapter 133 – D-Cup Obsessed With Me (15)

Ok, finally fixed it
Giving up on your dream would never have been easy…

After handing over her contract her, let’s look at her with her gratitude her,
Hyuna was embarrassed and grunted.

“What is that expression! Can I not be so sorry? I made this decision based on my thoughts, so you don’t have to. I am also an adult.”

Even if you say it like that, you will regret it on the one hand.
And she must have felt inferior to me without realizing it.
It must have been unfair that the guy who became a Hunter later than himself had already reached Class C and was so strong that he couldn’t even party with him.

But to be the manager for me like this…
He’s a really good kid
So let’s make her a pact with her for taking care of her to the fullest.

Thinking so, I reviewed the contract she had written.


“There… Are you Hyuna?”


“I…Are this and this clause mandatory?”

“Ah? Is that? Absolutely!”

“That… I see…”

She was going to be considerate…
So I didn’t think of anything else…

[Article 7. Hunters must always notify the manager of their destination when moving.]
[Article 11. Hunter must share home address and home password with manager.]
[① If the hunter moves, he must immediately notify the manager of the updated information.]

Usually one like this… ?
Isn’t this surveillance?

“What are you thinking, really! It’s all in the standard contract, right? In preparation for an emergency, these provisions are mandatory!”

“I see…”

Umm… Hearing that, it’s not that I don’t understand it at all. It’s a big deal if you suddenly lose contact or go diving. Positioning is important.

Even so, it seems a bit harsh, but… Hyuna isn’t a kid to lie to, and if she’s even on a standard contract, she should just move on.

Yes, it goes beyond…

[Article 13. Hunters must openly inform the manager about the opposite sex they meet.]
[Article 15. When Hunter has a drinking party, a manager must always accompany him.]

“Are these clauses also in the standard contract?”

Isn’t this a bit… ?

I was curious and asked Hyuna,
The answer came back, saying that it was not really a big deal.

“Ah, that was a clause in the guild contract I belonged to. Hunters have a lot of accidents, especially with issues of the opposite sex and alcohol. That’s why it’s a provision that was put in to be careful.”

“Aha… Can I take it off then?”


Well… ? No, it’s not what’s in the standard contract, and there’s no need to include this clause… I couldn’t answer.

This is because Hyuna’s expression she became as cold as ice.

No, what is it really? It’s scary why…

When Hyuna, who was smiling single-single, suddenly turned her face,
Being a jjuguri, I avoided her gaze without even realizing it.

Then Hyuna, whose face became even more stern,
She glared at me like a viper at her prey her,
She questioned me in a sharp voice.

“Do you have a girl, mister? Or will you go around with women in the future? Or are you going to have a drinking party dirty enough to keep it a secret from me?”

“…… Absolutely not.”

“Huh, then it doesn’t matter if I put it in.”

It was a perfect refutation.

Having nothing to say, I silently nodded and handed over the contract. Then Hyuna, who saw that, continued her words with a wide smile as if she had never done that.

“If you have any questions, ask anytime. During the break, I studied a lot about manager contracts. Whoops.”

No wonder.
It seemed so.

Like a meticulous Hyuna, she must have thoroughly prepared.

Then let’s believe
Hyuna believes in me and gives up on her dreams of her and starts working as a manager, so I have to believe in her.

I will believe Hyuna, I will believe you.

There were some more odd-looking rules, but she decided not to care.

“Thank you, Hyuna.”

“Hehe, say something!”

After reviewing until the end, I finished signing the manager contract.


“Please take good care of me in the future, Hunter!”

“Please take care of me, manager.”

“Ah, the manager is too rigid. Just call me by my first name as usual.”

“You say you’re Hunter too?”

“Hee hee, isn’t it better than Mr.

… When I heard it, it was right.
He’s not even 30 yet, but being an old man is unreasonable!

I’ve been trying to say something with a title, but now was the perfect timing. I didn’t know if I missed this opportunity, I might hear the old man’s voice for the rest of my life.

“That’s right. To be honest, I’m not the uncle.”

So I said it out loud. I don’t want to hear your uncle.

“Ahahaha! What is it? Were you still paying attention?! Ahaha! Oh, how funny!”

Then Hyuna grabbed her stomach and laughed. She finally stopped laughing and looked up at me and asked.

“Then… Can I call you brother?”

“…… “

“Puff! Oh great! Look at the corners of your mouth going up! Is it that good? Ahahaha,haha! Because all real men are the same. You say you’re my brother, so look at how much you like it! Phuhuhh!”

No, I was looking forward to it… I actually heard that… I can’t control myself. I write, ah… I will turn

Hyuna’s surprise attack took away control of her clown her. She tried to hold back her laughter, but the sound of her brother kept her ringing in her head and she could n’t hold it.

It’s a real force majeure…

“Okay then. Because I love you so much, I can’t call you uncle any more, even if I’m sorry, Poohup.”

“…… Thank you.”

“Then do me one favor.”

“Yes? Okay, just one request.”

“Brother, can I eat ramen?”

Hyuna’s surprise attack hit twice.


In conclusion, nothing happened.


It’s not really my fault…

Before I could answer, Hyuna added that it was a joke.

I had no intention of rejecting it, though.

No, it’s real

“I know. My brother hitting me with iron. I am not stupid either.”

“But… Seeing my brother today, I understand. Are you still shaking?”

“Huh, look forward to it. I will properly seduce you so that you won’t be shaken anymore.”

After these words, Hyuna went home.
So it’s not my fault.

Honestly, did you want to catch Hyuna leaving?
But I just endured it.

I was a little curious.

I wonder how Hyuna will seduce me.
Wouldn’t it be a great temptation to declare it like that?

I’m full of thoughts to move on, but…
She was very curious about the seduction of a woman she had never accepted.

So, she believes Hyun Ah.
Will you make me have no regrets?

I will believe Hyuna, I will believe you.


Lee Hyun-ah felt proud and she went home.

He was clearly shaking himself.
That fact made her so happy.

She was the one who always kept her distance from her, but today was different.
The thick wall had collapsed, and the gate that never opened was an automatic gate.
Perhaps it was thanks to the effect of the exposed photos sent in ignorance, but it was definitely different from usual.

‘Huh, it was so cute to be flustered.’

If she had been a little more determined and pushed,
She might have conquered the surname Deokbae today.

But Lee Hyun-ah didn’t do that.
She wanted to win his love her more firmly.

‘It can’t be so sudden. It might not be sincere. It could be that I was simply swept away by the atmosphere.’

A love affair that starts with an incident wasn’t what she wanted.

‘Yes, what I want is not that light.’

So I installed

In the bathroom,
In the living room,
In the bedroom,
On the porch,
In the kitchen,
Everywhere she can reach,

Taking advantage of his time to cook
Hidden cameras and wiretapping devices were installed.

The contract was a trap.
I added poison clauses, but it was over if he didn’t abide by it anyway.
However, hidden cameras and wiretapping devices are different.

There were no secrets between him and himself anymore.

‘Whoop, whoop, whoop… ‘ ‘

Through this, she will steadily attack him.

Yes, it will…

[Hu, the Hyuna issue has been settled. Then, let’s go see Cecilia.]

There were problems from the start.

‘……… Cecilia? That is… Who are you, brother?’

The first woman’s name came out of his mouth.


Her car on the way home changed its destination.

Heroine Netori

Heroine Netori

히로인 네토리
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
[You have awakened the 'Heroine Netori' ability.] [Try to eat the heroines.]


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