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Heroine Netori 138

Heroine Netori 138

Chapter 138 – Romance Fantasy (23)

“Please stop! I’m scared… If this happens, I will die…!”

Feeling threatened for my life, I screamed and begged Cecilia to stop, but she laughed lightly and ignored my request for her.

“Whoop whoop…. I can’t stop!”

And again, after extracting the semen from my cock, he shook his back again without a moment’s rest.

“Ugh, wrap it up again… “

“Ah… So cheap and yet so cheap… ! Really… Are you going to get pregnant? Whoop whoop… Happy…”

Bound by her, I could not resist. All I could do was keep filling her cunt with my cum her. By force

“Oh, what a waste… What should I do? Her father’s semen is dripping… “

“Now stop…”

“Then shall we empty it once and start over?”

…… What? Is that a lie? Then I really die… No, I’m really getting a fortune teller! I feel like I’m going to die right now, but are you really going to die? Please Cecilia…

“Stop it!!”


“Huh… Heo-eok… What is it, is it a dream?”

“Under… What are you dreaming about… Really…”

The moment I wrapped up the last drop, I woke up. Somehow, I thought it was strange, but it was not reality, but a dream. I let out a sigh of relief and cleansed my body, soaked in cold sweat, with a cleanser.

Is it because what happened yesterday was so impressive? A dream of being imprisoned by her daughter… I had a very terrible dream.

No, it can be like that until you get hit, but it’s not a bit like getting hit until you’re saddened. I turned my back while laughing ‘huhuhu’, really… It was scary, but it was crazy, so I almost went crazy in many ways.

I’m glad it was a real dream.

Well, in reality, that would never have happened.


After stretching out, I gently stroked the head of Cecilia who was sleeping next to me. You desired daughter, did you have such a dream because you attacked me yesterday? As I played her and tousled her hair her with her hand, she rubbed her eyes her and brought her to her senses her.

“Hmm… Father? Hehe, did you sleep well?”

“Yes. How is lia Good morning?”

“Sure. Whoop whoop… It was nice to have a very interesting dream.”

That dream… Perhaps… Isn’t it?

I held Cecilia in my arms, ignoring the thoughts that popped into her head. I felt the soft skin and warm body temperature of her, and I felt better at once. It’s the weekend… Can I sleep a little longer like this?

“…… Leah?”

“My father is also… You did that yesterday, but you’re going to do it again this morning… I have to.”

I closed her eyes and tried to fall back asleep when Cecilia slipped her hand between my crotch and caressed her erect cock her. Her back twitched at the touch of her soft fingers her.

No, I had a good idea…
Erection is just a physiological phenomenon.

“Lea is also soaked like this.”

“Ah… She is the father’s daughter… Whoops.”

Still, it’s impossible to stop in an atmosphere like this.

I changed her posture and got on top of her lying down. And once again became her her and her her one her. Her sweet voice her melted in my ears.


“……… Did I hear correctly… ? Marriage?”

“Yes. Let’s get married. Don’t look at others, let’s live together for the rest of our lives.”

After a couple of intercourse, I calmly proposed to her while massaging Cecilia’s breasts in her arms. Then Cecilia clung to me and raised her voice. He looked rather bewildered.


I kept thinking about it, but yesterday and today I decided to share love. I intend to marry Cecilia.

It’s illegal, so you have to run away to the countryside and have an informal ceremony, but it doesn’t matter. There is no problem as long as there is love, right? Money is what you can earn by working as a doctor, and other obstacles are things that the two of us can solve quickly.

So instead of secretly falling in love while noticing people, I will proudly enjoy my married life with Cecilia.

I’m a little concerned about Louisa… Even if I do get married anyway, I plan to do it after graduation, so I plan to take care of things like taking her as a concubine before that.

“…… I’m sorry. I can’t.”

Cecilia must be delighted, right? Maybe you like that I said it first…

Huh? … That’s a lie, right?
What do you mean it can’t be?

“Leah… ?”

Cecilia removed her hand her from my caressing her breast her and then she climbed onto me. Then, as she reached out and touched my face, she spoke in her voice full of affection.

“I don’t want to see my father hated… Even if you hide it, it will eventually come out. Then people will criticize me and my father.”

“I’m okay. What’s important is how others see you.”

“I’m fine too. That I, the daughter, love my father… It’s natural to be criticized, so I can bear the criticism pouring down on me. But my father can’t. He cannot be blamed. No one should gossip about a loving father. It can’t be like that.”

“… If I can be with you, the criticism of others is nothing.”

“No! I do not like it…! It’s the honor and fame you’ve been looking for. You have finally recovered the things that were destroyed because of me. But again, losing it because of me… It can’t be.”

“Leah… “

“And… Maybe I can’t stand it… How dare you criticize your father… ? How could that be? I will never allow it!”

As Cecilia shuddered and shouted, the items in the infirmary started to run amok with her magic her. Couldn’t she control her mana her with anger? I was happy that they thought of me like this, but at the same time I was sad. It would be nice if you thought of yourself a little more…

“Leah… Thank you for being angry instead. Still, could you calm down a bit? Leah, who is quiet, is much more lovely.”

I hugged the trembling Cecilia and slowly brushed her hair. And she soothed her with her calming voice her as she stroked her back her.


Fortunately, it worked, as her tangled hair she was tidied up, her rough breathing she became quiet.

-Kooung, Kung

And the items that were making a mess in the infirmary also fell to the floor.

Phew, I thought it was going to be a big deal.
Reassured by her, I grumbled at her lightly as I faced her.

“Still, I was a little embarrassed. I want to get married, but you hate Leah?”

“No way! I really, really want it! When I heard that we should get married, I was so happy that I thought it was a dream… Still. You can’t be greedy. …… I’m sorry.”

Unfortunately, it seemed difficult to convince him right now. I thought you would like it, but this… I never imagined that I would be rejected for this reason.

What to do How did you talk…

I was making plans on the premise of marriage, but the premise collapsed. Should I keep pretending to be alone on the outside and live in hiding for the rest of my life? I hate that…

In addition, since I have to keep Louisa by my side anyway, I might have to marry her because of the eyes of the public. And that means, at least outside, you have to pretend to be Louis and her husband her… Could Cecilia really just watch that?

Umm … Her head her hurts

It’s fortunate that I wasn’t rejected because I didn’t like it, but… I’m at a loss as to how to convince this.

Whoa… Still, there’s still a lot of time left until graduation… I need to find a way slowly. Will it work out somehow? Let’s think good. You don’t have to worry about buying it.

After thinking of her, her, I smiled at her and opened her mouth as if teasing her.

“My daughter was stubborn. I knew it first.”

“Whoops, I will. I was stubborn.”

“But the stubbornness is also cute.”

“Oh, really? Thank god… Fufufu, then is it okay if I continue to be stubborn?”

Doing something like this again… Leah smiled as she kissed her as she gently touched my cock. Okay, let’s spend time like this for a while. You kept running busy, right? Think of it as a break.

I kissed Cecilia’s tongue her as she came in looking for mine, and massaged her breasts again. I could hear her cute groan her as I pinched her hardened nipples.

Heroine Netori

Heroine Netori

히로인 네토리
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
[You have awakened the 'Heroine Netori' ability.] [Try to eat the heroines.]


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