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Heroine Netori 135

Heroine Netori 135

Chapter 135 – Romance Fantasy (20)

I was anxious.
What are you sorry about?
It was at stake.
Why won’t you open the door?
Cecilia felt fear at his unusual behavior of her.


However, all those negative thoughts disappeared as soon as the door opened.

‘Ah, father… My love, my everything, my reason for being… ‘

The sight of his face made her heart race.
The feeling of uncontrollable love dominated her body and mind her.

Even though it’s a face I see every day, even if it’s a face I stroked last night all night, why do I get excited every time I see it?

Although she questioned her own feelings about her, she did not deny them. Rather, she enjoyed the excitement and she developed her own affection for him.

“Oh! Father! What happened… Oh.”

But then the man reached out and grabbed her wrist her. Her heart jumped at the thick adult’s touch her. It was a tough man, different from usual.


After that, the man who pulled her into her arms her wrapped her around her waist as if he did n’t want to let go of her, then raised her hand her and caressed her cheek her. It made her face hot.


‘I wish I could… Are you looking at me as a ‘woman’… ?’

The new Celia felt like her heart would burst.

‘Father… ‘

When she raised her head, she saw the intense eyes of his that she had never seen before. She was hot as if she would catch it right away. She was drawn to him and, without realizing it, she clung to him.

She put her arms around the man’s neck and lifted her heels. She got close enough to him that her noses touched her. She saw herself in the reflection of his eyes her. It was the face of a woman in love.

Happy. I thought it would be a love that could not be reciprocated… It wasn’t. He too had the same thoughts as himself. Even though it’s forbidden love… There was nothing to stand between the two.

The man and the woman rushed at each other without asking who came first.

And they exchanged affection for each other.

So sweet and addictive
More dangerous and dizzying than any drug,
To the extent that the brain is paralyzed by ecstatic pleasure,
A kiss between two people in love.

And his confession that he wanted so much

“I love you Leah… As much as you love me, I love you.”

Cecilia felt like she was dreaming.

Starlight tears flowed from her eyes.

“Ah… Father! I love you too, Father!”

After confirming their feelings for each other, the two rushed at each other again,
They coveted each other more intensely than before.

So father and daughter
Became lovers.


I became a lover…
I did…

As soon as it happened, the man’s words made Cecilia dizzy.

“So please don’t take Miss Ruina’s body her. Yes?”

“I love Lia the most as she is, so please don’t throw away this image.”

“And stop coming at night and serving me behind my back.”

Words she never thought would come out of him.

‘Oh, what happened…? Why do you know everything? I wouldn’t have told anyone… ‘

No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t figure it out. Apparently, it was a plan that only she knew about… It was after I was caught by a man. In panic, Cecilia’s eyes her fluctuated here and there.

‘I heard you. I got caught. I got caught.’
‘I heard you. I got caught. I got caught.’
‘What can I do? What to do what should I do?’
‘What can I do? What to do what should I do?’

I just felt like I was in heaven
Now I felt like I had fallen to the bottom of hell.

What she least wanted to know was revealed to her most unnoticed partner of hers.
Cecilia felt the pain for the first time in a very long time.

And she instinctively used her magic her to escape the pain.


It was sleep magic.


After that, Cecilia blatantly avoided me.

That would be embarrassing… I heard that
If it were me, she would have felt ashamed to the point of returning to reality right away.

This is why she should have brought her up with caution…
That day, I made a sudden rush and everything was ruined.

No, I didn’t mean to either?
But it was a thought, a nabal, and I was insane.

Because of that, things got messed up.

[Father… Sorry. Give me a little time… ]

But it’s so cute
Cecilia avoided me, but she didn’t stop visiting me every night.

It didn’t serve me like it used to, but after putting me to bed, I slept next to it and went.

I don’t want to see this in a video, but I want to see it in real life…

Whoa, I can’t help it.

As Cecilia said, time will solve it.

Until then, I have to spend my daily life and have time to adapt to this world that I have returned to after a long time.


“Ha ha… Teacher! Please put it soon! Your pussy is waiting for you.”

No, did you spend your daily life like this?
Quite shocking…
It was a world that I enjoyed more than I thought.

Aria Meltz, who held her cunt open with her hands and demanded his cock her, realized it all over again. In the past, I was a madman with sexual desire.

Well, it’s nothing different now.

“Haaang! I’m in! Ha… Wow, haang! Hem! Feel good too!”

Oh yeah. I remembered. This pussy
When I heard the name, I was vague, but when I put it in my pussy, I got it.
Arya Meltz, Cecilia’s roommate.

She is the child who most enjoyed the therapy, which started as a pastime.
She is also the child who, by this world standards, gave me her virginity some time ago.

“Hot, Aang! Cock Joe! Ha… Ahh! Joaaaaa!”

…… Am I right? Seeing that she bites his cock and won’t let go, I can’t imagine that she was a virgin a few days ago… ?

“Ha, ah, ah, go away!”

Well, it must mean that sexual stimulation is a great skill.
There was no reason to think deeply.

“Ha… The teacher’s semen is full… Ha…”

After I filled her womb with my cum, I pulled out her cock her and she stumbled over, jammed her cock into her breasts her, and started a cleaning blow job.

Well, I was definitely trained.
I kinda like him

“Chew, ha ha… I’m a teacher… Haang… Did you like my pussy? Chew up…”

“That was great, Miss Aria.”

“Hehe… Happy.”

“By the way, can I ask you a few questions?”

“Chew, as much as you like!”

“It’s about Cecilia…”


There were no great results.

‘Yes? How are you?’
‘No? It was the same. It didn’t look like anything was wrong.’
‘Ha… Sir, more than that… Can’t we do it one more time?’

The academy seemed to go as usual.

I was worried that I might not be able to attend classes properly out of embarrassment, but fortunately that wasn’t the case.

Having returned Aria Meltz, I sighed as I looked back at the video of Cecilia that I secretly filmed yesterday. Time will take care of it, but I couldn’t help being cramped. I need to talk to you about Louis and Aubert soon…

-Smart smart

“This is Ruina. May I come in?”

They said that the tiger would come if I told them, and Louisa Aubert came to visit.


“Thank you for today.”


When she saw Louisa Aubert sitting in her chair, naked and wearing her blindfold, she immediately got her cock erect. No, to be honest, from the moment I took off her clothes her, she had an erection.

I can see wet panties and erect nipples, can I stand it?

Louisa Aubert was obviously excited about the treatment she was receiving from me.

“This is so… I honestly can’t stand it.”

She tried to stop her assistant to avoid capture … It occurred to me that it was disrespectful to my cock to leave Louisa Aubert in this form and treat her alone.

At least she should finish eating her virgin.

“I… Teacher? When do you start?”

Look at it now I already had a flood in my pussy because I was neglected play. Wouldn’t it be a bad thing to stop teaching her after making her her body her like this?

I took off her pants her, walked up to her, and put my cock in her clit her.

“Hasssss, haaaaang!”

Then she let out a groan as she was wearing her enchanted eyepatch and could only feel her touch her.

Seeing that the corner of her mouth her was raised, it seemed to be the stimulation she was expecting.

“Ha… Haha! Ha ha… What is this… It’s hot!”

She felt like she knew and pretended not to know.

Heroine Netori

Heroine Netori

히로인 네토리
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
[You have awakened the 'Heroine Netori' ability.] [Try to eat the heroines.]


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