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Heroine Netori 136

Heroine Netori 136

Chapter 136 – Romance Fantasy (21)

Is it right to leave Louisa alone?

Wouldn’t it be right to just capture it?

“Ha… Ha… Chi, the treatment is right… ? Ha…”

After sticking her cock like this and eating her virgin,
Wouldn’t it be right to make a body that can’t live without me?

“Ha… Teacher…?”

I don’t mean to say that I never want to fuck.
For the sake of the future

“Kyaa?! Hehe… Now this… Oh no… Ha… No way, no?”

As long as there is a risk of collapsing the worldview, it is always right to keep them close.
I’m the one who’s in trouble if I leave it alone and suddenly die on the job.
Louisa Aubert needs unconditional care.

So wouldn’t it be the surest and safest way to just capture it and enslave it like Ellis?

That’s what she thought when she saw her cunt her dripping with her creamy juice.

And… I’ve said it over and over again, but it doesn’t seem like it’s going to stop now.

I’ve been teaching assistants this far, but selling them without picking them up is such a waste. If it’s a web novel, it’s a sweet potato with 5700 comments.

Therefore… You have to make a decision.
For the sake of the future, now I have to eat the maiden of Louisa Auvers.

After thinking about it, I grabbed my cock and held it against her cunt her.

“Haaang! Ah… Teacher is hot… Ha… Mandible…”

Then her cunt her twitched and tried to swallow her cock. Crazy… Is this a girl? It was Ober Ruina who became a virgin and a prostitute because she trained so hard.

“Ha… I can’t… Ha… I can’t…”

Seeing that he said no, he seemed to have noticed that something was being held up to her entrance, but seeing as he didn’t resist, he seemed to want her to let it in too.

Then there is nothing you can do
Sex for everyone

I grabbed her hips her with both hands and pushed her back…

“Whoop whoop… Even though you said you love me… You covet another woman…… My father is really greedy… Whooping… “

I was about to put it in when I heard Cecilia’s voice right behind me.

The erect penis quickly died.

I think I will die soon too.

… Save me, Sophia.


“…… Leah?”

“Whoops, yes. My father loves Cecilia the most.”

“Uh… What is it?”

“Does a daughter need a reason to find her father her? And we… We are in love. Is it wrong that I came here?”

“Not really… “

“Whoops, whoops, whoops… “

It gave me goosebumps.

When the hell did you come? No, where did you see it?
Did you know in the first place? … To be treated in this way?
And continue… Were you spying on me? To prevent this from happening?

But when you had sex with Arya Meltz, you were quiet.
What? Did I just get stuck right now?
Or is it that you don’t want to do it with Louis or Aubert?

The incessant questions that kept popping up in my head were cumbersome.

“Just joke. He just came to visit because he wanted to see his beloved father treating Miss Auver. Hehe, I’ll be watching, so hurry up and treat yourself. Miss Auber is waiting for you.”

Mouth was dry. Her every word flew like a dagger and pierced her heart. She held her breath in fear whenever she heard her laugh.

“Come on. Miss Auber is pitiful. With her naked like that…”

Her encouragement was that her words her were mean.
Committing Louisa Aubert in front of you? There’s no way it’s possible
Please… Please don’t bully me because I was wrong.

I quickly turned her around and knelt down on her.
And in her trembling voice her, she apologized with full sincerity.

“I’m sorry Leah… So this…”

“Whoops, whoops, whoops… Ahahahaha!”

Then Cecilia burst into laughter.
It was her first laugh at her.

“…… Leah?”

“Cute… It’s okay if you don’t feel so sorry, father… No matter what my father does, my love for him won’t change… Whoops. The trembling figure is also very lovely… “

“…… What?”

Woah, weren’t you mad?
Let her stealthily raise her head and look at her,
She looked down at me with her eyes full of affection.
It was the look on his face when he was making love.

“Whoa, that’s really funny. I wasn’t upset at all. I knew very well how strong my father was. In the village and at the academy, you always wore a woman, didn’t you?”

