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Heroine Netori 137

Heroine Netori 137

Chapter 137 – Romance Fantasy (22)

“Hehe, it was okay even if you did… “

Cecilia spoke her words with her calm face and calm voice, but … I can’t believe it. A woman’s YES is NO, right? She knows it well because she learned it from the internet. If I really had fun fucking him, I would have said ‘huhuhuhuhuhu’ instead of ‘huhuhu’.

“Now that Leah is there. She is another woman.”

“Hmm? Isn’t Miss Meltz another woman?”

“Uh? No that’s not…”

“Whoops, it’s okay. Anyway… I don’t think I can handle her father’s sex drive on my own… “

With her blushing blush, Cecilia spoke her softly.

That was the real reason. It was kind of generous. It was a more rational reason than I thought. No, but saying that makes me look like a man in heat… That’s right, but… Ha, it’s sad that I can’t make excuses because I’m self-employed.

“So you can do it with any other woman… Unless you give me your heart.”

“Don’t worry. Because you are the only one in my heart.”

“…… Just words?”

Suddenly hit and come in
Her heart fluttered this is a foul

Cecilia tickles my hand as if she is brushing it, making an expression of wanting something from her… It was hard for her to be honest. She is my daughter, but she was very demanding.

“Leah… “

“Yes, Father.”

“I love you.”

So don’t hold out

I got up and hugged her slender body her. Then he felt a pleasant softness in her arms. Ah… Her happiness her filled her heart just by holding her like this.

“Whoops… I love you too dad…”

“Leah… “

But she couldn’t stop here.

I wrapped my Cecilia around her waist and pulled her up. Then, he kissed her breasts her and kissed her lips her. Sweet saliva flowed down her uvula, and she seemed to be intoxicated by her rapture.

“Chewup… Father… “

Cecilia hesitantly grabbed my wrist hers. But there was no further resistance. She twitched and made a wet sound whenever her breasts were squeezed. The inside of her mouth she became more soggy.

“… I’ll do it for you, too… I’ll…”

She reached out her hand and stroked my cock as she was stabbing her own abdomen. I felt like I would be wrapped up in her soft touch her that I could feel even through her clothes her.

As she forced herself to hold back her ejaculation, she unbuttoned the buttons of her blouse one by one. Every time the conquest of the academy, which should have been neatly arranged, was disturbed, he was overcome with an unbearable sense of immorality. The fact that she was stripping her daughter’s dress her directly excited me.

“Hahm… I’m ashamed… Hot, chewy…”

After a while, when I unbuttoned all the buttons on her, I saw Cecilia’s pure white skin and cute underwear on her. I laughed involuntarily at the cuteness that didn’t go well with her deadly appearance of her, and Cecilia puffed out her cheeks and grumbled.

“Because it’s average… Don’t laugh like that, really… “

Does size matter? I didn’t laugh because it was small, but I felt a little sorry.

“I laughed because her underwear was so cute. I’ll buy you a prettier one next time.”

I calmed her down and unhooked her from the hook in front of her with her familiar motion. Then her bare chest Her, which was not big but not small, was beautifully shaped and very lovely.

It was exciting.

“Leah… It’s really pretty.”

“But… You’re too small compared to Miss Meltz or Miss Aubert…”

“I like beautiful breasts like Lia more than big breasts. It’s nice to touch like this. Ah, it feels good to be soft and soft. I want to sleep every day.”

“…… Oh? Dad can do it whenever he wants. … Whoops.”

Are you feeling a little better? Cecilia smiled lightly and gently caressed my hand caressing her breasts her. I kissed her again, feeling her warmth of her.


Ah, what should I do? Every time my father touches me, I moan. I want to bear in mind… I don’t want to show you this lewd side… I can’t stand the pleasure of my father’s rough hands his.

Even if we put our lips together to hold back the sound, the ecstasy of the mixture of tongue and saliva makes me weep without knowing it. Ah… What if you think of me as a naughty child?

“Ah! … Aaaaah!”

Oh, my father put his hand inside my panties.
And inside my pussy…

“Haha… Father…! Whoa, haaaaang!”

