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Heroine Netori 134

Heroine Netori 134

Chapter 134 – Romance Fantasy (19)

“Hu, the Hyuna issue has been settled.”

I looked over the manager contract that had already been signed, and I laughed involuntarily. I couldn’t understand that it was a human thing to be like this with Hyuna, who was tickling me like that when we first met.

Relationships always change, so I realized once again that I shouldn’t treat people carelessly.

Well, when I think of ‘Heroine Netori’ immediately before, it’s not something I would say… At least that’s how it sounds in reality.

“…… “

No, but now that I think about it again, did Hyuna avoid it in real life?


Anyway, shouldn’t we do better from now on!

I’m going to be good to Cecilia, who I’m going to see soon.
I’m no longer a weak guy who runs away mentally.
I will confidently face Cecilia’s heart her.

“Then, shall we go see Cecilia now?”


…… I tried to say it out of my mouth,
When I was about to leave, I hesitated.

No, I made up my mind. Have you made up your mind?
However, there was a problem that I couldn’t resolve.

I can’t remember the world view of ‘romance fantasy’…

It’s been so long.
I remembered everything about Cecilia, but I was confused about the rest.


I felt my pitiful heart and drank the cold coffee.
Before leaving, I needed to organize my memories once.


So… Louise? … It’s not it’s louis Yes, it was Louisa Aubert.

Louisa Aubert, the protagonist of her worldview her and her main heroine in ‘Romance Fantasy’, I must capture her her. That was the Netori mission of the Romance worldview.

And, if I remember right, it was captured quite successfully. Louisa Aubert had an incurable disease that only I could cure. Perhaps for the purpose of curing her, he caressed her body and corrupted it little by little.

That is… It should be on your smartphone…

Ah, I found it.

[Joa, why… It’s just a joke! It’s going to get messed up there!]
[It’s too early… It’s getting weird!]

I remember right.
If this is a reaction, it can be said that it is almost half way over.

What, have I been quite sincere? Are you okay?

If you go back to the romance world and work hard for a few more days……

“… Well?”

But do I have to complete the mission?
Suddenly, a question popped into my mind.

It was a romance world where he would live like another reality after being married to Cecilia anyway, so there was no need to capture Louisa.

If Ruina becomes completely corrupted while being trained for no reason, she becomes S-class and she is forced to return. She says that she may have to use a 500,000 point forced return ticket after installing it to earn a few points.

Wow, just imagining it gives me goosebumps.

And even if it wasn’t necessary, it was absurd to confess to Cecilia and then train Louisa. It’s not polite to Cecilia, and that… There was no reason to get on the nerves of that slightly frightening Cecilia.

I don’t want to shake my mental anymore.

So, it might be right to stop nagging Ruina here.
Ruina’s assistant is a choice that has more harm than good.
Well, yes, I guess that’s right too.
Capturing is stopping.

Oh, of course, that doesn’t mean stopping treatment.
I’m the only one who can save him, but it’s not a good idea to let him die.

I want to finish treatment quickly and quit kite…


Looking back, the treatment itself was the problem.

Because that…
She was curative and Louis made me naked with her and caressed her erogenous zones.
Even though she was shy, she told me to hold back and touched her a lot…

But if I treat it soundly now, won’t it cause suspicion?

This is why she shouldn’t have treated people badly…
It’s time for reflection again.

“Eh… “

Still can’t do anything Ultimately the same conclusion.
You can do well from now on.
If you cheat well somehow, won’t it work out?

And if it doesn’t work out, just leave it to die…

“Ah, really, how many times already!”

Also, I almost made a mistake while thinking one-dimensionally.
This is really important, but you shouldn’t let Ruina die.

As long as she is her main character her, her worldview her may collapse if she dies. Not sure, but… It wasn’t even an assumption. You have to be absolutely careful with this. There was too much to lose if things went wrong.

Therefore… We must protect Louisa’s safety her.
It is said that you should not cut off the kite just because the treatment is over.

And, isn’t Cecilia trying to take her Louisa’s body her?
That too should be blocked. Otherwise, everything will be ruined.