“All… Did you know?”

“It’s my father’s business. I can’t help but know.”

“I’m sorry Leah… “

“Oh? You don’t have to apologize. No matter who I hug, the one I love the most is me. That alone makes me happy.”


She is a filial daughter It’s Cecilia…
My good daughter
You forgive me even at the scene of an affair.
How can you be so kind… !

“And… Rather, I should apologize… You have to be punished for using your father’s body without permission.”

“No! It is not so! Leah, you did nothing wrong!”

“… Really? Shouldn’t I be scolded?”

“It can’t be!”

To make such a good kid worry.
A guy like me is complete garbage.
My heart ached so much with guilt.
I got up and hugged the lovely Cecilia.
I was so grateful for the little girl held in her arms.

“Whoops… I’m glad, Father.”

“I love you Leah… You are always my first priority.”

“Ah… I love you too…”

“Leah… “


“Haaang! Haang! Teacher… Mandible! How long do I have to wait! Haang! Hem!”

Oh right.
I was in treatment.

Let’s turn her head and look at Louisa Aubert.
She was struggling with her masturbation.


“Okay, this is the end of today’s treatment. Great job.”

“…… End… Are you?”

Louisa Aubert looked at me with a pitying look on her face. She seemed frustrated when Cecilia came and she didn’t even give her a proper caress, let alone sex.

“Uh? Yes… Didn’t you get treatment? Are you sick?”

“Oh, no. It’s not…”

I tried to clean up, ignoring her gaze at her.

Cecilia said she was okay with sex, but she couldn’t do it with another woman when she was right next to him. No, it’s kind of like that… I also see I felt sorry for Louis and Aubert, but it was a choice I couldn’t help myself.

“There… What was the first hot thing…? It felt very thick and hard…”

“Uh? Yes… It’s nothing special, it’s just an ordinary physical examination artifact.”

“Then…Could you show me now?”

“Uh? …… More than that, Louisa-san, did you masturbate during treatment?”

“Ah! I’m sorry… I didn’t mean to… Ugh… I’m embarrassed… “

It’s a surprise. I also noticed
I stared openly at my crotch and asked to see it, but at the moment I was really dizzy.
Really… It was fortunate that I was able to turn the matter around by talking about masturbation.

“It’s okay. It’s not something I came up with to scold you.”

“Is that so…”

“That’s what I came up with to apologize. That, no matter how you think about it, is because of me.”

“Is that so… ?”

“Yes. A little bit to quickly cure the curse… I think I gave too much stimulation to you who don’t know men because I used embarrassing methods. You shouldn’t do that to a virgin.”

“…… “

“Perhaps he masturbated unknowingly because he was addicted to the stimulation he felt for the first time. Sorry. It’s my fault. As a nurse, I have no face.”

“Oh no! It’s for treatment! It’s okay sir It’s not like the teacher touched me for some suspicious reason… The treatment was definitely working. So you don’t have to be so sorry!”

When I bowed down to apologize, Louisa Aubert waved her hand in amazement. I guess I never thought I would get an apology for something like this.

Looking at the reaction, it seems that the trust has risen considerably… At this level, even if I change the treatment method now, I don’t think there will be any doubts.

Oh, well, I changed my mind again.
You don’t have to make them slaves.

Once we have established a suitable relationship, we will look into the future.
Because you never know how people work.

“Thank you for saying that. Anyway, the treatment is over, so now put on your clothes and go home. That… I am also a little embarrassed.”

“Yes? Ah… Go, thank you!”

When the order was given for her toast, Louisa Aubert hurriedly put on her clothes and ran out of the infirmary. And at the same time, there was the sound of the curtains pulling back across her.

The time with Louisa Aubert is over,

“Hehe, is it over now?”

The time with Cecilia has arrived.

Heroine Netori

Heroine Netori

히로인 네토리
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
[You have awakened the 'Heroine Netori' ability.] [Try to eat the heroines.]


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