Nonsense… How is this? There is no comparison to when you do it alone. It’s definitely the same finger… It’s the same thickness… It makes me feel many times better when my father touches me. Because of that, I left at once.

… That’s why he’s a completely naughty kid.

“Ha… Father…”

There’s nothing we can do. I won’t put up with it any longer. Can I touch you too? Father’s cock… Eh, I’ll take off the cumbersome pants and panties.

“Oh, Leah… “

Aw, that’s so cool. Is this your daddy’s dick that’s excited to see me? Lovely… It’s much harder and hotter than when you’re asleep. This is what it really looks like… Whoops, then let’s get started.

“Ugh… “

Oh my, what a cute voice. I’ve touched it dozens of times already. I know all too well where my weakness is. Do you like stroking this back tendon here? Like this, like this…

“Haaang! Ah, Father!”

Too much… It’s my turn… You are politely served. Why are you touching my pussy again? I can’t serve you because you keep leaving. Every time my father’s thick fingers scratched the walls of my vagina, I lost strength in my back.

“Hayeot, ha, churup. Haha… Chew, chew, gulp… Haang… Father…”

And even a kiss…! Too bad… You can feel Father’s love from above and below, so you can’t move. If you do this, you will become a fool who can’t think of anything other than your father! …… Hehe, I’m already such an idiot.


Still, I can’t afford to suffer like this.

“What, what? Leah, release this!”


For my first experience, I really wanted to do it in this position. The posture I was riding on top of my father who was lying down like now. Something like this… It’s called a victory, right?

“Leah… You’re the first Don’t overdo it.”

“Oh, don’t worry. I’ve been preparing for a long time. Whoops.”

I really never thought that I would do it as ‘Cecilia Asil’, but… It’s okay though. I can do it because it is a position I have practiced several times.

If I grab my father’s erect penis and bring it to the entrance of my pussy, then slowly lower my back…

“Ahhh… Haaaaang…!”

I’m sorry, what can I do… ? Much bigger than expected… How can it be so different from what you see with your own eyes and what you put in yourself? And… It seems like it will already go away just by putting it in the entrance. How can you feel so good? I am also a father…

“Lia, if you can’t do it, stop right now.”

“No! Father, be still.”

But you can’t stop in the middle. I can’t worry about my father. In this case, I’d rather do it all at once…

“Haaang! I’m in! Father’s cock! Ha… Haaang!”

“Ha… I can feel it! My father’s cock is now inside me. Whoop whoop! I finally connected with my father!”

“Ah…! Father!”

I feel like I’m full of my father… This is what it means to become one. I’m happy… My body is hot, but my heart is warm. I can feel the father’s warmth and the warmth of affection at the same time. Would you feel safe? Whoops… Happy. Finally did it…

Haha… Ha… Father… “

But isn’t this the end? I have to move. I think I’ll lose my mind if I’m just a little bit careful… At this rate, even my father will be disappointed. That’s not okay. As I practiced, little by little… While tightening the vagina… As I turn my back…

“Haaang! Haang! No… Go away again… Haang!”

Wow, every time I move, my father’s hot glans stimulates a pleasant place… I feel like I’ll keep going still… I can’t stop. More, more! I have to satisfy my father. It’s because I prepared for that…

“Ha… Father… Aang!”

Hold it tight and squeeze your cock until your father ejaculates.

“Aang! Inside me, uh, my cock got bigger!”

I’ve always lived on receiving.

Even when I was hated and pointed at by everyone, even when I was insulted and criticized as a witch, even when I was branded as a criminal for a crime I did not commit, my father always loved me.

Even if everyone abandoned me, only my father stood by my side and stood up against everyone for me. He became the reason for my existence in life.

So now I’ll give it to you.

My heart, my virgin, my everything…
Everything belongs to my father now.

“Ah…! Father, please wrap it as it is! Fill your father’s daughter with your father’s semen!”

Alas, father.
Forever for a lifetime
I love you only

“Ah, haaaaa! … Ha… Ah… Full… Father’s love…”

Even if you’re not my real father
It doesn’t matter.

Love you.

Heroine Netori

Heroine Netori

히로인 네토리
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
[You have awakened the 'Heroine Netori' ability.] [Try to eat the heroines.]


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