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Heroine Netori 139

Heroine Netori 139

Chapter 139 – Romance Fantasy (24)

I was still in doubt.

I wonder if the father next to me is actually a different person.

My father, who looked at me with a mixture of sympathy and resentment,
Suddenly, you love me with good feelings and affection.
Isn’t it strange that I don’t think so?


I stayed still.
My changed father was much better.

He said that because of me his own happiness his was gone
Than my mother who cursed me,
He said he lost half of himself because of me
Than my father who spit his hatred on me,

It was much, much better.
And for the first time, you made me feel loved.

So I couldn’t help but like my father who had changed.


By the way…
A problem arose there.
I… I came to love my father.
As a man…

When the world sees me and calls me a witch, they sneer at me
Go to a friend for me, get down on your knees
You stand alone against everyone’s accusations against me

How could I not love you?

Even though he’s not really my father
Care for me more than my real father
You really love me more than my mother

How could I not love him?


But fate is such a cruel thing.

Because I don’t want blood mixed with this body
You cannot ask for the love of a longing father.

A terrible fate, right?

I tried to change that fate.

In order to escape from the painful curse placed on the body of ‘Cecilia Asil’,
I coveted Miss Louisa Aubert’s body her.

Because with his body, I can do everything I dreamed of …

To my surprise, my father noticed it and
He stopped me and proposed to me.
Don’t look at other people’s notice, let’s love for the rest of our lives and be together
He gave me a confession that I had always dreamed of.

How can you be so cool?

Whoops… It’s like a miracle in my life,
The one who is more dazzling than the light that saved me from drowning in the swamp,


I’m sorry, but even for your sake, I’ll decline your current proposal.
I can’t disgrace my wonderful father because of my greed.


Still, it’s not that there isn’t a way.

Even if you don’t run away to the countryside, stay in the capital and receive everyone’s congratulations.
There is one way to make a marriage vow.

That’s when the father becomes the one who can’t be blamed by anyone.

Chamberlain… Like the emperor…
Whoops. Isn’t that a word that really suits father?


By the way.
My father has changed a little.

I’m not saying that people have changed again…
It’s subtle, but the flow of magic power is different from before.

The day you suddenly hugged me and kissed me,
From that day on, I could definitely feel a difference.

How did it happen?

I was always by my father’s side…
How could I have grown without knowing it?
And… Can it continue to grow like that?

If so…
It would make things easier.

Hmmm, should I ask my father?
I’m worried.


“Miss Cecilia! If you came back, you should have told me!”

“Oh, Miss Meltz. Good morning? He was sleeping so hard, so I just left him alone.”

“I waited until late. Haam… I never thought that Miss Cecilia would come after her sleepover her… Who are you meeting!”

“Who are you, hehe? I came to meet my dear father.”

“As expected… “

Come to think of it, she said she would be back soon. So did you keep waiting? There are dark circles on Ms. Meltz’s clean skin. If you get purified by your father, it will disappear soon, but I feel a little sorry.

But what about that expression? …… Maybe jealous?

Come to think of it, Miss Meltz is especially close to her father her, unlike the other women who wait on her. Seeing that she continues to devote herself to her father her, it’s not that the suggestion does n’t work, so why does her heart her for her father her remain the same? She obviously sent a hint to fold her mind her.

I’m a little dissatisfied.

“Whoop whoop! But Miss Cecilia, do you know that!”

“What do you mean?”

“Whoop whoop whoop! Maybe me… I might be Miss Cecilia’s new mother!”

“……… Yes?”

“Really~ Concentrate! Maybe I’ll marry her teacher her!”

What is Miss Meltz talking about? I don’t understand it at all.

She married her father her…? Is Miss Meltz out of her mind? Could Miss Meltz’s brain be damaged by my repeated suggestions? If it wasn’t for that, there’s no way I’d say something like this…

She hated Miss Meltz for her triumphant expression. How can you say such horrible things with such a confident face? …… Do I need a punishment? Maybe she should call Lane.

“That’s it… Heehee, the teacher gave me a creampie a few days ago, but she didn’t use the cleanse as usual! Thanks to that, I could feel the teacher’s semen all day long!”

“…… Is that so?”

“Yes! Although it wasn’t my ovulation day… If that continues in the future… I might be pregnant with your child. Then she will marry the teacher! I am not a teacher who will not take responsibility!”

This… That’s it.

You made a mistake because I was mad and distracted.
Otherwise, there’s no way she would have done that.

Really … Of course it was a mistake, but he misunderstood it and said it as if he had become his wife. My father actually proposed to me.


I was leaving it to be used as her concubine because it looks cute and innocent, but it crosses the line little by little.

Should I dispose of it?

“Whoops! If I become a new mother, as a mother! I’ll decorate Miss Cecilia a lot. How can you leave such a beautiful face alone! Excuse the teacher!”

“… Oh? Is it like that?”

“Absolutely! It’s natural for a father to want to see his child’s pretty face!”

Hmm, let’s observe the situation a little longer.
You might think it’s strange if your roommate suddenly disappears.

“Then… Could you tell me a little bit? I am also interested.”

“Oh my! Really? That’s welcome! Then…”

And besides dealing with his father’s sexual desire, it seems to be useful.


[It was dangerous. So why did you suddenly stimulate me? She said she wasn’t strong enough to fight and defeat her yet. I’m glad I got back on track… I almost lost the contractor of this body I found.]

“Sorry, hehe… I was a little annoyed. Josue, her daughter her, mingled with the teacher… It’s too dirty. Disgusting, how could that be? The teacher is really kind and cool, and as a man he has a lot of charm, but… Are you your own father? But how can you have feelings of love?”

[It was the same for that man. Her love her for her daughter her was sincere.]

“That must have been the ‘suggestion’. If you don’t become like Minerva, you won’t be able to solve Miss Cecilia’s suggestion. Perhaps, like me in the past, even my mind was manipulated.”

[She must be a really scary woman if that’s true. Even controlling her family’s mind her. You really are a witch.]

“Yes… Witch… It’s a word that really suits Miss Cecilia.”

Last night I watched… The way Miss Cecilia and Miss Asil are having sex! Isn’t that shocking?! The two of you are family. Family! It’s something that should never happen.

However… I knew right away. That the teacher is not guilty. Yesterday’s incident must have been caused by Miss Cecilia. Because she can control people!

Perhaps her teacher her mistook her for her true love her because of Miss Cecilia’s suggestion her. Even though she loves me… It’s really unfortunate.

So you have to grow up fast. Enough that she could save the teacher.

With the help of Minerva, the spirit king, who accidentally broke the seal and made a contract, it would be possible!

If you grow more, besides hiding yourself like yesterday, you’ll be able to solve the hint from the teacher and confront Miss Cecilia! It’s 2 to 1!

Miss Cecilia… I am grateful for linking me and teacher by hinting at me, but it is unacceptable to take away from me now. There is no law to give and then take away. Really!

Certainly… I will definitely bring my teacher back!

Let’s see!

Heroine Netori

Heroine Netori

히로인 네토리
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
[You have awakened the 'Heroine Netori' ability.] [Try to eat the heroines.]


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