After… There was more to worry about than I thought.
The correct answer was to organize your thoughts once before going back.


My head was full of thoughts, but
I try not to think too deeply.
The brain is already overloaded.

Isn’t the original plan going to collapse? So, adaptability is important.
Go and do well. All you have to do is face Cecilia honestly, talk to her and find her answer her.

Yeah, when you think about it, it was pretty easy, right?

My anxious mind calmed down.

When you meet Cecilia, everything will be fine.

With that thought in mind, I took a ticket to pause and entered the world of ‘romance fantasy’.


-Smart smart, smart smart



-Smart smart

“Father? What’s going on? Please open the door!”

Ah… Come to think of it, Cecilia came to her room and she ran away to reality.

I heard a knock on the door, so I did something, but it was the sound of this world, not reality.

-Smart smart

“I’m sorry… What do you mean, Father!”

Oops, I said sorry. It’s a big deal. There was no room for mental preparation. I didn’t know what would happen if I continued like this. In a hurry, I immediately ran out and opened the door.


And saw.
She seemed to be worried about Cecilia, who put her hands together and didn’t know what to do.

“Oh! Father! What happened… Oh.”

Cecilia, seeing her for the first time in a long time, was more beautiful than she remembered.

Silver eyes that twinkle like the stars in the night sky, silver hair that gently flows down like the Milky Way, pale skin and glowing glow of the sunset, my daughter, Cecilia Asil, who gives me heartfelt emotions like a master’s work of art. ..

When I saw her, I couldn’t think of anything else.

She just stretched out her hand like her fussy child, grabbed her wrist her as if she did n’t want to let go of it again, and pulled her greedily into her arms her.


Alas, Cecilia. How can you be so attractive

Even as I held her, I wanted her. It was not enough to simply have her in her arms. A little more she wanted to feel who she was. Like a naive man bewitched, I lusted after Cecilia.


He reached out and pulled her slender waist her, then caressed her cheek her with her free hand. The cool touch felt good. As I moved her hand her to touch her ear lobe her, a small sigh burst out of her arms her.

“Ah… “

Responding to her cute voice her, she lowered her head and saw her big eyes her looking up at me. She was such an enchanting sparkle that I couldn’t take my eyes off of her again. I was drawn to her more and more, as if bewitched by her. Her heart her started beating madly as she approached her face her little by little.


It wasn’t just me who was excited. Cecilia also wanted me. She stretched out her arms of her, wrapped them around her neck of her, and lifted her toes. Then she got closer to her and me. She could feel her breath her. We held our breath for a moment as we looked at each other.

“…… “

And after a moment of silence, we rushed at each other like magnets and fulfilled each other’s desires. It was the first act of love shared with Cecilia. Even though it was a very short time, I felt an eternity.

“I love you Leah… As much as you love me, I love you.”

After her sweet kiss her, I confessed my love to her. The order was reversed, but it didn’t matter to us. From the moment our eyes met, we knew each other’s feelings. It was just an expression.

“Ah… Father! I love you too, Father!”

However, even that expression impressed Cecilia so much that she rushed at me again and continued the time of eternity. Then the beautiful sounds of making love gently wet our ears. I felt like I was drowning in the lake of love.

My mind became hazy. I felt like I was dreaming. I felt frustrated even though I felt like I had accomplished something. I had something more to say to Cecilia… I already confessed that I love you… Oh, that’s it.

“So please don’t take Miss Ruina’s body her. Yes?”

“…… Eh.”

“I love Lia the most as she is, so please don’t throw away this image.”

“…… What… What does that mean?… “

“And stop coming at night and serving me behind my back.”

“………… Yes?”

“So again, uh… Why am I suddenly sleepy…”

I had a lot to say at this point… I had more to nag…
I couldn’t stand the heavy eyelids and closed my eyes.
And she just fell into a deep sleep.

Heroine Netori

Heroine Netori

히로인 네토리
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
[You have awakened the 'Heroine Netori' ability.] [Try to eat the heroines.]


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